May 02 2017

Touch Me…Journey with Me.

As we journey through life, hopefully we attract into our lives those souls that touch and awaken a sleeping part of us… a part that now must emerge and find it’s place to direct us to our next stage of growth. A part maybe ignored through the process of daily life and now, out of necessity and urgency, answers the cries of our heart. Its voice must be heard. Its destiny unfolded.

Destinies are sometimes hidden and blocked by fear. Sexual destinies (our power and seat of life) buried under culture, society opinions and acceptance. Especially the sexual power and destiny of women. Even men have found themselves suffering some loss. Unsure of their path, confused and their rhythm for life unbalanced.

But there is a shift happening. I can feel it. An unrest brewing but it’s the seasons of unrest that bring about change. And I’m hoping this season is a change for the good. A change birthed in the need for authenticity. A cry for the fullness of humanity and each gender and identity expressing itself fully. Lives no longer ruled by fear or political correctness but by healed souls expressing the character and expression of freedom and wholeness in their lives.

This blog was started to bring about how I saw the lifestyle I was living and didn’t find expressed online. It’s always been about bringing clarity and a voice to many of the thoughts people have but never found the words to express.

I’m still here… I don’t plan on leaving but I can feel a shift. I’m listening to that voice that has co-created with me up to this point. The intuition that led me down a path of expression to bring to the surface an acceptance and beauty of full sexuality and desires for those who read.

I spoke of it here: Harmony and peace…where the natural state of man’s energy is wrapped in transparency and vulnerability… existing without fear. Bathed in the knowledge of confidence and acceptance, first of yourself and then of others.

With anticipation filling me I walk into each day wondering what awaits me. What will I hear, read and finally write.

That’s why I’m still here. To explore, to rip off the masks formed by other’s opinions and listen to that voice within that yearns to be expressed even more than before. To come into a fuller measure of ourselves. Our sexuality and the expression of that natural energy that can bring forth life in more ways than one, be given it’s rightful place of honor.

A season where touch is not feared but celebrated. Embraced with joy because of freedom and the healing a trustworthy touch can bring.

For those feeling the same..take my hand. Let’s journey together. There’s no distance in the spirit and your heart will beat along with mine as the path before us unfolds.



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