Jul 12 2017

Broken to Be ~ Part 7 – Conclusion

It was vital in Alex’s mind to secure Rand’s heart… to lock it in a place of safety during this session. An intricate chest harness would give his naked form an anchor and a shield for his vulnerable heart. This night would be the beginning of breaking through the barriers that encased a soul that had lost it’s purpose in life.

She stood before him and draped the purple rope along his shoulders letting it hang loosely over his skin. He was already adjusting to the peace produced by the ever present Tibetan Bowls & Zen Flutes melodies filling the room. His surrender impressive and showing her that he had invested the time to prepare himself for her. A quality ingrained in the heart of a warrior. The discipline of assignments met.

The palms of her hands pulsed with heat as she slowly touched his skin with her fingers, reacquainting herself with his flesh. His eyes followed her as she examined and prepared him for bondage. A surging of lust and power began to increase throughout as she moved along his exquisitely trained body. She knew if she wasn’t focused she could easily get lost not only in him physically but in the power that was locked inside his soul. A power that drew and fed her own. She felt her soul intertwined with his and a grabbing need for his essence. She could almost smell and taste his desire and primal motivation for life. She could devour it all. Capture it all.

She felt his concentration on her movements. Although he was in her hands she could still sense the predator within him calculating each touch and directing of his body.

Rand’s mind was flooding with sensations and thoughts as Alex began to wrap the rope across his chest, this time leaving his hands free. He knew better than to reach out for her while she moved around him. She had instructed him to remain still as she worked. He knew this was a test of his will and discipline of character to follow her orders. But his mind…  He let his mind wander as she wrapped imagining his fingers sliding into her cunt as she leaned her hips into his arm reaching for another strand of rope. He could feel her heat generating against him. His fingers slightly twitching with lust aching to touch the source of her heat. As the rope tighten against his chest, against his heart, it began to capture his attention more than his wandering thoughts.

Alex finished the final tie of the chest harness securing it firmly in place. It accentuated the cutting of Rand’s masculine form resembling a gladiators breast plate worn in Roman times during the arena games. She followed the length of the rope with her fingers that ran along his pectorals, “Do you trust me Rand?”

“I’m here because I trust you.” He answered simply and it was the truth. He trusted her touch and for unknown reasons beyond his intellect he trusted her with his surrender. His spirit had wilted having traded his higher purpose to cultivate money and power for self-serving reasons. He needed a mentor, a teacher to remember the sword he carried for the freeing of others. Beyond the throbbing in the base of his balls there was a weakening along the seam of the cement wall around his heart. Both sensations were calling for his attention.

Alex poured into her palm ashwagandha oil and began to apply the body warmed substance along his shoulders massaging the blended oil deep into his flesh. She took her time working down through his well defined arms ending with her fingers entwined in his as she moved along each digit releasing strength and calmness into his muscles.

“You mentioned in our initial conversation your inability to feel. Whether pain or pleasure. Is that still true?” Alex asked placing both of his well oiled and relaxed hands to his side.

Rand was feeling arousal and pleasure at that moment but knew what she was meaning in her question. “I still feel blocked. Better but still blocked. It’s like a sound is locked inside of me.”

Alex walked over to the dining-room table and picked up the carbon fiber cane. Holding the handle in her right hand she slid the cool feeling cane through her closed left palm flexing the striking instrument as she walked back and stood in front of him. Rand wasn’t sure what she had in mind. “Miss?”

“Stick out you left hand.” She needed him to trust her. She slid the cool rod across his palm to feel the weight and smooth texture of the cane. “This cane has the talent to unlock doors. Doors that have lost their keys. Feel the weight. It’s light but effective. I’m going to lightly strike the palm of your hand to give you an idea of what it can do.  Are you ready?”

Rand held his hand out with confidence that what she was holding would have no effect on him. “Yes. Go ahead.”

The strike came as he got the last word out not giving him a chance to think about what was coming.

“Owwww! Fuck!” he yelled in surprise.

It was a sharp sting at first. As he looked down at his palm a redness started to form around a slight white streak. Heat rose and waves of electric current slowly built then rushed through his hand and fingers. Alex placed her hand over his and pressed against the mark.

“When you were here last week you were struggling with impatience. You have a choice. We can continue with the rope therapy and slowly take that wall down piece by piece. Or we can send currents of energy through your system and heart blasting our way in. I’m good either way.”

“And how would you use the cane?” His mind now focused on the instrument.

Alex ran one hand over the left cheek of his tight rounded ass. “Not on your palm but here close to the seat of your power.” she said smiling.

Rand looked down at his flaccid cock. “Yeah buddy,” he thought, “but we’ve always been about blasting our way through life.”  He looked up at Alex. “Ok. Blast away.”

Alex grabbed more rope and tied single column ties on both wrists, then turned Rand around facing the fireplace mantle. He had never noticed the discrete D rings securely mounted on each side of the mantle. She reached for his right hand, “Still trusting….?”  she asked.

“Yes. Of course.” His heart beat increased as she secured each wrist to the D rings.

Alex leaned her body against his enjoying the thoughts of what may come next. His response…his potential surrender. She ran the cool rod of the cane up along the inside of his right leg as she began to whisper her instructions into his ear. “Hold onto the rope. Lean into the pain. Feel it. Embrace it. Own it and let it flow through you. Let it do its magic. Use its power. Trust me and if it becomes too much … simply call out the word ‘Red’.”

Alex continued to run the cool feeling cane along his flesh. Tracing along the inside and outside of his legs, down his back, along his sides. Conditioning his body to its feel. Finally he felt the smoothness running along the fatty tissue of his ass. She began to lightly tap along his right cheek, then the left. Each tap getting a bit stronger and harder than the last. “Keep breathing and feeling. Fall into it Rand.” She instructed.

Tap…tap. Then a searing hot flame spread across his right cheek with a strike he felt to his core. Instinctively he pulled on the rope wrapped in his hands fearing he’d pull the D rings from the mantle. They didn’t budge. With the next strike landing above the last spot he felt the cracking of the wall around his heart. With the third landing on his left cheek he followed the journey of the pain through his nerve endings. With the fourth landing just below the marking of the third he heard a voice within him say, “Don’t let me die here…”

With the fifth strike he heard the crumbling of cement.

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Jul 04 2017

Broken to Be ~ Part 6

Rand was cranky at work….unfocused….not there.

The office that once brought him prestige now seemed like a cage. A gilded cage to keep the well trained animal in check with corporate life. He had moved fast through the ranks of the firm. Eyes set one day on a partnership. After all, wasn’t that the legacy of his family?  Lawyers… all lawyers fighting for a common cause. Fighting for what first began as freedom from bureaucracy had now, he realized, become a bureaucracy of it’s own. What first began as warriors fighting for those who couldn’t now was fighting to keep the money flowing.

He had poured everything into this firm and now was realizing the cost. His soul. He lost his soul. At 33 his passion had dried and now he found himself swept along the patriarchal current that ran the firm. That dryness had filtered into his relationships. The last one, Samantha. The one he thought would go the distance, looked good on paper, seemed to fit…he paused at that thought. “Why did I think we ‘fit’?  “Where did we ‘fit’?”

He thought of their last conversation, the coolness, ‘matter of fact’ tone of it. It was more like breaking a business contract than a relationship heading toward marriage. “Marriage.” The thought made him shudder. “What was I thinking! Or was thinking the problem?” He said out loud.

Rand thought of Alex, the music, the peace in her presence and how she wrapped the rope around him and remembered how it made him feel. Then he thought of the last year spent with Samantha. Beautiful and charming Samantha that everyone loved. Hard working, aggressive, driven, goal oriented Samantha. He put his hand to his heart….paused. “Nothing.” He said to himself. “What was I not feeling?” He asked himself. He thought again of Alex and how her touch seem to melt into his skin. “I was not feeling that connection….” His voice trailed off as he contemplated that truth.


Alex canceled her other appointments that week and spent the time before Rand’s next visit in meditation and building up her own personal energy. She could feel the strength of his presence around her and knew he was at the vulnerable place of transition. The pull and need for authenticity within himself. To find that authenticity she knew only he could open those doors.

In her mind she saw he had the strength and essence of a warrior. A warrior who had lost his purpose. A warrior who had lost his reason for the fight. Weary and unaware of the slow descend into the darkness of performance. The movements of his everyday life now hollow of meaning.

She could feel him around her. “Rise…” She spoke to his soul. “Rise Rand, rise.” In less than 24 hours he’d be with her again. She knew he’d be ready. She knew she was.


When Alex opened the door she was dressed as Rand had hoped for the first session. Dark wavy hair still up, but her curvy warm body wrapped tightly in a black, heart shaped bust-lined corset, black fishnet stockings and black heels. She needed to bring the fantasy to open the way through his transition. She could see in his eyes and facial expression it was having it’s desired effect.

“Good evening Miss.” was all Rand was able to get out of his mouth after taking in the image before him. He felt the blood rushing through his chest and groin while his mind filled with thoughts of what may be waiting for him inside.

“Good evening Rand. Take off your shoes, socks and follow me.” Alex could see the flush of anticipation washing over him. The nervousness of the unknown taking root in his thoughts. He was off balance by the visual, which was good. As a warrior he needed to be unsettled then refocused through a powerful intensity, a grabbing of the depth in his heart, to be reminded of his need for purpose and the fine-tuning of the intent of his goals.

The room filled with the melodies of Tibetan Bowls & Zen Flutes. Candles were lit and placed along the fireplace. Along with the candles the room was filled with the sunlight coming from the westward setting sun.

Alex walked around Rand as he stood in the middle of the room where she had directed him. “You are to take off your clothes, slowly, one piece at a time and place each article neatly there, on the side table.  As you do this you’re to tell me what each piece represents to you in your life. Don’t overthink this. Just lean into your heart and listen.”

She watched as he took a deep breath and knew what she was asking wouldn’t come natural to him. But he had come here to unlock his heart, his soul, his passion. Only he had that key and her part was to lead him along that path of rediscovery.

His hands came up and started with the removal of his shirt. Alex stood back and watched the strength of his fingers finely maneuver the freeing of each button. She stood close, keeping her energy pressing against his. Like the warmth of a familiar breeze soothing his vulnerability along the way. “Tell me about your shirt…” She whispered.

Rand’s thoughts were scattered. The attraction he felt toward her was flooding his senses. He could feel the pulsating blood filling his cock and pressing for release against his slacks. He pulled the dark blue shirt tails from his waist band and refocused on the task at hand. “You can do this…what does this shirt represent to me?”  As he removed the shirt he suddenly felt naked….bare… exposed.  It was confusing. That had never happened before. Ever!

“Tell me about your shirt…” Alex whispered again.

Rand felt a cold shiver run through his chest. “The shirt is a shield. It protects my heart….”


After folding his shirt and placing it on the table Rand unbuckled his belt and slowly unzipped his dark grey slacks. Alex watched the strength of his thighs flex as he stepped out of each pant leg.

“And your slacks? ”

That was easy for Rand to imagine. He worked hard on his physique and the strength of his legs always made him feel invincible. It was a sense of pride for him. “They represent leg armor. Power to stand in the battle of each day.”

Now only in his briefs with his cock pushing for freedom he struggled with the many thoughts to describe what they represented to him. His fingers ran along the waist band and slowly moved them down over his hips, legs, ending in a pool around his feet. As he reached down and rose holding them in his hand he looked Alex in her eyes. His cock hard and bobbing for attention.

“And those…?” She asked.

“These represent the fine linen loin cloth that covers and secures the true seat of my power.” He meant every word…believed every word. He wanted her to hear and believe every word.

Alex put her hand on top of his hand holding the briefs. She felt the warmth from his groin in the fabric through his fingers.

“You are yet to discover the fullness of that power. And that my dear Rand is why you are here.”

She then looked away toward the dining room. Rand’s eyes followed hers. There he saw lying across the cherry wood table the purple rope she had used before. And another item. A stick…no…some type of cane.

Alex pulled his gaze back to her. “Breathe…..” She whispered.

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Jun 24 2017

Broken to Be ~ Part 5

Alex left him in the living room to dress as she went to her office calendar and wrote down his next appointment time on one of her cards. Rope Therapy by Alexandria. Next appointment, Tuesday, 6:00pm.  He was tucking his shirt into his slacks as she walked back into the room fingering the raised silver embossed letters on the sea-green colored card.

Rand’s cock had softened until he looked up and saw her. “Damn.” He mumbled as his hand rubbed across his cock’s head as he finished tucking in his shirt. He was drawn to her. It was an electrical current that ran through his core when she was before him. Different from the arousal he currently felt growing in his briefs. He wanted to know her. Talk with her. He didn’t want to leave. The 90 minutes had gone by too fast. He had felt in that time warmth…life. And not just in his balls. She was making him leave wanting more. More of her and more of what she stirred in him.

“It’s life.” She said, handing him the card.

“What is?” He responded puzzled.

“That stirring inside you.” Alex placed her hand on his stomach. “It’s life stirring…a beginning of an awakening. Small as it is.”

His first thought, ‘What’s stirring is not small’… brought a smirk to his face. But he knew what she meant. Yes, he felt that stirring also.


Rand sat in his car in silence watching as the fading sun’s light still lit up the sky and surroundings. Silence…..when was the last time he sat still in silence? He laughed at that question and all the questions that were now coming to his mind. He closed his eyes and thought about her rope. Her hands. Her smell. Her touch reached deeper than his skin. With eyes still closed he could feel that touch. The wrapping of the rope, the melodic music in the background. The stirring in his gut started again. It was a foreign feeling. He liked it…wanted it. It seemed familiar…she seemed familiar. Too many thoughts… just breathe…” he mumbled.

The lyrics to the song ‘Bring Me Back To Life” by Evanescence started to roll through his mind…

“How can you see into my eyes, like open doors

Leading you down into my core

Where I’ve become so numb,

Without a soul

My spirit’s sleeping somewhere cold

Until you find it there and lead it back


“Could she? Can she? Lead me back home?”  He felt her touch and the stirring of life.


Alex stood watching him sitting in his car in the parking lot from her condo living room window. She could still smell his aftershave. She fingered the rope that had laid across his chest… across his heart. His faint energy still resided in its threads. “It will grow….that spark of life.” She whispered to herself. “You will awake …fully.” She spoke to his soul.

She held a little longer the sadness she had touched inside him. The sadness of being lost, heart frozen, realizing his state of being and not knowing how to wake up on his own.  Adrift…hoping for an anchor. “Don’t let me die here..”  she heard echo through his heart as she had tied him. It reminded her of the song, ‘Bring Me Back To Life” by Evanescence. She wondered if the lyrics were subconsciously written on his heart.

She let the rope drop to the floor along with his sadness. It wasn’t hers to carry. She had learned as an Empath to not let another’s soul journey become her own. She thought on the familiar energy within him and knew that there was history between them. He was family. Souls that had gathered together before on previous journeys. “This will be different.” she whispered. Different from any other who had come seeking awakening.

A warmth washed over her as she remembered how it felt to touch him. Then she heard the words again….“Don’t let me die here…” 

Alex walked to the refrigerator and poured herself a glass of filtered water. As she drank the cool freshness she felt his sadness wash away. She picked up her phone, found his name and sent him a quick text.

“That will do…”, she thought as she hit send. Next week would be more steps in his awakening.


Rand’s phone pinged announcing the arrival of a text. Reluctantly he opened his eyes in case it was a client. It was Alex. “Keep breathing. ~ Alex”.  Closing his eyes again he did just that.


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Jun 17 2017

Broken to Be ~ Part 4

Rand found himself kneeling before his mind could question the movement.

“Close your eyes.” Was her next command whispered in his ear. “Just breathe….”

Her voice stirred visceral feelings in the pit of his stomach. Tiny streams of warmth fielding their way through small cracks beginning to appear along the concrete wall of his soul. Almost foreign was the flow of the sensation as he breathed and felt the warmth expand through his torso. She was close to him. Her own heat radiating around him as her hands slowly moved along the back of his head and fingers massaged away the fading tension along the base of his skull. “I could live here in this feeling.”  He thought to himself as more of him began to rest into her touch.

Alex could feel the synergy building. Her body hummed with the current that was flowing between her and Rand. A confirmation that he was letting go and allowing his own life force to emerge and mingle with hers. It was a good beginning.

He was about to fall asleep when she put one hand on the back of his head, another on the center of his back and lowered him to a bowing position on the floor. It was an effortless move. The stretching along his back muscles was welcomed.

Alex walked around and knelt before his bowed head. He was beautiful in her sight. Tension had left his muscles and the serenity of him bowing before her, bound, vulnerable sent shivers of arousal through her veins. Images of him sprawled across her bed…open…receptive to any of her desires filled her mind as she leaned forward running her hands over his well manicured head. “Focus Alex….he’s here to be broken…” She heard deep within her. Still there was a hunger for him building. “Breathe…” She whispered to him but also to herself.

From that position she started to untie the harness. Slowly lifting him back to a kneeling position to continue the methodical unraveling. Staying close…skin touching skin…taking her time…insuring he felt the movement of every strand as it, with purpose, released his frame. His body found a rhythm with hers. Moving with her as she worked the rope free.

Alex’s focus returned as she progressed along the work of loosening the rope. Why he had approached her. The principles needed to be laid within him. “Sometimes Rand, in the midst of living we can lose sight of why we came to this earth in the first place.” She continue to unwrap as she spoke.

“Parents, loved ones, buddies, society, feeling the need to fit in can at times run contrary to that reason. Mankind’s main objective here on earth is to learn of emotions. How to maneuver through emotions such as: pain, loss, heartache, love, rejection, joy, abandonment, fear, ecstasy, lust, jealousy…and ultimately forgiveness and compassion. The list is long. Not an easy task and especially difficult for the male gender.” Her fingers moved expertly through the rope as the strands slowly dragged across his flesh.

“You feeling numb and stuck is actually a good thing. It’s an indicator that somethings in your life are off course and there needs to be a correction. Impatience is another indicator but has led you to press past the problem to find a quick solution in distractions which have furthered you along the path of numbness and feeling stuck.” She stood up before him.

“And now you are here….”

She helped him up to his feet as the loosened rope pooled around him on the floor. He was hard again. His cock stretching toward her. He felt warm, cared for and his first reaction was to take her back down to the floor and ease his aching cock slowly into her. It was as if her cunt was calling unto him. He could hear her words and was agreeing in his heart with them but he hadn’t felt this relaxed in… he couldn’t remember how long. His primal instinct was to bury himself inside her. To come home.

“Rand…Open your eyes and look at me.” Alex’s hands were on each arm running over the rope impressions. Touching him was like touching a lover from times past. Unconsciously her hands seemed to know how to bring him pleasure. She took a deep breath and tucked those thoughts away.

“I said…And now you are here…”

“Yes. And I hear you.”

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Jun 16 2017

e[lust] edition #95 ~ Enjoy

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Jun 07 2017

Broken to Be ~ Part 3

He watched her walk past him to the chair and sit. Her eyes seeming to exam not only her work but his soul. There was still a war going on inside him with being bound. When his mind wasn’t trying to logically figure out where this was going he was able to lean into its hold. He’d start to experience a small measure of peace. But quickly with another move of her body he was distracted and pulled back to his surroundings and his thoughts became more of taking her than surrender.

He watched her watching him. He wasn’t sure what to do or say. He shifted his body weight from one foot to the other. The sensation of vulnerability increasing as his erection slowly diminished. He had never before been uncomfortable naked in the presence of a woman. He had leaned on his physique as a shield to his heart. It had never failed as a measure of control and protection. Until now.

He took a deep breath, summoning up that shield. The bound rope digging into his flesh. As he opened his mouth to speak she put her right index finger against her lips to signal his silence.

She was enjoying the slight unraveling of his mantle before her and how he struggled to keep together and in check. “Tell me again why you’re here.” Her voice was stern and more authoritative.

“What fucking game is she playing?” was his first thought.  He took another breath to cover his impatience. “Again… I feel stuck and numb.”

She leaned toward him in her chair and rested her chin in her hands. “Even now?” she questioned. “I see you as impatient and impatience is a feeling and movement.” She smiled. “Maybe you need to explore that feeling?”

She rose and walked toward him stopping close enough for him to feel the heat of her body without being touched. Her hands fondled the rope that ran across his chest. “You are to close your eyes, listening only to the music and feel me work along this frame you’re so proud of.” She brought his head down and whispered in his ear, “I only want to hear you breathing.”

Resisting the urge to move toward her, Rand closed his eyes and thought about his friend that had referred her to him. He trusted his friend, he chose to trust her. He did his best to calm the impatience.

As she walked around him, touching, brushing across his flesh he could feel the stirring in the base of his balls. “Yeah…that doesn’t help,” he thought.

Alex was getting a sense of him. He was becoming easier to read which was the first sign of surrender. A slight opening of trust. She worked more rope around his waist and could feel his body leaning more into her own. She decided to stop right above his pubic bone leaving everything below free and untouched.

“Rand, think about why you’re impatient. Who within you is impatient? What are you impatient about?” She paused. “And it has nothing to do with your needy cock. Look beyond that need. His need you know well.”

She continued to work pausing again. Making sure she had his attention. “It’s the need behind the impatience that must be found. That’s where we’ll begin.” She stood behind him and cinched the rope tighter securing the last strand through the single column tie around his wrists and back up along the harness.

Her words wrapped around him as did her rope. Both words and rope following the harmonious flow of music filling the room. He felt his body starting to melt into the bondage of the tie and the rhythm of his breath moving his chest against its fibers. Each breath loosening some of the tightness that encased his heart. The band of stress that daily pressed across his forehead began to fade…slightly. He could still feel ‘impatience’ wanting a voice. And he wondered… whose voice was needing to be heard….

Alex could feel the shift in Rand’s energy. His shoulders relaxing. His surrender was beginning but she knew with him the journey needed to be slow, methodical. He was a warrior who had lost his purpose in a world that used his talents and charisma for profit. He’d be worth the investment of her time and energy. And for her there was a flow between them that seemed familiar. She’d not walk away from that.

She slipped her right hand under the center of the harness and pulled him into her. “Kneel.”

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Jun 01 2017

Broken to Be ~ Part 2.

She greeted him in black cropped yoga pants and a close fitting white tank top. Her long dark hair pulled loosely back in a bun. This casual first impression of her as a signal to him that this visit was not about her being a visual sexual object of fantasies conjured up in his mind but that this visit was all about him. The focus being on him. The journey, his and she was an instrument to guide him along the way.

He was polite and easily disrobed in front of her proudly displaying the care and attention he had given a well defined and toned frame. She warmly smiled which she knew he took as approval. In her reality the smile was the knowing that what she sought was hiding carefully behind that beautifully cared for body. She saw the investment of his duty to being physically pleasing as a path for him to learn to take as much care and investment in his true being.

‘How easily they hide behind the physical’, was her first thought. This meeting would be her finding his first thread of surrender.

The music from ‘Heart Meditations Radio’ was already filling the air around them in her living room. A cool evening breeze flowed through a slightly opened window enough to keep the room fresh and filled with life. She loved the freshness of air moving around her as she moved around those before her.

She brought herself near to him and touched along his collar bone. “Think about why you are here. Truly here. And tell me.” She stood behind him so he would speak truthfully.

He felt her warmth leaning against him as the breeze awakened his skin. He wasn’t sure what she wanted to hear.

“As I told you, I feel stuck. Numb.”

“Yes. I hear you.”

She was now standing before him. “Tonight is going to be about you listening.” She reached up both hands and lightly cupped his face.  Purple rope hanging from her arm.

“At first it will be me you’ll be hearing, feeling. But my voice is only to guide you to your own. The goal for tonight is for you to find and hear the voice that lives within you. Do you understand and agree?”

He had lost that voice long ago. Maybe she could lead him to it again. ” Yes, I understand and agree.”

The rope felt surprisingly warm as she began to drape it across his chest after securing his hands behind his back.

“Think of nothing but what your body is saying as I work the rope around you. Feel it against you. It’s texture pressing into you. The cinching of it around you. Remember the thoughts that start to fill your mind. I’ll want you to tell me about these things later. ”

Funny all he could think of at the moment was the smell of her natural scent as she moved around him. How the texture of the rope strangely rubbed against him and created a war of wanting to break free and at the same time fall into it’s prison. And his cock… was hardening, leaking and with his hands tied behind his back he felt vulnerable. And vulnerability was never a friend of his.

“Are you thinking Rand?” she whispered in his ear, standing behind him working.

“Yes.” Was all he was willing to share. What he was also thinking was would she be attending to his ever swelling cock! That was a subject that was never discussed between them. Or with his friend who had referred her. “Fuck!”  He thought as he closed his eyes hoping to ‘will’ her to his need.

She purposely avoided any contact with his cock that would try to press toward her as she moved around his frame. It was beautiful and no doubt a source of his pride and easy conquests. “A very spoiled member.” She thought to herself. Long and thick with a slight curve to the left that she was sure had brought many to orgasm. But just the same a cock that had no soul. Her aim was for him to find that soul and reconnect all of him to that source of life energy that would help him inhabit not only that beautiful cock with life but his whole being.

She stood behind him attaching another strand of rope and slipped the new piece through and over her previous work. His body hadn’t surrendered.

She let the rope drop and dangle behind him, walking away and sitting in a high back chair across the room.

She said nothing. Only sat there her eyes intently upon him.

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May 17 2017

e[lust] edition #94 ~ Enjoy

Exposing 40 Elust 94
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Welcome to Elust 94

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All for one, or one for all…
He haunts me.

Erotic Non-Fiction

Oh no, I’m not.
the shoot begins
Raylene’s pain does not matter


White Tee Shirt

Body Talk and Sexual Health

Orgasm Challenge

Sex News, Opinion, Interviews, Politics & Humor

A Kink Couple Fantasize About the Waitstaff



Elust 88

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