May 17 2017

e[lust] edition #94 ~ Enjoy

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Always Coming Second


THREESOME – the card game

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The #500words Project ~ 2

#Pussy Pride

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Erotic Fiction

Finally A Prostitute
On Display
World Traveller
Ms. Mona’s Online Dating School for Dudes

Thoughts & Advice on Kink & Fetish

BDSM is Not My Source for Life.
Pure and Simple
Discussing Consent & Scene Negotiation

Thoughts & Advice on Sex & Relationships

You can
All for one, or one for all…
He haunts me.

Erotic Non-Fiction

Oh no, I’m not.
the shoot begins
Raylene’s pain does not matter


White Tee Shirt

Body Talk and Sexual Health

Orgasm Challenge

Sex News, Opinion, Interviews, Politics & Humor

A Kink Couple Fantasize About the Waitstaff



Elust 88

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May 13 2017

Broken to Be.

He was told that she had the ability to tear into the concrete wall that surrounded his forgotten heart. A wall built out of ignorance…not understanding that many of the troubles that had plagued his life had been meant to soften him, not harden him. Now at the tender age of 33 emotions that once flowed through his veins seemed to have vanished. He couldn’t remember the last time he cried. Or felt love, sadness…compassion. It wasn’t until this last breakup with a woman he thought for sure he loved; was planning on spending his life with and yet when she walked away, he felt …nothing. Not a tear. Not a flicker of pain flowed through his heart. Had he died? Was he part of the walking dead? What happened to him? Where did his humanity go?

He paused looking down at his shoes as he tied the laces. He tried to remember the pain of loss. The pain of regret.  When was the last time he felt remorse? Or even love? Five years ago? Ten? Fifteen? His fingers stopped moving, suspended in mid tie…Had it really been that long?

Before walking out the door he glanced at his reflection in the mirror hanging on the wall. There it was. Eyes that had lost their light staring back at him. “Where did you go?” He whispered as he starred into his hollow eyes. “I feel your heart beating. I know you’re in there. I’m going to find you again.”


She had received his inquiry after being referred by a long time friend. A friend she had helped to find his lost soul again. A dear, courageous friend that had forgotten why he came to this earth in the first place. And now after many months of finding his own heart in the midst of her safety and trust he had sent another in search of freedom and sight.

How she loved to help them see. Help those who had lost their sight; to gain it back. To see wonder again shine through once darkened eyes. Men who had been locked away in their own prisons. Beautiful souls buried beneath the rules and protocol of a patriarchal society that told them to fight and claw their way to the top. Victims of a deep embedded message telling that life was all about the survival of the fittest. That the amount of carnage left behind as you climbed your way through life was weighed as your worth to the world.

No wonder their hearts had hardened and eyes had grown cold. No wonder their souls were lost along with the reason they decided long ago to journey here on earth. A journey meant to help them experience the very emotions they came to discover. The thrill of love. The sensation of passion and fullness of pleasure pulsating through their flesh. The pain and remorse of broken promises. The grief and loss of loved ones. The joy of newborn life and beauty seen, felt and embraced. All that made up the wonder of being human and made them feel truly alive. Something only time spent on earth could grant them.

In the midst of her own journey she was calling out to her tribe. Those souls who had gone out before her and to those who had delayed and now sought her on their own. How sweet it was when their paths crossed. Souls with history finding their way to familiar hearts.

She thought about the sound of this new man’s voice on the phone as she readied her strands of nylon rope across the cherry wood table. His voice sounded familiar. It had a tone that resonated within her. What she heard in a voice always told her what to prepare. Keys laid out before her in the reflections and tenor that was heard.

She picked up a section of rope and ran her fingers along it’s woven threads. Purple was the color she saw as he spoke to her during that first call. The rope started to heat under her touch. Energy began to flow from her hand into the threads confirming her choice. She closed her eyes and could see him standing naked before her. Few words would be spoken. He was a master of words..but not today. Today silence would be the master. Today he was only to breathe and learn how to BE.


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May 02 2017

Touch Me…Journey with Me.

As we journey through life, hopefully we attract into our lives those souls that touch and awaken a sleeping part of us… a part that now must emerge and find it’s place to direct us to our next stage of growth. A part maybe ignored through the process of daily life and now, out of necessity and urgency, answers the cries of our heart. Its voice must be heard. Its destiny unfolded.

Destinies are sometimes hidden and blocked by fear. Sexual destinies (our power and seat of life) buried under culture, society opinions and acceptance. Especially the sexual power and destiny of women. Even men have found themselves suffering some loss. Unsure of their path, confused and their rhythm for life unbalanced.

But there is a shift happening. I can feel it. An unrest brewing but it’s the seasons of unrest that bring about change. And I’m hoping this season is a change for the good. A change birthed in the need for authenticity. A cry for the fullness of humanity and each gender and identity expressing itself fully. Lives no longer ruled by fear or political correctness but by healed souls expressing the character and expression of freedom and wholeness in their lives.

This blog was started to bring about how I saw the lifestyle I was living and didn’t find expressed online. It’s always been about bringing clarity and a voice to many of the thoughts people have but never found the words to express.

I’m still here… I don’t plan on leaving but I can feel a shift. I’m listening to that voice that has co-created with me up to this point. The intuition that led me down a path of expression to bring to the surface an acceptance and beauty of full sexuality and desires for those who read.

I spoke of it here: Harmony and peace…where the natural state of man’s energy is wrapped in transparency and vulnerability… existing without fear. Bathed in the knowledge of confidence and acceptance, first of yourself and then of others.

With anticipation filling me I walk into each day wondering what awaits me. What will I hear, read and finally write.

That’s why I’m still here. To explore, to rip off the masks formed by other’s opinions and listen to that voice within that yearns to be expressed even more than before. To come into a fuller measure of ourselves. Our sexuality and the expression of that natural energy that can bring forth life in more ways than one, be given it’s rightful place of honor.

A season where touch is not feared but celebrated. Embraced with joy because of freedom and the healing a trustworthy touch can bring.

For those feeling the same..take my hand. Let’s journey together. There’s no distance in the spirit and your heart will beat along with mine as the path before us unfolds.



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Apr 21 2017

BDSM is Not My Source for Life.

I could hear the questions and yearning in the tone of his voice. He wasn’t sure what he wanted but he thought I might be the answer. He’d been searching, had his fantasies and I seemed safe enough for him to try them out with me. So he could find himself…find what worked and what didn’t.

There was a time when this intrigued me and I was wiling to take a man down that rabbit hole just for the exploration of the journey and what treasures may be waiting. I’m a writer and getting inside a man’s heart, soul, mind and body fed my writer’s hunger. It was a good journey and I value the men that let me into their deepest secrets and fantasies. They enriched my life and my way of looking and responding to a man. My soul has deepened with more insight than before.

But no longer do those needs pull on this heart. For a season I fed from that table of male hunger and curiosity. But it was only a passing season. Serving a purpose in my life long journey and growth. Men will always pull on my hunger but the menu I’m ordering from now is modest in size and offerings. My palate has become more discerning for those who are journeying down the same path I find myself on. More self discovery and deep calling unto deep.

BDSM is NOT my source for life. Nor should it be anyone else’s!  It should only be a spicy ingredient that brings joyful color to a life already grounded and whole.

Bondage & Impact play shouldn’t be an alternative to real therapy. But an avenue to the release of endorphin’s and a method to break down long standing concrete walls. Ending in some amazing aftercare and warm loving.  Just some thoughts…..

Regardless where one’s kink lies in the overall picture of the sexual alternative life…understanding that ones source of life comes from within themselves and not from any lifestyle or person playing a role in their life should be understood.

Too many times I’ve been sought out as a therapist for those wanting someone else to bring forth answers only they can answer themselves. Find for themselves. Discover for themselves.

Lately I’ve read of the disappointment of others who thought they would find answers to the questions in their souls in the midst of this lifestyle. Not realizing they have only traded one arena filled with their own thoughts and taunting demons for another. There they stand with the same patterns of thinking expecting different results.

I love this alternative life…its freedom… its opportunities to explore with those who know themselves and desire to walk into a dark room and discover more. There is nothing better than full transparency and trust from one who is whole.

And that kind of encounter continues to feed my soul.

The intoxicating beat for life that lives in my heart searches for those who have an awakened life pouring from the well springs of their being. Fearless ones because they are acquainted with the source of life that lives within them. One that no one can take away. Bright souls who use this lifestyle as only a tool to dig deeper within themselves.

To those who have lost their way in this life and feel forgotten, disappointed……the answers and validation you have searched for have never been in this arena. BDSM is not your source for life. Only a playground and tool.

If you stand still for a few moments you can feel the shifting and turning of the world as we knew it before changing on its axis. Transformation is in the wind.

Face into that wind and let it blow away what holds you back.

Embrace, forgive and love you so you can embrace, forgive and love others.

Find your source for life.

Take Care of Yourself!  It’s the simple things that tells us we care.
Like warm socks!  😉

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Apr 17 2017

e[lust] edition #93 ~ Enjoy

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Welcome to Elust 93

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~ This Month’s Top Three Posts ~

A dress to die for

Pushing Past



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Kink lite, Kink life


~Readers Choice from Sexbytes ~

The Contract

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Erotic Fiction

The Contract
Speaking Truth to a Submissive Heart
Subjugate U

Sex News, Opinion, Interviews, Politics & Humor

Jerking off to be banned under Texas bill
That Time Steve Bannon Destroyed Me
How to program a sex robot

Thoughts & Advice on Sex & Relationships

Effortless Connections & Harmonious Energy


A Love Affair, From A to Z: “A” – Always
Scouting: A Lusty Limericks

Erotic Non-Fiction

Conflict(ed) part 2
It’s All About The Feet
Oral Birthday Fun ~ The Glorious Sixty-Ninth!
I Will Do…
The subtle threesome


Eroticon 2017 – I Herd U Lieks It

Body Talk and Sexual Health

photo shoots past and future
Elust 88

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Apr 10 2017

Come and Darken My Door

When life seems a game. The sensation of chess pieces moved strategically across a board and whispers of those watching heard in the distance as my reactions from life are judged and felt in my body and expressed across my face. Those times when life is too busy and I need the jolt of being ME and only ME brought into focus…

Come and darken my door.

When my body has fallen into robotic mode; reacting in timing with duties that must be perform to keep business and deadlines moving to accomplished a goal. When even the blowing of a breeze against my skin doesn’t stop my activity and make me breathe, take a breath to remember who I really am…

Come and darken my door.

Meet me in my sleep where I’m finally quiet and my body is repairing from the demands of life.

Remind me of the power and deep predatory need that simmers in wait beneath the service being poured out during the light of day.

Fill my doorway with your dark brooding presence that draws me from my bed and places my hand upon the mutating door handle, feeling the force of your hunger transforming it’s structure from the other side.

Awaken the slumbering beast within me with the scent of your dark primal desires.

Release the fire of true life woven throughout my cells and DNA fully capable of feeding and nourishing every fiber of my being.

Stand before me, aching, famished, denied of authentic touch and connection. Your eyes overflowing with the cold emptiness life can bring.

Stand before me still strong, full of knowing your presence in my life and who you are inside. The beast living daily in your breast needing a place of rest. The beast torn and scarred from battle wrapped in a beauty of weariness that ignites and restores the fire in my soul. My hunger feeding off your fatigue and transparency as you lay your existence at my feet.

I will come alive at the smell of your masculinity that pours through your emptiness. The intoxicating feel of your flesh against my flesh and the whispers of your blacken ache washing through me, reminding me again who I am.

Close your eyes for a moment in your time of deprivation. Feel the rise of your spirit to the sound of my call. Let the heat from my need be the path you must follow.

Come….Drawn from my soul calling out to yours.

Come and darken my door.


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Apr 03 2017

The Satisfyer ~ Toy Review!

The Satisfyer Pro, Satisfyer Pro Penguin & Satisfyer 2
Warning!  Your Clit can possibly become addicted!  😉

A few weeks ago I received an email from Sally, Team contact for The Satisfyer Family product line out of Bielefeld, Germany. They asked to send me a few samples of their new product line for free to review. Seeing how I’m in-between qualified good lovers at my disposal for the moment, the timing was perfect! I was already in the ‘self reflective…self repairing’ mode so having the opportunity to experiment with some brand new toys for free and potentially experience some mind blowing orgasms in the process sounded like a gift from heaven itself!

This product provides intensive pressure waves and tingling pulsation while it literally sucks on your clitoris! It offers 11 programs building from soft to intense and I have to admit I never was able to make it past the 3rd level without climaxing!

My clit is very sensitive and I was leery at first on how she would handle all that sucking. I can count on one hand the number of men who have been able to bring me to orgasm orally and have found most lack intuition and knowledge of the female anatomy to understand how we ‘get off’. I have suffered a few times with being swollen by an aggressive mouth! So I went into this with caution and care.

The Satisfyer Pro and Satisfyer Pro Penguin come with a magnetic USB charging cable….The Satisfyer 2 takes two AAA batteries. All are waterproof and the silicone heads can easily be removed, cleaned and replaced at any time. ( Retail packs of five new heads are available. )

I use a lot of coconut oil as lube. I love the slick feel and organic smell. Plus it’s good for your body! So my toys get pretty messy. Which for me is great because I love messy play!  With all three products no matter how messy it got, no oil was able to get into the interior of the product, which made it hygienic, safe and easy to clean.

After a week of thorough experimentation and examination…..***Smiling big right now***….. Here are my findings……..


Satisfyer Pro Penguin: This is a quiet little gem that would fit in your purse. The silicone head is small but it still provides great pleasure and fits nicely in the palm of your hand. A toy to have conveniently next to your bed for those impromptu lazy moments of self love.

Satisfyer 2: What I love about this product is that it has up and down arrows on the program button so if you find one level a bit too intense you can go down to a softer level without turning it off and starting again. I’d like to see that feature on all of the products. This is a bit noisier but then I like sound and vibration in my play …so the noise doesn’t bother me. The head is bigger than the Penguin so covers more area for pleasure.

Satisfyer Pro: This is the most powerful with a large head and took some getting use to. As I mentioned, my clit was leery of that much direct contact and sucking! I approached this product gingerly and was thankful I had the other products to build up my tolerance. I went back and forth between all three products on which one was my favorite. They all had features that were enjoyable. But after a week of thorough experimentation and examination, the Satisfyer Pro became my favorite!

Once my clit was use to the toy I was able to spend more time building up, edging and loving the large silicone head that was attached. To me this toy felt the closest to a human mouth. It’s louder than the other two but only when you lift it off the skin and move it to another location. Once it’s sucking….it hums with delight to my ears. I was able to get lost in the memories of some of the best oral orgasms I’ve had and imagined the mouth and head of those lovers buried between my legs as the orgasm was building.

FYI: All toys are great if you’re in a hurry and just need a quick Fix.  They will all get you there in a matter of minutes!

I highly recommend these products for your self love pleasure. But do warn you …finding that same level of satisfaction from a human may be hard to find. Could be a great learning tool for those who want to learn!

Products can be found on Adam & Eve, Amazon and other retail outlets. Google is your friend!

Thank you Sally and the Team at  The Satisfyer Family for the opportunity to review this product.

~ Vista

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Mar 30 2017

Effortless Connections … Harmonious Energy at Play.

Harmony and peace…where the natural state of man’s energy is wrapped in transparency and vulnerability… existing without fear. Bathed in the knowledge of confidence and acceptance, first of yourself and then of others.

Why do humans search in realms for greater realities, extreme activities and alternative sexual connections? I believe we are looking for something that will finally rip off the mask that was placed on us years ago in order to survive in a society that ran contrary to the soul that beat within us. Self preservation prevails as we try to fit in… be accepted. In that journey we lose the opening to our being. So we look to others in sometimes extreme relationships and connections to find the edge of that mask, that covering and rip it off leaving us exposed. We search for those beings whose energy will flow effortlessly with ours.

When you run into that person through your journey… when you find one that intuitively knows and feels the wave length of your energy and effortlessly flows in harmony with yours it almost seems foreign. We’ve grown use to dealing with the diversity of the masses, unmatched relationships, the rubbing raw of intrusive energies against us, that we almost miss that soothing flow of one who fits every grove in our tapestry. Because it’s unfamiliar our reaction may be to not pursue the health that may be calling out to our soul. Our mind finds itself at odds with our heart.

It’s vital that we know and understand the force that lives within ourselves; what depletes us and what builds us or else we blindly, through ignorance, remain strapped to an emotional carnival ride we are calling life.

When we understand the polarity of our own energy we will understand that we have choices everyday to keep learning how to stay balanced and grow in health and strength. In order to live a life well managed it’s best to keep ourselves fed and nourished through healthy harmonious relationships in every area of life that effect the decisions we make daily.

Our minds effect the mind of others. Thoughts and emotions heard and received radically race through our bodies. Genes become activated or repressed. Our DNA, regulated by our emotions. The perception of life seen through our thoughts or felt through the mind of another. Our energy heightened or diminished.

An effortless connection to me is as a drink of water that is soothing in temperature, filled with the right combination of ingredients (molecules, minerals ) that our mind, body and spirit sigh with a sense of welcome and thankfulness for the rejuvenation of our full self. An awakening from an unknown sleep. A dancing of happy molecules, cells, your DNA starting to rush and fill your whole being with excitement. The energy of Life!

I’ve felt the harmony of emotions with another. Uncanny intuition that released a word in due season.

In a time where words seem to have a hidden agenda and purpose to manipulate destinies, I’m thankful for the words that effortlessly flow into my life from those with golden hearts and amplified energy that lights a room. They remind me of the basic need of humanity.

To love, To touch, To feel, To connect.


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