Oct 23 2017

e[lust] edition #99 ~ Enjoy

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~ This Month’s Top Three Posts ~

Private Eyes
Lust Highway


~ Featured Post (Molly’s Picks) ~

I love a man in a suit
Church Smells, Beliefs and Fornication

~Readers Choice from Sexbytes ~

The House Next Door


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Thoughts & Advice on Sex & Relationships

Feelings about bisexuality
On scheduling sex
Reasons I Didn’t Orgasm That Aren’t About You

Erotic Non-Fiction

Wet on the Washer
Alice Takes a Spanking
The GP – Part Two

Erotic Fiction

Rope Tattoo
Taking the Lead
Rites of Passage ~ Part 4
Spanking Desires
How Could I Resist
Summer Smoke
Angel on My Shoulder

Thoughts & Advice on Kink & Fetish

Marks are Memories on the Skin
Him. His cane
Being Naked
A Prickly Situation
Collars in bdsm: Where did they come from?



Sex News ,Opinion, Interviews, Politics & Humor

“What Were You Wearing?”


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Oct 09 2017

Florida: Sun, Water and Moving!


The next few weeks will be a buzz of activity as I finish my preparations and eventually move to Florida!

This is an exciting adventure for me and yes there are hurricanes but also family and lots of lovely friends waiting for me there.

This has been in my spirit for years and the time came to make it a reality. Timing IS everything!

I’m hoping to get some writing done as I travel. (I’m driving across the nation, one corner to the other and stopping to visit friends along the way.) I do have a new story I’m working on called The Red Chair. This is a story I started 5 years ago when I was in my relationship with NB that ended in December 2013. I needed to wait this long to be able to write it objectively. The emotions from that relationship ran deep. Some of my writings from that relationship can be found here under NB in Tags.

Those who were following me back then know that NB was my cuckold. The only cuckold relationship I’ve had and not the kind I look for. But it was a natural fit for us and it worked. I learned many things about myself and the mind of an alpha/submissive man in that relationship. I’ll forever be thankful for that time in my life.

The Red Chair will be hot, deep, emotional angst and all that encompasses a cuckold relationship. It will be an adventure in my emotions to write and I look forward to putting it before you for your indulgence.

Stay close… good things ahead!

I adore you all!

~ Vista


~ Vista ~

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Oct 03 2017

Rites of Passage ~ Part 5 – Conclusion

Eva watched as the two women moved along Matt’s body. She turned the volume up on her phone and felt the melodic instrumental music fill the air. Leaning back into the cushions of the luxurious purple velvet high back couch she cupped her right breast. Her eyes followed Matt’s hands moving up along Jenna’s stomach and with both hands fondle the voluptuous breasts that hung before him.

Matt glanced Eva’s way, briefly, before being pulled back by the pressing of the fair-haired woman along his naked back. Her hand reached between his legs and palmed his filled, tight balls. Eva smiled and remembering previous trainings, tried not to measure Matt against his friend Adam. “So young. Eager to please. I must find the cracks in the wall that encases his soul.” She thought.

As she watched the women lead him onto the bed, the words he had shared with her….his thoughts, desires, needs, and longings were with her. But they weren’t with him. No…not at all. He had slipped into performance. An inherent pressure to prove he knew how to please a woman. It was a common mistake most men had developed as young boys. A performance mentality due to online porn that was prevalent in the world. The ‘Rite of Passage’ that society was now offering to young males. A sorry trend she was motivated to challenge…one boi at a time.

Matt moved between the women robotically with his cock jetting out hard seeking to find a home. His movements were no longer about pleasing the women but getting his cock eventually satisfied. He had forgotten about Eva’s instructions and was lost in a maze of lust and need. Nothing made sense anymore. He was drunk on their smell and heat. He was physically caught between both women. One hand in the cunt of one and his mouth sucking on the breast of the other. Then he abruptly stopped, paused and pulled back. He had been absentmindedly rubbing his cock against Jenna’s cunt, resulting in ejaculating on her upper thigh and abdomen.

“Well…that will cost you.” A familiar masculine voice was heard behind him. In alarm, Matt turned to see his friend Adam standing naked next to the bed. Time seemed to stop as Matt stared at Adam, his mind swimming with scrambled questions.

“I do believe you know Adam?” Eva said sarcastically.  A pause filled the room.

“Yes, Matt…you have lost your place.” Eva motioned for him. “Come sit. Here…next to me …but on the floor.” She patted the area of the couch he was to lean up against. “You’ll still be able to see. Adam will show you how to read and understand the needs of a woman.”

Matt crawled off the bed, ashamed and on hands and knees moved to the waiting area next to the couch. Next to Eva. He was still flushed from cumming, weak in body, mind still mush. Most of all he was confused about Adam being there. Adam never mentioned any training like this. He wondered what else Adam had kept from him. And what about his new girlfriend/lover? Anna? He had never met her but Adam seemed so taken with her.

He felt Eva’s fingers start to run through his dark hair.

“Darling boi….”,  Eva started in her attempt to focus his thoughts on what was to play out before him. “There is no shame in failing at this point. I needed a baseline to see where I was to start with you. How else can I measure your progress?”  She continued running her fingers gently through his hair…lightly…in calming motions. She could feel a sweetness towards him forming in her chest, finding his reactions endearing. She was glad he couldn’t see her smiling.

“Watch. Do you see how calmly he moves between them? His hands lovingly moving over their bodies, listening to their movements with his fingers? Do you see the strength in which he grabs them, yet with great care and respect? Do you see how the three of them melt into one? That it has become no longer about him pleasing them but about reading and pleasing each other? Do you sense how his cock is following his lead and not the other way around?”

Yes, Matt did see and sense, along with finding his hand on his own cock.

Eva leaned over and whispered in his ear, “You can stroke, but not cum. You’re here to learn how to move and feel with all of you…not just your cock.

He watched, eyes fastened on the three bodies tangled together on the bed. His ears filled with moans, grunts and the occasional slapping of flesh. He almost didn’t recognize his friend Adam. He seemed older, in control…confident. “I want that,” Matt mumbled to himself.

Then he heard Jenna cumming as Adam’s cock moved in a shallow and then deep pulsing rhythm inside her. After a few moments of waiting, he pulled out, still hard, still ready. He turned to the fair-haired woman who had been close to them both. She crawled up on his lap and easily slipped his wet cock inside as she whispered his name, “Adam.”

“My beloved Anna.” He whispered back as he grabbed her hips and drove his cock deeper.

Matt shot a look of shock to Eva. “Yes,” Eva smiled, “It’s his Anna. You have much to learn. These three are my best students.”

Eva joined Matt on the floor and placed her hand on his inner thigh, brushing against his weeping cock. “Jenna will teach you first. You’ll learn, step by step the ways to read a woman.”

“But…I thought…” Matt began.

Eva interrupted, “I know, you thought I’d be training you personally.” She ran her hand down along his left cheek. He made her cunt ache with need. “And you will have me. But first you must learn and then I’ll teach you from there…”

“Fuucck!” Loudly rang out from Adam as he finally allowed himself to cum.

Eva smiled at Matt, “And now your first session is done.”


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Sep 19 2017

Rites of Passage ~ Part 4

Music started to fill the room coming from Eva’s cell phone laying next to her on the couch. Brooding, hypnotic music that swirled around their senses. The kind that leads listeners into dark mysterious places.

Matt was unsure of what to do first. He hadn’t known what to expect but this…this was not close to anything Adam had shared about his times with Eva. He glanced at her sitting on the couch waiting for him to start. His fantasies had been of her and now this stranger, beautiful as she was, was to be part of his training. He smiled at the young woman standing confidently before him and touched her face, tracing his fingers tips along her chin line. Then his other hand reached up and traced along the opposite side of her face. He continued down her shoulders, arms, along her waist, back up her arms and wrapping one arm around her, ran his hand down her small back. Her body was compliant and giving to his touch.

Then it was her turn. She followed his pattern. As her hands made their way along his body his attention became focused on her movements and the distraction by Eva’s presence lessened. He wondered about the young woman’s name and why she wasn’t introduced.

“And now… together.” Matt heard Eva say. She was standing now and had moved closer to both of them.

Together they followed the pattern Matt had set. Hands outlining the face, the shoulders…. He could feel the heat between them building. Their breath deeper and increasing. Then their arms were embracing the other.

“And now…Kiss her.” Eva instructed.

Matt at this point didn’t need coaching on what he wanted to do next. His mouth found her lips easily. Her lips soft, moist but the energy that had been building inside him dissipated when his lips touched hers. The kiss felt awkward. Flat, even with the build up. He tried again. Nothing. Silently, the girl stepped back.

Eva put her cell phone down and stepped closer to both of them. There was another knock at the door.

“We’ll start the training here….with the kiss.” Eva said as she made her way to the door, opening to another young woman. This one slender with dark short hair dressed in a black dress and heels.

“Matt, this is Jenna. Now watch closely….” Eva motioned for Jenna to move toward the fair-haired woman.

Matt felt unbalanced and excited as he watched Jenna take the young woman’s face and start to touch her gently, kissing lightly along the hairline on her forehead and down her cheek. Her fingers slipped inside her own mouth to wet them and then along the young woman’s lips, dipping them carefully, just a half inch pass her lips. Jenna’s hands brought her closer, caressed her head and kissed the softness of her mouth. Gently, then pressing harder as the woman responded. Matt watched as their lips moved rhythmically together and hands wandered in a spellbinding pattern.

The women began to undress each other. Matt was told to stand by and simply watch.

With elegance, heels were kicked aside and dresses dropped to the floor all the while mouths kissing, exploring and hands brushing along flesh yet missing breasts and vaginas.

Now two young sensuous women were standing naked before him and the wet spot on his slacks grew in diameter.

Eva sat back down on the couch opposite the large king size bed. “Ladies, undress him. Enjoy him. And Matt…,” Eva paused until she had Matt’s full attention. “…not all women are the same. Enjoy them. Learn from them. But remember. No ejaculating.”

Eva smiled with pleasure at her instructions knowing he was on the brink of cumming. She was after a baseline. Maybe he would surprise her. But with young men…few made it past a few minutes. Adam had surprised her. She had enjoyed her time with him.

The two women surrounded Matt, each taking a shoulder and slowly removing his suit jacket. Their hands moved seductively over his frame as his tie was loosened and shirt unbuttoned.

Eva watched the sweat beading on Matt’s chest as the fair-haired woman removed his shirt and Jenna knelt before him, lowering his slacks and briefs.


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Sep 18 2017

e[lust] edition #98 ~ Enjoy

Steamy bedtime Elust98 header

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Welcome to Elust 98

The only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month. Whether you’re looking for sex journalism, erotic writing, relationship advice or kinky discussions it’ll be here at Elust. Want to be included in Elust #99 Start with the rules, come back October 1st to submit something and subscribe to the RSS feed for updates!


~ This Month’s Top Three Posts ~

Black and white


I Talk Sex – Female Sexuality and Education

~ Featured Post (Molly’s Picks) ~

You Don’t Know What Love Is

Writing for Free vs. Getting Paid

~Readers Choice from Sexbytes ~

Ropes, Silk, & an Egg


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Erotic Non-Fiction

Fly Me To The Moon
WANTING – all the wanting
Hi, I’m _____________, and I’m an addict.
Naked Eyes

Thoughts & Advice on Kink & Fetish

A Slave’s Perspective
Feeling the breeze
Almost Social

Erotic Fiction

Rites of Passage ~ Part 1
Maddie in the headmaster’s bath



Body Talk and Sexual Health

In the Navel

Thoughts & Advice on Sex & Relationships

Polyamorous Relationships
Light my fire

Elust 88

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Sep 11 2017

Rites of Passage ~ Part 3

Eva chose for their first meeting and the process of Matt’s training, a hotel where she felt comfortable with the energy, knew the owner of the quaint getaway and loved the ambiance that came with the European decor. The owner had purchased some of Eva’s art work and was a frequent visitor to her gallery. He was also aware of her penchant for training worthy young men. Eva had a favorite room at the end of the hall on the third floor that reminded her of the decor of Barcelona. He made sure it was available for her that night. There she waited for Matt to knock on the door precisely at 7 pm.

As Matt walked down the hallway to room 301 he ran through once more the lengthy conversation he had with Eva two nights prior. He felt he had rambled on about his life and insignificant things that held no weight or pertained to why he had approached her. Yet, she had let him go on and later said that nothing was lost in all he shared. Then the question came, ‘What was he wanting to learn and why.’ He fought to find the words. Deep inside he knew why but couldn’t seem to articulate and share the depth of knowledge he was seeking. More than sexuality. It was the full connection with another human being he longed to find. He only knew kisses skimming the surface. Touches causing sighs but never piercing through the flesh. Intimacy satisfying temporary needs yet leaving a hunger…always leaving a hunger for more. He now stood before room 301. He glanced at his watch, 7 pm and took a deep breath before he knocked.

Eva opened the door dressed in casual wear. Comfortable black leggings, bare feet, and a form fitting ruby colored t-shirt. Her long dark hair cascaded down along her shoulders. She was still as beautiful and sensual as he remembered. He found her choice of appearance calming. He was nervous not knowing what plans were ahead. His mind full of images and his heart filled with waves of energy.

“Tonight is about control. Yours.” Eva firmly grabbed his hand, led him to the couch and motioned for him to sit.

“You see Matt, the first thing you must get control over is your cock that loves to take command of any situation you find yourself in. Tonight, no matter what happens, you must not ejaculate. Tonight is about finding the baseline of where your power lies. Who has control? You or your base lust that drives your need.”

Matt knew this was a challenge he would not easily meet. He was already aroused and could sense precum leaking onto his briefs. Eva was sitting on the bed across from him. He wanted to touch her face, her skin and smell her scent. He watched the movement of her beckoning red lips as she spoke wishing to taste of them.

Eva stood and motioned Matt up to stand before her. She could feel his nerves through her fingers as she moved them along his face, through his well groom dark hair, and down his shoulders outlining the strength that stood before her. “Such a beautiful boy.” She whispered to herself and to him, thinking that maybe she should have kept him all to herself tonight. But she knew better. He came to her seeking knowledge. Wishing for a journey of discovery into intimacy. And this she promised herself she would deliver despite her own needs for the moment.

“But that full mouth of his. Lips begging to be devoured.” She thought. Her hands framed his face and she pulled him down to her mouth tasting of his youth. He melted into her soul. His easy surrender caught her by surprise and she drew herself back. His eyes were open and searching her face. Eva felt an energy stirring within her as her own eyes paused on his. “This one will take a large part of my soul.” 

“Stand right here.” She commanded.

Gathering her thoughts, Eva reached for her cell and sent a text. A few moments later there was a knock at the door. Eva opened the door to a young, striking, fair-haired woman dressed in a dark blue revealing evening dress and heels. She walked past Eva, straight to Matt without a word.

Confusion filled Matt’s face. His cock noticed no confusion, only additional arousal.

Eva surrounded them both and pressed her hand against his growing cock struggling in the fabric of his briefs. Her face was close to both of them as they stood face to face. “You are to slowly touch her, first staying clear of breasts and genitals. Then she will do the same; then you will both do it together. Then when I say, you will kiss, then slowly undress her and her you.” She paused to let it all sink into Matt’s mind.

“And then I will show you how to touch her. And Remember Matt…No ejaculation.”

The sweat was pooling in the middle of his chest. Seemingly a contest between the precum pooling in his briefs.

Eva made herself comfortable on the couch for observation.

Both Matt and the girl looked at her for instruction.

“Begin.” Eva took a deep breath and smiled.


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Sep 05 2017

Rites of Passage ~ Part 2

Of course Eva remembered Matt, she thought as she read his email. She remembered seeing him a few times with Adam.

Every once in a while she would stumble across a male model for her classes that embodied more than a firm frame to study. Such was the case with Adam. An eager young man with an old soul desiring a connection to his own wisdom within. It had been 4 months since she last saw him and smiled at the knowledge she had imparted to him. The gift of an intuitive man his girlfriend and future lovers would enjoy at his hand, guided by his mind and soul. And now his close friend Matt was reaching out to her. She had wondered how long it would take for him to do so.

Adam had mentioned Matt a few times and his possible interest in being trained by her. Even though he had never outwardly spoken to Adam of his interest, he had seen the desire glisten in Matt’s eyes when he would relate his stories as they jacked off together. Eva had seen him a few times when Matt would come by the studio to meet Adam after a class. A handsome figure of a young man with deep brown eyes that housed something she knew. Something she recognized. A yearning to know more than he had encountered.

His email was polite, respectful…humble. He explained his past experiences, mentioned the change he saw in Adam after time spent with her and wondered if she would entertain the thought of meeting with him to discuss taking him on as a pupil.

Eva’s hand went to her mouth to cover a smirk…almost smile. ‘Cute boy.’ She thought. “I wonder if he thinks I charge for such a service.” She said out loud to herself.

She shook her head and pushed away from her laptop. She thought of the young men that had found their way to her. Frustrated, lost, confused at the state and sometimes emptiness of the sexual lives they had been leading. The pressure to perform along with the expectation to know how to please a woman when all the knowledge they had to that point were jock tales and porn to lead the way. She thought of the shame and embarrassment that sometimes overcame them as they mustered the courage to ask if there was more. More than males as ejaculating machines and females simply holes to fill.

“Why must sex, sexuality…relationships be so damn difficult. You’d think that by this time, in the openness of this age, that all the burdens of wrong teachings and pressures of sociological morals would be dissolved into non-judgment. A freedom would be permeating our land to find ourselves fully without shame.” Eva was by now pacing across her living room floor preaching to an invisible audience. Her hands waving and voice rising.

“When will the veil be fully lifted to see ourselves as we truly are? Incredible souls journeying in this life to learn and experience the wonder of this earthly vessel we have chosen to travel in through this life? And that part of the wonder of this vessel is the ability to form attachments, feel emotions and the thrill of sexual desires and fulfillment. To learn of the hidden treasures that await to be discovered and to take full joy in the promise of that fulfillment?” Her pulse could be felt in the palm of her hands and heat radiated from them as she shouted out of frustration her questions to an empty room.

She leaned against a wall with her hands on her heart. With eyes closed she took deep breaths through her nose…in…and out, until she felt a union come between her heart and mind.

Eyes still closed she saw Matt standing before her. He was lovely. A brooding shadow seemed draped along his shoulders. Eva reached her right hand out before her as if to touch his face. “Are you open Matt?” She whispered. “Are you receptive?” “Will you be time well spent?”

Her heart said …Yes, he would be in all those ways.

Her mind agreed and started to prepare how to proceed.

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Aug 19 2017

e[lust] edition #97 ~ Enjoy

Modesty Ablaze Elust 97

Photo courtesy of Modesty Ablaze

Welcome to Elust 97

The only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month. Whether you’re looking for sex journalism, erotic writing, relationship advice or kinky discussions it’ll be here at Elust. Want to be included in Elust #97 Start with the rules, come back September 1st to submit something and subscribe to the RSS feed for updates!


~ This Month’s Top Three Posts ~

The Confessional


Wrapped around his finger


~ Featured Post (Molly’s Picks) ~


The Storyteller’s Conundrum

~Readers Choice from Sexbytes ~

Rainy Day Lover


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Erotic Fiction

The Sleeping Beauty
Broken to Be ~ Part 7 – Conclusion
A good man, with a belt

Thoughts & Advice on Kink & Fetish

The Scene That Almost Never Happened
Sticky fingers

Erotic Non-Fiction

The Art Class Model
Bondage Alfresco Style ~ Collared & tied.
Welcome Home Lazy Vanilla Lovemaking
The Happiest Place On Earth?


Burn Together

Writing About Writing

Smut Marathon 2.0

Thoughts & Advice on Sex & Relationships

Sometimes I feel this is all I’m good for


Elust 88

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