Sep 11 2017

Rites of Passage ~ Part 3

Eva chose for their first meeting and the process of Matt’s training, a hotel where she felt comfortable with the energy, knew the owner of the quaint getaway and loved the ambiance that came with the European decor. The owner had purchased some of Eva’s art work and was a frequent visitor to her gallery. He was also aware of her penchant for training worthy young men. Eva had a favorite room at the end of the hall on the third floor that reminded her of the decor of Barcelona. He made sure it was available for her that night. There she waited for Matt to knock on the door precisely at 7 pm.

As Matt walked down the hallway to room 301 he ran through once more the lengthy conversation he had with Eva two nights prior. He felt he had rambled on about his life and insignificant things that held no weight or pertained to why he had approached her. Yet, she had let him go on and later said that nothing was lost in all he shared. Then the question came, ‘What was he wanting to learn and why.’ He fought to find the words. Deep inside he knew why but couldn’t seem to articulate and share the depth of knowledge he was seeking. More than sexuality. It was the full connection with another human being he longed to find. He only knew kisses skimming the surface. Touches causing sighs but never piercing through the flesh. Intimacy satisfying temporary needs yet leaving a hunger…always leaving a hunger for more. He now stood before room 301. He glanced at his watch, 7 pm and took a deep breath before he knocked.

Eva opened the door dressed in casual wear. Comfortable black leggings, bare feet, and a form fitting ruby colored t-shirt. Her long dark hair cascaded down along her shoulders. She was still as beautiful and sensual as he remembered. He found her choice of appearance calming. He was nervous not knowing what plans were ahead. His mind full of images and his heart filled with waves of energy.

“Tonight is about control. Yours.” Eva firmly grabbed his hand, led him to the couch and motioned for him to sit.

“You see Matt, the first thing you must get control over is your cock that loves to take command of any situation you find yourself in. Tonight, no matter what happens, you must not ejaculate. Tonight is about finding the baseline of where your power lies. Who has control? You or your base lust that drives your need.”

Matt knew this was a challenge he would not easily meet. He was already aroused and could sense precum leaking onto his briefs. Eva was sitting on the bed across from him. He wanted to touch her face, her skin and smell her scent. He watched the movement of her beckoning red lips as she spoke wishing to taste of them.

Eva stood and motioned Matt up to stand before her. She could feel his nerves through her fingers as she moved them along his face, through his well groom dark hair, and down his shoulders outlining the strength that stood before her. “Such a beautiful boy.” She whispered to herself and to him, thinking that maybe she should have kept him all to herself tonight. But she knew better. He came to her seeking knowledge. Wishing for a journey of discovery into intimacy. And this she promised herself she would deliver despite her own needs for the moment.

“But that full mouth of his. Lips begging to be devoured.” She thought. Her hands framed his face and she pulled him down to her mouth tasting of his youth. He melted into her soul. His easy surrender caught her by surprise and she drew herself back. His eyes were open and searching her face. Eva felt an energy stirring within her as her own eyes paused on his. “This one will take a large part of my soul.” 

“Stand right here.” She commanded.

Gathering her thoughts, Eva reached for her cell and sent a text. A few moments later there was a knock at the door. Eva opened the door to a young, striking, fair-haired woman dressed in a dark blue revealing evening dress and heels. She walked past Eva, straight to Matt without a word.

Confusion filled Matt’s face. His cock noticed no confusion, only additional arousal.

Eva surrounded them both and pressed her hand against his growing cock struggling in the fabric of his briefs. Her face was close to both of them as they stood face to face. “You are to slowly touch her, first staying clear of breasts and genitals. Then she will do the same; then you will both do it together. Then when I say, you will kiss, then slowly undress her and her you.” She paused to let it all sink into Matt’s mind.

“And then I will show you how to touch her. And Remember Matt…No ejaculation.”

The sweat was pooling in the middle of his chest. Seemingly a contest between the precum pooling in his briefs.

Eva made herself comfortable on the couch for observation.

Both Matt and the girl looked at her for instruction.

“Begin.” Eva took a deep breath and smiled.

Rites of Passage ~ Part 4

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  1. This chapter is a good lead into a profound realization for Matt!

    1. Happy you see that. More fun to come. 😉 Stay tuned!
      ~ Vista

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