Sep 05 2017

Rites of Passage ~ Part 2

Of course Eva remembered Matt, she thought as she read his email. She remembered seeing him a few times with Adam.

Every once in a while she would stumble across a male model for her classes that embodied more than a firm frame to study. Such was the case with Adam. An eager young man with an old soul desiring a connection to his own wisdom within. It had been 4 months since she last saw him and smiled at the knowledge she had imparted to him. The gift of an intuitive man his girlfriend and future lovers would enjoy at his hand, guided by his mind and soul. And now his close friend Matt was reaching out to her. She had wondered how long it would take for him to do so.

Adam had mentioned Matt a few times and his possible interest in being trained by her. Even though he had never outwardly spoken to Adam of his interest, he had seen the desire glisten in Matt’s eyes when he would relate his stories as they jacked off together. Eva had seen him a few times when Matt would come by the studio to meet Adam after a class. A handsome figure of a young man with deep brown eyes that housed something she knew. Something she recognized. A yearning to know more than he had encountered.

His email was polite, respectful…humble. He explained his past experiences, mentioned the change he saw in Adam after time spent with her and wondered if she would entertain the thought of meeting with him to discuss taking him on as a pupil.

Eva’s hand went to her mouth to cover a smirk…almost smile. ‘Cute boy.’ She thought. “I wonder if he thinks I charge for such a service.” She said out loud to herself.

She shook her head and pushed away from her laptop. She thought of the young men that had found their way to her. Frustrated, lost, confused at the state and sometimes emptiness of the sexual lives they had been leading. The pressure to perform along with the expectation to know how to please a woman when all the knowledge they had to that point were jock tales and porn to lead the way. She thought of the shame and embarrassment that sometimes overcame them as they mustered the courage to ask if there was more. More than males as ejaculating machines and females simply holes to fill.

“Why must sex, sexuality…relationships be so damn difficult. You’d think that by this time, in the openness of this age, that all the burdens of wrong teachings and pressures of sociological morals would be dissolved into non-judgment. A freedom would be permeating our land to find ourselves fully without shame.” Eva was by now pacing across her living room floor preaching to an invisible audience. Her hands waving and voice rising.

“When will the veil be fully lifted to see ourselves as we truly are? Incredible souls journeying in this life to learn and experience the wonder of this earthly vessel we have chosen to travel in through this life? And that part of the wonder of this vessel is the ability to form attachments, feel emotions and the thrill of sexual desires and fulfillment. To learn of the hidden treasures that await to be discovered and to take full joy in the promise of that fulfillment?” Her pulse could be felt in the palm of her hands and heat radiated from them as she shouted out of frustration her questions to an empty room.

She leaned against a wall with her hands on her heart. With eyes closed she took deep breaths through her nose…in…and out, until she felt a union come between her heart and mind.

Eyes still closed she saw Matt standing before her. He was lovely. A brooding shadow seemed draped along his shoulders. Eva reached her right hand out before her as if to touch his face. “Are you open Matt?” She whispered. “Are you receptive?” “Will you be time well spent?”

Her heart said …Yes, he would be in all those ways.

Her mind agreed and started to prepare how to proceed.

Rites of Passage ~ Part 3

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