Jul 31 2017

Satisfyer – The Next Generation! ~ Toy Review

Back in April I reviewed a line of products/toys from Satisfyer.  Loved the product line and have been using them since.

A few weeks ago they sent me their ‘Next Generation’ Satisfyer and I’m in love all over again!

This new version is a great upgrade with power ‘up and down’ buttons that give you more control over the speed of the vibration and sucking power of this marvel god send of a toy! The removal head also has a bigger ‘mouth’ for times of great enjoyment and fantasies of being giving the greatest ‘clit’ orgasm. I personally get lost in the memories of accomplished lovers mouths who knew just how to suck on my greedy member.

I highly recommended this toy and please get creative. It’s unending what body parts it can suck and give you pleasure. 😉

~ Vista

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