Mar 20 2017

Embedded Connections and Time Standing Still

The rope slides easily through my slender fingers as I move methodically around your bare frame…flesh brushing against flesh. My arousal builds with the slick feel of the strands of woven nylon already making its mark against your skin. You fold into me and I smell your surrender; the letting go of your thoughts, goals, and the future of what lies ahead. All that stands between us is the now, the present. Your heart beating and finding the rhythm of my own. Your body moving into mine. Our hearts rhythmically dancing in tandem.

My sweaty bare leg rubs against your muscled thigh and the dripping from my cunt leaves a trail against it’s strength. You moan as my wetness seeps into your soul.

My hand travels up the back of your neck and grabs a scruff of hair, pulls back, exposing the length of your throat. My mouth finds the salty taste along your taunt flesh and wet lips land upon your ear. My soft, warm breathing making your knees buckle.

Your sigh and deep moans wrap around me like a heated summer breeze possessing my heart. My hand finds the hardness of your seeping cock as another ‘aaahhhhh’ falls from your lips.

With each move and placement of the rope I purpose to imprint upon your flesh and embed into your heart the connection of our souls.

My own quickened soul full with the rapture of your heart beating along with mine.

How I wish time could stand still.

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