Dec 19 2017

Rites of Passage Training – Sexual Energy.

Sexual energy. The strongest energy within our bodies. Tonight Eva would show Matt just how to harness that power.

Eva made Matt wait three weeks before she scheduled him to meet her and Jenna at the same hotel with the European decor that reminded her of Barcelona. She stood looking out the window and watched the hustle of urban Seattle ease as the day moved into evening.

Matt was scheduled to arrive first. The memories of other young men that had passed through that hotel lobby on their way to her world started to fill her thoughts. From her position, she could see them entering the hotel. She would watch as they paused before going through the revolving door, checking their attire and their reflection in the glass panels before walking through. A smile crossed her face when Adam came to mind. He had been her favorite. But more than that, he had brought her Matt. That boy … she thought to herself. Wondering if she would eventually keep him to herself.

Eva was thankful for Jenna. She had been a good student and beyond that had remained single and always willing to train a new man when the opportunity came along. Both Jenna & Anna were used in Adam’s training.  And as sometimes happened, Adam and Anna developed an energy between them that continued to grow.  Both were willing to participate in any pieces of training if needed. Being a part of Matt’s initial introduction was Adam’s idea.  Since that night Eva mapped out her strategy for Matt, choosing Jenna to effortlessly move the continuity of the training forward.

Tonight’s lesson would be on Sexual Energy. Eva’s favorite part of the training.

The ambiance of the room was set. Melodic music flowed from her laptop and two bottles of her favorite red plus three wine glasses sat on the coffee table. Matt was due to arrive at 7 pm and Jenna at 8 pm.


Matt stood staring at the revolving glass doors that would usher him into the hotel lobby. The past three weeks of waiting increased his hunger, questions and curiosity of what kind of training laid ahead for him. Adam had been no help when questioned multiple times of his training and what Matt was to expect. Everyone is different, buddy. It all depends on what kind of connection Eva has with you and how easy she’s able to read and determine what you really need to know. He offered nothing more. Matt assured himself that if what he saw in the changes with Adam, resulting now in his new relationship, was an indication of what might lie ahead… well he was ready. He took a deep breath, straighten his shoulders and walked forward into those changes.


Eva greeted Matt at the door to her room with a glass of red. “Come in Matt. You’re right on time.”  She stepped back and watched as he entered her domain and stood before her. She closed the door and handed him the glass of red. She had forgotten the warm feeling he was capable of stirring in her loins at the sight of him.

“You’ve been missed,” she smiled and meant it. Yes, she had missed him and a familiar flushing was now building between her breasts.

They sat on the cushions of the luxurious purple velvet high back couch lightly chatting about his day and drinking down the first glass of red. Well, Matt was drinking it down. Eva was sipping and watching Matt finally relax.

Eva patted the cushion separating them, “Come closer, Matt.”

Matt scooted his jean clothed bottom closer to her. She turned him more towards her and took his free hand in hers. She could still feel a bit of tenseness in his fingers and could almost predict his thoughts. When would his training start? What would be her first move? Her grabbing his hand…was this the beginning?  She smiled, flattened out his palm and started to trace his lifelines with her middle finger.

“Tonight is about learning to understand and master the role of sexual energy in your life.” She rested her palm on his, her fingers lightly wrapped around his thumb.

“Matt, sexual energy is the strongest natural energy we make, store and expend from our bodies. When used properly it keeps us happy, healthy and can even boost our immune system. This is not to be confused with lust. Lust is a part of that energy but only a part.

Lust is experienced when two people first meet. Their emotions are fueled by passion and romance but eventually, lust will disappear. It’s commonly called NRE. New Relationship Energy, involving heightened emotional, sexual feelings and excitement. It’s a chemical change in our bodies that actually helps to increase blood flow. We all seek this chemical reaction because it temporarily floods us with excitement, happiness, and fulfillment. The world tends to seem a bit brighter and problems lighter. What we need to understand is we all seek the sexual chemistry, excitement, pleasure, passion, but not all want sexual intimacy.”

Eva took the empty wine glass from Matt’s hand and placed it on the coffee table next to hers. She moved closer and this time took both of his hands in hers. Palms touching palms. She could feel the heat in her hands increase and hoped that he could feel it too.

“We each have an energy vibration and what we call connection to another being is the vibration of two energies flowing together in harmony. This training is to teach you to recognize your energy flowing and that of your partner’s, then blending the two together to create intimacy.

Sex is natural and good for you. As the hormone DHEA increases, tissues can be repaired and stress levels lowered when sexual energy is fully released. Love and intimacy bring healing to the human body. You’ll learn with Jenna tonight how to feel, how to touch and how to listen. You’ll learn to create intimacy.

You’ll start with the kiss. You’ll need to learn how to feel and listen with your lips. Your kiss will be your first taste of her. You’ll move your lips over her cheeks, forehead, down around her neck. You’ll learn how to feel like a blind man. You’ll feel with your lips the texture of her skin, its taste, you’ll discover the smell of her hair.”

She paused and moved closer. “Let me show you. Don’t move, close your eyes and only feel.”

Eva cradled Matt’s face in her hands, feeling the energy continuing to build as she brought his face to hers. Her lips brushed lightly against one cheek, passing over his lips to the other. Bending his head slightly down, she swept her lips over his forehead and slowly down, over his closed eyelids. One hand traced the outline of the bridge of his slightly crooked nose that she guessed was from some car or sporting accident. Down her fingers traveled now outlining his lips, she automatically wet her own as she leaned in cradling his head and brought her lips a hair’s breath from his own.

“Can you feel me, Matt?” she whispered against his opened lips. “Keep your eyes closed, breathe and feel me.”

She could feel the crackling of energy along their lips as her breath moved across his.  She couldn’t resist dipping her fingers into his eager mouth. His lips pulled them further in and his tongue ran along their sides. Eva’s stomach clawed at her spin as a brief thought surfaced to call off Jenna and tonight train Matt herself.  She instead whispered against his mouth, “Smoke and fire first ignite through a kiss.”

Eva slowly removed her fingers, “Jenna will be here in a few minutes. Remember what I have shown you. She knows what to do but she’ll follow your lead.” She reached for her glass of red and sat back on the cushion.

Matt sat still, eyes open and watched Eva’s mouth as she spoke.

“I want you to take your time. Touch without sight. Let both of your excitement grow.” She could see the arousal almost clouding him.

“And for tonight, no orgasm for either of you. It’s all about learning to feel, exchange and build the sexual energy.”

Eva thought for sure she heard Matt sigh…

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