Dec 15 2017

I need you Fucked Up! No…Seriously!

Fucked up! Yes… I need you genuinely fucked up but in a good way.

Not broken and damaged. There is a difference. Emotionally.

I’m not your therapist but I can be your healer. If you’re emotionally damaged and broken then you being fucked up has nothing to do with kink and perversion in my world. There are issues in your heart and soul that need to be addressed and a D/s relationship is not the place for that. Please seek professional help.

BUT…if you are stable in your heart and soul, maneuver successfully in the dynamics of living in society and are sexually wired in a way mainstream society declares as ‘abnormal’…then walk this way and let’s talk.

You see, for me, a relationship is all about the energy and connection that is unexplainably apparent between two people. I do not seek out certain kinks or roles. To me, it makes no difference if you are submissive or dominant. It makes no difference what kink or fetishes turns you on. Because if you turn me on; if your energy ignites my own, then it’s not necessarily what we do, but why.

What matters to me is what lives inside you. Why do you have the desires you have? What triggers your deepest needs and arousal? What are the images you see and the stories you read that include a scene that triggers a response that even at times takes you by surprise because your mind is saying, “What?” but your cock is suddenly hard, hot and dripping? Your homegrown programming battling the primal response that can no longer be ignored. That is what I need to explore with you. No matter how fucked up you think or say you are.

In my book: Helpless, Bound & Subject: Erotic Tales Inspired By Deviant/Naughty Men … about 60% of the book covers my relationship with a man I called Davod who for approximately 5 months of my life consumed me with his beautiful and genuine fucked up deviant ways.  His soul pierced the center of mine. His desires ignited a fire in my core that burned hot with need. The result of that relationship birthed his stories which contributed to the publishing of my first book.

Normally the ‘things’ I write about on their own do nothing for me. Because again, it’s all about the man and his ability to unfold his truth. Impact play, rope, sensuality, pegging and even some brutality…if there’s no connection, I’m done.

The men that find my attention offer me a piece of themselves that has not been offered before. Desires they normally find flat with anyone else. Desires they would never entertain or even consider doing for anyone. But suddenly with me, over time and because of trust they unfold a hidden section in their soul and find acceptance and maybe some healing for what they saw as shameful.

Call it the primal nature. Call it the raw truth. Call it humanity stripped from all pretense and seen as transparent, void of judgment and expectations. Call it absolute acceptance.

It’s what makes my heart beat and race. What wets my cunt and what, in my world, dreams are made of. What you may call your fucked up ways, I call your core. I call the beginning of unraveling your true humanity.

Give me the beast, the deviant, the perverted. He’ll come hungry, willing and thankful for an open space to run free.

And if we find an unexplained connection that runs deeper than our minds can comprehend…then we have both found a home. We have found our normal.

~ Vista

If you haven’t already, you can read about what I mean here: Helpless, Bound & Subject: Erotic Tales Inspired By Deviant/Naughty Men 


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    Beautiful and oh so true! xXx

    1. I love your beautiful ‘fucked up’ heart darling. xxxooo

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