Apr 10 2017

Come and Darken My Door

When life seems a game. The sensation of chess pieces moved strategically across a board and whispers of those watching heard in the distance as my reactions from life are judged and felt in my body and expressed across my face. Those times when life is too busy and I need the jolt of being ME and only ME brought into focus…

Come and darken my door.

When my body has fallen into robotic mode; reacting in timing with duties that must be perform to keep business and deadlines moving to accomplished a goal. When even the blowing of a breeze against my skin doesn’t stop my activity and make me breathe, take a breath to remember who I really am…

Come and darken my door.

Meet me in my sleep where I’m finally quiet and my body is repairing from the demands of life.

Remind me of the power and deep predatory need that simmers in wait beneath the service being poured out during the light of day.

Fill my doorway with your dark brooding presence that draws me from my bed and places my hand upon the mutating door handle, feeling the force of your hunger transforming it’s structure from the other side.

Awaken the slumbering beast within me with the scent of your dark primal desires.

Release the fire of true life woven throughout my cells and DNA fully capable of feeding and nourishing every fiber of my being.

Stand before me, aching, famished, denied of authentic touch and connection. Your eyes overflowing with the cold emptiness life can bring.

Stand before me still strong, full of knowing your presence in my life and who you are inside. The beast living daily in your breast needing a place of rest. The beast torn and scarred from battle wrapped in a beauty of weariness that ignites and restores the fire in my soul. My hunger feeding off your fatigue and transparency as you lay your existence at my feet.

I will come alive at the smell of your masculinity that pours through your emptiness. The intoxicating feel of your flesh against my flesh and the whispers of your blacken ache washing through me, reminding me again who I am.

Close your eyes for a moment in your time of deprivation. Feel the rise of your spirit to the sound of my call. Let the heat from my need be the path you must follow.

Come….Drawn from my soul calling out to yours.

Come and darken my door.


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