Apr 03 2017

The Satisfyer ~ Toy Review!

The Satisfyer Pro, Satisfyer Pro Penguin & Satisfyer 2
Warning!  Your Clit can possibly become addicted!  😉

A few weeks ago I received an email from Sally, Team contact for The Satisfyer Family product line out of Bielefeld, Germany. They asked to send me a few samples of their new product line for free to review. Seeing how I’m in-between qualified good lovers at my disposal for the moment, the timing was perfect! I was already in the ‘self reflective…self repairing’ mode so having the opportunity to experiment with some brand new toys for free and potentially experience some mind blowing orgasms in the process sounded like a gift from heaven itself!

This product provides intensive pressure waves and tingling pulsation while it literally sucks on your clitoris! It offers 11 programs building from soft to intense and I have to admit I never was able to make it past the 3rd level without climaxing!

My clit is very sensitive and I was leery at first on how she would handle all that sucking. I can count on one hand the number of men who have been able to bring me to orgasm orally and have found most lack intuition and knowledge of the female anatomy to understand how we ‘get off’. I have suffered a few times with being swollen by an aggressive mouth! So I went into this with caution and care.

The Satisfyer Pro and Satisfyer Pro Penguin come with a magnetic USB charging cable….The Satisfyer 2 takes two AAA batteries. All are waterproof and the silicone heads can easily be removed, cleaned and replaced at any time. ( Retail packs of five new heads are available. )

I use a lot of coconut oil as lube. I love the slick feel and organic smell. Plus it’s good for your body! So my toys get pretty messy. Which for me is great because I love messy play!  With all three products no matter how messy it got, no oil was able to get into the interior of the product, which made it hygienic, safe and easy to clean.

After a week of thorough experimentation and examination…..***Smiling big right now***….. Here are my findings……..


Satisfyer Pro Penguin: This is a quiet little gem that would fit in your purse. The silicone head is small but it still provides great pleasure and fits nicely in the palm of your hand. A toy to have conveniently next to your bed for those impromptu lazy moments of self love.

Satisfyer 2: What I love about this product is that it has up and down arrows on the program button so if you find one level a bit too intense you can go down to a softer level without turning it off and starting again. I’d like to see that feature on all of the products. This is a bit noisier but then I like sound and vibration in my play …so the noise doesn’t bother me. The head is bigger than the Penguin so covers more area for pleasure.

Satisfyer Pro: This is the most powerful with a large head and took some getting use to. As I mentioned, my clit was leery of that much direct contact and sucking! I approached this product gingerly and was thankful I had the other products to build up my tolerance. I went back and forth between all three products on which one was my favorite. They all had features that were enjoyable. But after a week of thorough experimentation and examination, the Satisfyer Pro became my favorite!

Once my clit was use to the toy I was able to spend more time building up, edging and loving the large silicone head that was attached. To me this toy felt the closest to a human mouth. It’s louder than the other two but only when you lift it off the skin and move it to another location. Once it’s sucking….it hums with delight to my ears. I was able to get lost in the memories of some of the best oral orgasms I’ve had and imagined the mouth and head of those lovers buried between my legs as the orgasm was building.

FYI: All toys are great if you’re in a hurry and just need a quick Fix.  They will all get you there in a matter of minutes!

I highly recommend these products for your self love pleasure. But do warn you …finding that same level of satisfaction from a human may be hard to find. Could be a great learning tool for those who want to learn!

Products can be found on Adam & Eve, Amazon and other retail outlets. Google is your friend!

Thank you Sally and the Team at  The Satisfyer Family for the opportunity to review this product.

~ Vista

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