Mar 30 2017

Effortless Connections … Harmonious Energy at Play.

Harmony and peace…where the natural state of man’s energy is wrapped in transparency and vulnerability… existing without fear. Bathed in the knowledge of confidence and acceptance, first of yourself and then of others.

Why do humans search in realms for greater realities, extreme activities and alternative sexual connections? I believe we are looking for something that will finally rip off the mask that was placed on us years ago in order to survive in a society that ran contrary to the soul that beat within us. Self preservation prevails as we try to fit in… be accepted. In that journey we lose the opening to our being. So we look to others in sometimes extreme relationships and connections to find the edge of that mask, that covering and rip it off leaving us exposed. We search for those beings whose energy will flow effortlessly with ours.

When you run into that person through your journey… when you find one that intuitively knows and feels the wave length of your energy and effortlessly flows in harmony with yours it almost seems foreign. We’ve grown use to dealing with the diversity of the masses, unmatched relationships, the rubbing raw of intrusive energies against us, that we almost miss that soothing flow of one who fits every grove in our tapestry. Because it’s unfamiliar our reaction may be to not pursue the health that may be calling out to our soul. Our mind finds itself at odds with our heart.

It’s vital that we know and understand the force that lives within ourselves; what depletes us and what builds us or else we blindly, through ignorance, remain strapped to an emotional carnival ride we are calling life.

When we understand the polarity of our own energy we will understand that we have choices everyday to keep learning how to stay balanced and grow in health and strength. In order to live a life well managed it’s best to keep ourselves fed and nourished through healthy harmonious relationships in every area of life that effect the decisions we make daily.

Our minds effect the mind of others. Thoughts and emotions heard and received radically race through our bodies. Genes become activated or repressed. Our DNA, regulated by our emotions. The perception of life seen through our thoughts or felt through the mind of another. Our energy heightened or diminished.

An effortless connection to me is as a drink of water that is soothing in temperature, filled with the right combination of ingredients (molecules, minerals ) that our mind, body and spirit sigh with a sense of welcome and thankfulness for the rejuvenation of our full self. An awakening from an unknown sleep. A dancing of happy molecules, cells, your DNA starting to rush and fill your whole being with excitement. The energy of Life!

I’ve felt the harmony of emotions with another. Uncanny intuition that released a word in due season.

In a time where words seem to have a hidden agenda and purpose to manipulate destinies, I’m thankful for the words that effortlessly flow into my life from those with golden hearts and amplified energy that lights a room. They remind me of the basic need of humanity.

To love, To touch, To feel, To connect.


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