Nov 24 2017

Sweet Boy – Hidden Hunger – Dark Desires.

Sweet boy. Where do I start in describing the wonder of your surrender to me?

I know you’ve been with others…probably many others. I look at you and imagine all who have knelt before your groin as you smiled at the blessing of your endowment. But now you stand naked before me. As gorgeous as your male member may be…it’s not what impresses me.

Your smooth skin tone, firm muscles and cock hungry, dripping with anticipation…impressive. But even more, is knowing what it wants, needs and yet willing to wait. Waiting to see how I’ll train it to my touch.

Your surrender and trust … that’s what makes me ache inside. Your innocence given to me as a gift. Yes, your innocence. What I’m after has never been recognized in you before. Your physical appearance is what drew me to you…what’s buried inside you keeps me there.

Your eyes learning to see, to express and tell me about your darkest desires. Your heart reacting and revealing through your eyes, before your brain can form the words, that hidden hunger that keeps you awake at night as you lie in bed in the midnight hours. Those moments as sleep starts to set in and your subconscious lays to slumber your conscious mind to show you what lives inside your soul. Every memory, thought, deed and motivation recorded; affecting your waking life. Not just your dreams.

We’ll mine for those together.

Your body waking, reaching for my touch as my hands travel along your flesh. Heated anticipation waiting for the softness of my fingers to move along the meridians of your body and soul; stirring and awakening the depth of your truth.

You learning the craft of quieting your mind, releasing the programming of your past…your eyes opened and seeing in a way foreign, until now.

Yes, Sweet boy…an innocence that will have the engraving of my name, the resonance of my voice and the fragrance of my essence.

All this wonder waiting for me as I approach you.

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