Jun 07 2017

Broken to Be ~ Part 3

He watched her walk past him to the chair and sit. Her eyes seeming to exam not only her work but his soul. There was still a war going on inside him with being bound. When his mind wasn’t trying to logically figure out where this was going he was able to lean into its hold. He’d start to experience a small measure of peace. But quickly with another move of her body he was distracted and pulled back to his surroundings and his thoughts became more of taking her than surrender.

He watched her watching him. He wasn’t sure what to do or say. He shifted his body weight from one foot to the other. The sensation of vulnerability increasing as his erection slowly diminished. He had never before been uncomfortable naked in the presence of a woman. He had leaned on his physique as a shield to his heart. It had never failed as a measure of control and protection. Until now.

He took a deep breath, summoning up that shield. The bound rope digging into his flesh. As he opened his mouth to speak she put her right index finger against her lips to signal his silence.

She was enjoying the slight unraveling of his mantle before her and how he struggled to keep together and in check. “Tell me again why you’re here.” Her voice was stern and more authoritative.

“What fucking game is she playing?” was his first thought.  He took another breath to cover his impatience. “Again… I feel stuck and numb.”

She leaned toward him in her chair and rested her chin in her hands. “Even now?” she questioned. “I see you as impatient and impatience is a feeling and movement.” She smiled. “Maybe you need to explore that feeling?”

She rose and walked toward him stopping close enough for him to feel the heat of her body without being touched. Her hands fondled the rope that ran across his chest. “You are to close your eyes, listening only to the music and feel me work along this frame you’re so proud of.” She brought his head down and whispered in his ear, “I only want to hear you breathing.”

Resisting the urge to move toward her, Rand closed his eyes and thought about his friend that had referred her to him. He trusted his friend, he chose to trust her. He did his best to calm the impatience.

As she walked around him, touching, brushing across his flesh he could feel the stirring in the base of his balls. “Yeah…that doesn’t help,” he thought.

Alex was getting a sense of him. He was becoming easier to read which was the first sign of surrender. A slight opening of trust. She worked more rope around his waist and could feel his body leaning more into her own. She decided to stop right above his pubic bone leaving everything below free and untouched.

“Rand, think about why you’re impatient. Who within you is impatient? What are you impatient about?” She paused. “And it has nothing to do with your needy cock. Look beyond that need. His need you know well.”

She continued to work pausing again. Making sure she had his attention. “It’s the need behind the impatience that must be found. That’s where we’ll begin.” She stood behind him and cinched the rope tighter securing the last strand through the single column tie around his wrists and back up along the harness.

Her words wrapped around him as did her rope. Both words and rope following the harmonious flow of music filling the room. He felt his body starting to melt into the bondage of the tie and the rhythm of his breath moving his chest against its fibers. Each breath loosening some of the tightness that encased his heart. The band of stress that daily pressed across his forehead began to fade…slightly. He could still feel ‘impatience’ wanting a voice. And he wondered… whose voice was needing to be heard….

Alex could feel the shift in Rand’s energy. His shoulders relaxing. His surrender was beginning but she knew with him the journey needed to be slow, methodical. He was a warrior who had lost his purpose in a world that used his talents and charisma for profit. He’d be worth the investment of her time and energy. And for her there was a flow between them that seemed familiar. She’d not walk away from that.

She slipped her right hand under the center of the harness and pulled him into her. “Kneel.”

Broken to Be ~ Part 4

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    • Patrick on June 7, 2017 at 7:32 pm
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    Love it… as always, you leave me wanting more…

    1. Thank you. Much more to come my adoring man. xxxooo

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