Oct 31 2017

Settling in Florida … Finding my Center.

I’ve been in Florida for a week now and it’s been a busy week. Seeing family, friends, and attending an event for Halloween last Saturday night.  This week is about settling in and visiting outlining areas such as Tampa (I’m NE of Tampa ) and Orlando. I’ve connected with a sweet boy who lives part of the time in St Barth. He travels back and forth from there to the states. He drove over from Tampa to take me to dinner last week and I’ll be driving to Tampa tomorrow to check out the city and meet him for the evening. He calls me ‘delicious’.  I like the sound of that.

I’m keeping things light at the moment. I like to ‘feel’ out the city around me before I decide to invest in it. The plus where I live is that it is close to Tampa and Orlando. Those are pluses for me. We’ll see if that sticks or if I get pulled further south.

I’m feeling free, open to changes and adventurous!  While I’m in this transition I will be writing. (I still have ‘The Red Chair’ to get out) There may be some slight delays as I find my center and rhythm again.

One thing that came up over the last two weeks, you may have noticed my site was down for days!!! The server I have used for the last 3 years was hacked…twice! I have now moved to another server and hope this helps boost traffic to my site. All these technical challenges can be frustrating when all I want to do is put out good work.

So… stay with me. The rest of 2017 and moving into 2018 are going to be growth years for Sexual Destinies! Part of my plan for next year is starting a podcast! It will be about discovering and unfolding who we are, healing wounds, spirituality and who knows what else will follow suit! And of course, my 2nd book will be out in 2018. Those of you here always get sneaks peaks as I post the writings here and on Fetlife for feedback.

Oh… And below some fun I had along my way to Florida…Sugar in SF.

~ My handsome and fun Sugar in SF. ~
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