Jun 17 2017

Broken to Be ~ Part 4

Rand found himself kneeling before his mind could question the movement.

“Close your eyes.” Was her next command whispered in his ear. “Just breathe….”

Her voice stirred visceral feelings in the pit of his stomach. Tiny streams of warmth fielding their way through small cracks beginning to appear along the concrete wall of his soul. Almost foreign was the flow of the sensation as he breathed and felt the warmth expand through his torso. She was close to him. Her own heat radiating around him as her hands slowly moved along the back of his head and fingers massaged away the fading tension along the base of his skull. “I could live here in this feeling.”  He thought to himself as more of him began to rest into her touch.

Alex could feel the synergy building. Her body hummed with the current that was flowing between her and Rand. A confirmation that he was letting go and allowing his own life force to emerge and mingle with hers. It was a good beginning.

He was about to fall asleep when she put one hand on the back of his head, another on the center of his back and lowered him to a bowing position on the floor. It was an effortless move. The stretching along his back muscles was welcomed.

Alex walked around and knelt before his bowed head. He was beautiful in her sight. Tension had left his muscles and the serenity of him bowing before her, bound, vulnerable sent shivers of arousal through her veins. Images of him sprawled across her bed…open…receptive to any of her desires filled her mind as she leaned forward running her hands over his well manicured head. “Focus Alex….he’s here to be broken…” She heard deep within her. Still there was a hunger for him building. “Breathe…” She whispered to him but also to herself.

From that position she started to untie the harness. Slowly lifting him back to a kneeling position to continue the methodical unraveling. Staying close…skin touching skin…taking her time…insuring he felt the movement of every strand as it, with purpose, released his frame. His body found a rhythm with hers. Moving with her as she worked the rope free.

Alex’s focus returned as she progressed along the work of loosening the rope. Why he had approached her. The principles needed to be laid within him. “Sometimes Rand, in the midst of living we can lose sight of why we came to this earth in the first place.” She continue to unwrap as she spoke.

“Parents, loved ones, buddies, society, feeling the need to fit in can at times run contrary to that reason. Mankind’s main objective here on earth is to learn of emotions. How to maneuver through emotions such as: pain, loss, heartache, love, rejection, joy, abandonment, fear, ecstasy, lust, jealousy…and ultimately forgiveness and compassion. The list is long. Not an easy task and especially difficult for the male gender.” Her fingers moved expertly through the rope as the strands slowly dragged across his flesh.

“You feeling numb and stuck is actually a good thing. It’s an indicator that somethings in your life are off course and there needs to be a correction. Impatience is another indicator but has led you to press past the problem to find a quick solution in distractions which have furthered you along the path of numbness and feeling stuck.” She stood up before him.

“And now you are here….”

She helped him up to his feet as the loosened rope pooled around him on the floor. He was hard again. His cock stretching toward her. He felt warm, cared for and his first reaction was to take her back down to the floor and ease his aching cock slowly into her. It was as if her cunt was calling unto him. He could hear her words and was agreeing in his heart with them but he hadn’t felt this relaxed in… he couldn’t remember how long. His primal instinct was to bury himself inside her. To come home.

“Rand…Open your eyes and look at me.” Alex’s hands were on each arm running over the rope impressions. Touching him was like touching a lover from times past. Unconsciously her hands seemed to know how to bring him pleasure. She took a deep breath and tucked those thoughts away.

“I said…And now you are here…”

“Yes. And I hear you.”

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