Jun 01 2017

Broken to Be ~ Part 2.

She greeted him in black cropped yoga pants and a close fitting white tank top. Her long dark hair pulled loosely back in a bun. This casual first impression of her as a signal to him that this visit was not about her being a visual sexual object of fantasies conjured up in his mind but that this visit was all about him. The focus being on him. The journey, his and she was an instrument to guide him along the way.

He was polite and easily disrobed in front of her proudly displaying the care and attention he had given a well defined and toned frame. She warmly smiled which she knew he took as approval. In her reality the smile was the knowing that what she sought was hiding carefully behind that beautifully cared for body. She saw the investment of his duty to being physically pleasing as a path for him to learn to take as much care and investment in his true being.

‘How easily they hide behind the physical’, was her first thought. This meeting would be her finding his first thread of surrender.

The music from ‘Heart Meditations Radio’ was already filling the air around them in her living room. A cool evening breeze flowed through a slightly opened window enough to keep the room fresh and filled with life. She loved the freshness of air moving around her as she moved around those before her.

She brought herself near to him and touched along his collar bone. “Think about why you are here. Truly here. And tell me.” She stood behind him so he would speak truthfully.

He felt her warmth leaning against him as the breeze awakened his skin. He wasn’t sure what she wanted to hear.

“As I told you, I feel stuck. Numb.”

“Yes. I hear you.”

She was now standing before him. “Tonight is going to be about you listening.” She reached up both hands and lightly cupped his face.  Purple rope hanging from her arm.

“At first it will be me you’ll be hearing, feeling. But my voice is only to guide you to your own. The goal for tonight is for you to find and hear the voice that lives within you. Do you understand and agree?”

He had lost that voice long ago. Maybe she could lead him to it again. ” Yes, I understand and agree.”

The rope felt surprisingly warm as she began to drape it across his chest after securing his hands behind his back.

“Think of nothing but what your body is saying as I work the rope around you. Feel it against you. It’s texture pressing into you. The cinching of it around you. Remember the thoughts that start to fill your mind. I’ll want you to tell me about these things later. ”

Funny all he could think of at the moment was the smell of her natural scent as she moved around him. How the texture of the rope strangely rubbed against him and created a war of wanting to break free and at the same time fall into it’s prison. And his cock… was hardening, leaking and with his hands tied behind his back he felt vulnerable. And vulnerability was never a friend of his.

“Are you thinking Rand?” she whispered in his ear, standing behind him working.

“Yes.” Was all he was willing to share. What he was also thinking was would she be attending to his ever swelling cock! That was a subject that was never discussed between them. Or with his friend who had referred her. “Fuck!”  He thought as he closed his eyes hoping to ‘will’ her to his need.

She purposely avoided any contact with his cock that would try to press toward her as she moved around his frame. It was beautiful and no doubt a source of his pride and easy conquests. “A very spoiled member.” She thought to herself. Long and thick with a slight curve to the left that she was sure had brought many to orgasm. But just the same a cock that had no soul. Her aim was for him to find that soul and reconnect all of him to that source of life energy that would help him inhabit not only that beautiful cock with life but his whole being.

She stood behind him attaching another strand of rope and slipped the new piece through and over her previous work. His body hadn’t surrendered.

She let the rope drop and dangle behind him, walking away and sitting in a high back chair across the room.

She said nothing. Only sat there her eyes intently upon him.

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