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“The Invitation” by Oriah Mountain Dreamer

I ran across this beautiful prose today and being a little OCD at times, I researched to make sure I had the original prose.  I did find that there are some other versions out there and some that say this young Canadian women is an Indian elder.  A misconception.  I highly recommend this life giving book for your own library.


50 Shades of Very Lite BDSM-101

I had heard the writing was juvenile and half way through the first chapter I had to agree!  If I hadn’t already known that the author is a grown woman I would have thought she was a teenager! The writing and characters are out of a 16 year old’s fantasy. This book is very tame as far as BDSM goes. The story does get better as it moves along and despite the poor writing it’s an easy read.  But if you’re looking for exciting erotica…look elsewhere! The story is really about saving poor Christian from his misguided view of sexual play and pleasure! Again…BDSM is made out to be the only avenue of pleasure for broken people!  It’s a shame. Damn!  Give me that ‘Red Room of Pain’! That is worth drooling over!

Ancient Lovemaking Secrets

Lying low and peaceful in the midst of it all has been a teaching on sexuality, taught by Taoists for over 4,000 years. The highest level of kung-fu, the Taoist art of lovemaking. “The term “kung-fu” literally means “hard work” and applies to many practices to improving health and promoting long life and happiness. Shih- Shui is an advanced form of chi-kung/nei-kung that focuses on strengthening the internal body and increasing sexual energywith a goal to optimize and preserve the health of the body, mind and spirit. ”  (From his web site)

Behind the Whip

Maria Coletsis from Vancouver, traveled around the world to create Behind the Whip: Dominatrix Portraits and Words.  Here you’ll find a book full of photos and interviews with strong, adventurous women that are part of the rich and varied sexuality of a multi-racial group. Behind the Whip reveals the human women behind the glamorous images who work with pain and pleasure.

Insatiable Wives: Women Who Stray & the Men Who Love Them.

There are books on the market that try to bring an explanation to the cuckold lifestyle. Some are good and from real life experiences and some are only buying in on the trend that seems to be increasing and looking to make quick cash. I see this increasing as this way of life for some couples becomes more exposed. I’m not a fan of the ‘hotwife’ trend and terminology only because of most of what is posted on the internet runs along the more ‘kinky’ aspect rather than what goes on in a relationship. The problem that causes is for some couples who have poor communication and find their marriages struggling thinking that this trend would be an answer and fix.  It’s not.  In fact, in a relationship where there is strain and lack of trust and communication this lifestyle would be a sure silver bullet and bring death.

Breaking & Training Josh by Lily Snow

Author Lily Snow has a wicked mind and loves to torment her male leads in evil devious ways. A lot of mind control, brainwashing, pony play and slavery along with sexual behavioral transformation are at play in this series about Breaking and Training Josh.

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