Jul 12 2017

Broken to Be ~ Part 7 – Conclusion

It was vital in Alex’s mind to secure Rand’s heart… to lock it in a place of safety during this session. An intricate chest harness would give his naked form an anchor and a shield for his vulnerable heart. This night would be the beginning of breaking through the barriers that encased a soul that had lost it’s purpose in life.

She stood before him and draped the purple rope along his shoulders letting it hang loosely over his skin. He was already adjusting to the peace produced by the ever present Tibetan Bowls & Zen Flutes melodies filling the room. His surrender impressive and showing her that he had invested the time to prepare himself for her. A quality ingrained in the heart of a warrior. The discipline of assignments met.

The palms of her hands pulsed with heat as she slowly touched his skin with her fingers, reacquainting herself with his flesh. His eyes followed her as she examined and prepared him for bondage. A surging of lust and power began to increase throughout as she moved along his exquisitely trained body. She knew if she wasn’t focused she could easily get lost not only in him physically but in the power that was locked inside his soul. A power that drew and fed her own. She felt her soul intertwined with his and a grabbing need for his essence. She could almost smell and taste his desire and primal motivation for life. She could devour it all. Capture it all.

She felt his concentration on her movements. Although he was in her hands she could still sense the predator within him calculating each touch and directing of his body.

Rand’s mind was flooding with sensations and thoughts as Alex began to wrap the rope across his chest, this time leaving his hands free. He knew better than to reach out for her while she moved around him. She had instructed him to remain still as she worked. He knew this was a test of his will and discipline of character to follow her orders. But his mind…  He let his mind wander as she wrapped imagining his fingers sliding into her cunt as she leaned her hips into his arm reaching for another strand of rope. He could feel her heat generating against him. His fingers slightly twitching with lust aching to touch the source of her heat. As the rope tighten against his chest, against his heart, it began to capture his attention more than his wandering thoughts.

Alex finished the final tie of the chest harness securing it firmly in place. It accentuated the cutting of Rand’s masculine form resembling a gladiators breast plate worn in Roman times during the arena games. She followed the length of the rope with her fingers that ran along his pectorals, “Do you trust me Rand?”

“I’m here because I trust you.” He answered simply and it was the truth. He trusted her touch and for unknown reasons beyond his intellect he trusted her with his surrender. His spirit had wilted having traded his higher purpose to cultivate money and power for self-serving reasons. He needed a mentor, a teacher to remember the sword he carried for the freeing of others. Beyond the throbbing in the base of his balls there was a weakening along the seam of the cement wall around his heart. Both sensations were calling for his attention.

Alex poured into her palm ashwagandha oil and began to apply the body warmed substance along his shoulders massaging the blended oil deep into his flesh. She took her time working down through his well defined arms ending with her fingers entwined in his as she moved along each digit releasing strength and calmness into his muscles.

“You mentioned in our initial conversation your inability to feel. Whether pain or pleasure. Is that still true?” Alex asked placing both of his well oiled and relaxed hands to his side.

Rand was feeling arousal and pleasure at that moment but knew what she was meaning in her question. “I still feel blocked. Better but still blocked. It’s like a sound is locked inside of me.”

Alex walked over to the dining-room table and picked up the carbon fiber cane. Holding the handle in her right hand she slid the cool feeling cane through her closed left palm flexing the striking instrument as she walked back and stood in front of him. Rand wasn’t sure what she had in mind. “Miss?”

“Stick out you left hand.” She needed him to trust her. She slid the cool rod across his palm to feel the weight and smooth texture of the cane. “This cane has the talent to unlock doors. Doors that have lost their keys. Feel the weight. It’s light but effective. I’m going to lightly strike the palm of your hand to give you an idea of what it can do.  Are you ready?”

Rand held his hand out with confidence that what she was holding would have no effect on him. “Yes. Go ahead.”

The strike came as he got the last word out not giving him a chance to think about what was coming.

“Owwww! Fuck!” he yelled in surprise.

It was a sharp sting at first. As he looked down at his palm a redness started to form around a slight white streak. Heat rose and waves of electric current slowly built then rushed through his hand and fingers. Alex placed her hand over his and pressed against the mark.

“When you were here last week you were struggling with impatience. You have a choice. We can continue with the rope therapy and slowly take that wall down piece by piece. Or we can send currents of energy through your system and heart blasting our way in. I’m good either way.”

“And how would you use the cane?” His mind now focused on the instrument.

Alex ran one hand over the left cheek of his tight rounded ass. “Not on your palm but here close to the seat of your power.” she said smiling.

Rand looked down at his flaccid cock. “Yeah buddy,” he thought, “but we’ve always been about blasting our way through life.”  He looked up at Alex. “Ok. Blast away.”

Alex grabbed more rope and tied single column ties on both wrists, then turned Rand around facing the fireplace mantle. He had never noticed the discrete D rings securely mounted on each side of the mantle. She reached for his right hand, “Still trusting….?”  she asked.

“Yes. Of course.” His heart beat increased as she secured each wrist to the D rings.

Alex leaned her body against his enjoying the thoughts of what may come next. His response…his potential surrender. She ran the cool rod of the cane up along the inside of his right leg as she began to whisper her instructions into his ear. “Hold onto the rope. Lean into the pain. Feel it. Embrace it. Own it and let it flow through you. Let it do its magic. Use its power. Trust me and if it becomes too much … simply call out the word ‘Red’.”

Alex continued to run the cool feeling cane along his flesh. Tracing along the inside and outside of his legs, down his back, along his sides. Conditioning his body to its feel. Finally he felt the smoothness running along the fatty tissue of his ass. She began to lightly tap along his right cheek, then the left. Each tap getting a bit stronger and harder than the last. “Keep breathing and feeling. Fall into it Rand.” She instructed.

Tap…tap. Then a searing hot flame spread across his right cheek with a strike he felt to his core. Instinctively he pulled on the rope wrapped in his hands fearing he’d pull the D rings from the mantle. They didn’t budge. With the next strike landing above the last spot he felt the cracking of the wall around his heart. With the third landing on his left cheek he followed the journey of the pain through his nerve endings. With the fourth landing just below the marking of the third he heard a voice within him say, “Don’t let me die here…”

With the fifth strike he heard the crumbling of cement.

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  1. Really enjoyed this story so much.

    1. Thank you! I love hearing that. More great stories to come. 😉

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