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I’m a single sensuous/primal erotic writer who adores men and the beauty of their submission. What does that mean you may ask. Sensuous in the fact that I enjoy an authentic connection that touches on all the senses. I’m dominant in my nature but soft at times in my delivery. Primal in that I need the raw, deep blood and guts (not literally) of a relationship and connection. Seeing a strong and confident man become willingly vulnerable to my desires is what is woven in the fabric of my writings and dreams.

I started this blog back in March of 2012. I was in a cuckold relationship at that time and everything I read online on that subject left me cold. It didn’t reflect my life. I started this blog to give a flesh and blood look at what goes on in the emotional aspects of this roller-coaster ride dynamic. To read posts about NB (my partner at that time) click on NB under tags. Also here is a book review I did on Insatiable Wives: Women Who Stray & the Men Who Love Them. I highly recommend this book on the subject.

The relationship with NB ended December 2013 and since then this blog has chronicled my journey in finding my footing in the alternative BDSM lifestyle. I started out identifying as a Domme but later found that to narrow of a description of who I am.  Primal seems closer to my identity if you want a label.

Since the breakup with NB I’ve been blessed to have some lovely submissive men come into my life. They have acted as a muse to many of my writings.

My book:  Helpless, Bound & Subject: Erotic Tales Inspired by Deviant/Naughty men…..Available for purchase!  A Collection of Hot Erotic Tales for Deviant Minds.

Every man has secrets in his heart. Secrets maybe from when he was a child and longed to have the neighborhood girls tie him up after chasing him through the woods as prey. Or a smell that first awakened his sexual urges. Or images from stolen magazines a visiting uncle would leave tucked under his mattress in his room above the garage.

Come close and listen to what’s been whispered in my ear.

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This Blog covers my journey and fantasies along my own sexual destiny. Hopefully some of what I write and share will open a door for you in your own life and journey.  Articles, book reviews and thoughts that serve as a road map along your kinky sexual destination are found here. BDSM and D/s lifestyles are discussed. Reading recommended.

I am also very active on FetLife. If you are interested in a closer look into my life and curious about my age (cough) then by all means click Here!

I love hearing from my readers. You encourage me and I consider you family! Thank you always for your support and love.


~ Vista

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  1. Hi Vista. Stumbled across your blog here via Hyacinth’s blog — thought I’d browse a bit, see what trouble I can get into. Hope you are having a wonderful holidays and will have a happy New Year!

    Warm regards. <3

    1. So happy you came on-board to my deviant vessel. Enjoy the ride. We aim to please all travelers. 😉

      ~ Vista

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