Jun 24 2017

Broken to Be ~ Part 5

Alex left him in the living room to dress as she went to her office calendar and wrote down his next appointment time on one of her cards. Rope Therapy by Alexandria. Next appointment, Tuesday, 6:00pm.  He was tucking his shirt into his slacks as she walked back into the room fingering the raised silver embossed letters on the sea-green colored card.

Rand’s cock had softened until he looked up and saw her. “Damn.” He mumbled as his hand rubbed across his cock’s head as he finished tucking in his shirt. He was drawn to her. It was an electrical current that ran through his core when she was before him. Different from the arousal he currently felt growing in his briefs. He wanted to know her. Talk with her. He didn’t want to leave. The 90 minutes had gone by too fast. He had felt in that time warmth…life. And not just in his balls. She was making him leave wanting more. More of her and more of what she stirred in him.

“It’s life.” She said, handing him the card.

“What is?” He responded puzzled.

“That stirring inside you.” Alex placed her hand on his stomach. “It’s life stirring…a beginning of an awakening. Small as it is.”

His first thought, ‘What’s stirring is not small’… brought a smirk to his face. But he knew what she meant. Yes, he felt that stirring also.


Rand sat in his car in silence watching as the fading sun’s light still lit up the sky and surroundings. Silence…..when was the last time he sat still in silence? He laughed at that question and all the questions that were now coming to his mind. He closed his eyes and thought about her rope. Her hands. Her smell. Her touch reached deeper than his skin. With eyes still closed he could feel that touch. The wrapping of the rope, the melodic music in the background. The stirring in his gut started again. It was a foreign feeling. He liked it…wanted it. It seemed familiar…she seemed familiar. Too many thoughts… just breathe…” he mumbled.

The lyrics to the song ‘Bring Me Back To Life” by Evanescence started to roll through his mind…

“How can you see into my eyes, like open doors

Leading you down into my core

Where I’ve become so numb,

Without a soul

My spirit’s sleeping somewhere cold

Until you find it there and lead it back


“Could she? Can she? Lead me back home?”  He felt her touch and the stirring of life.


Alex stood watching him sitting in his car in the parking lot from her condo living room window. She could still smell his aftershave. She fingered the rope that had laid across his chest… across his heart. His faint energy still resided in its threads. “It will grow….that spark of life.” She whispered to herself. “You will awake …fully.” She spoke to his soul.

She held a little longer the sadness she had touched inside him. The sadness of being lost, heart frozen, realizing his state of being and not knowing how to wake up on his own.  Adrift…hoping for an anchor. “Don’t let me die here..”  she heard echo through his heart as she had tied him. It reminded her of the song, ‘Bring Me Back To Life” by Evanescence. She wondered if the lyrics were subconsciously written on his heart.

She let the rope drop to the floor along with his sadness. It wasn’t hers to carry. She had learned as an Empath to not let another’s soul journey become her own. She thought on the familiar energy within him and knew that there was history between them. He was family. Souls that had gathered together before on previous journeys. “This will be different.” she whispered. Different from any other who had come seeking awakening.

A warmth washed over her as she remembered how it felt to touch him. Then she heard the words again….“Don’t let me die here…” 

Alex walked to the refrigerator and poured herself a glass of filtered water. As she drank the cool freshness she felt his sadness wash away. She picked up her phone, found his name and sent him a quick text.

“That will do…”, she thought as she hit send. Next week would be more steps in his awakening.


Rand’s phone pinged announcing the arrival of a text. Reluctantly he opened his eyes in case it was a client. It was Alex. “Keep breathing. ~ Alex”.  Closing his eyes again he did just that.


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