Feb 26 2017

Chances Are….She Didn’t Shave.

I thought it was just my way of thinking and putting up my own self induced borders…but my daughter the other day texted me saying she was going out with friends. She was all dolled up! Looked gorgeous! Hair and makeup perfection! Killer sexy dress. I told her, “You’ll have the men tripping over each other to get to you.”

Her reply, “I hope so…I’m a prize and only the best will do.”

Then she added, “But I didn’t shave anything, to make me play hard to get.”

I about fell over!  Why? Because I do the same fucking thing!

You see if I go out and I’m not really in a mind space to meet anyone but just have fun with friends…..or maybe getting over someone and my heart just can’t entertain the thought of anyone else touching me intimately… I’ll go out, all dolled up, sexy bra and panties underneath feeling fabulous…but won’t shave anything! (Legs, under arms, pussy). That way if after a few drinks and some hot hunks start paying attention to me and my body starts forgetting the deal we made before we left the house, my mind will yell loud and clear, “You didn’t shave!”.

Yeah… That stops everything from pressing any further. (Pressing… bodies against bodies. You know how that gets things going…)

It also empowers me to stay on point, enjoy my friends and not let my sometimes overactive sex drive rule the rest of the evening.

So men…..if you’re trying your best to move on a woman who seems genuinely interested in you but going back to her place is a flat No.

Chances are….She didn’t shave!!!!

Call her tomorrow…. 😉

***Exception to the rule: Unicorns! You never know when those beauties will show up!***
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  1. Will

    This insight is only available by Vic Vista! Bravo and well done 😉

    1. vicvista

      My gift today to the male species. 😉

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