Jan 28 2017

Weekend Hunger: Addicted

“And what do you want from me? ” he asked over the phone still a bit unsure if his trust was premature.

She had been looking over his many pictures and videos sent over the weeks leading up to his arrival. In 24 hrs he would finally be standing before her. Naked, ready and vulnerable for his first of many inspections. Her new muse and subject to be enjoyed for however long their connection served their desires.

She closed her eyes and let his breathing bring back the memories of his staggered breath released as he edged himself in videos for her pleasure.

“Miss…?” he asked.

“I’m here.” she assured him.

“Listen closely my precious deviant young king….” Her words bringing him to acute awareness.

“I want you dreaming of me every night and waking up at 3 am with your cock, my cock, already grasped by your hand. Pre-cum dripping through your fingers.

I want you waking up at dawn with memories of dreams so real that you can taste the essence of my flesh upon your lips.

I want you craving almost every moment to desperately belong to me…only me. My deviant slut, toy, servant, love and precious obedient young king. You… strip naked, marked…owned.

I want your depraved thoughts mingled with mine until we have blazed our own trail and written our darkest fervent words upon the other.

I want you so ruined sexually that no one else will ever fill the void that brought you to me…but me.”

The last sentence gave him pause. Her words…“so ruined” rumbled through his chest.

What if he was… ruined? What if he never found with anyone else what drew him so deeply to her?

Her soul called out to his. A deep calling out to deep. Every time she reached out to him, no matter how often during the day, a feeling rose from his core and as a dirty little whore he answered her bidding. She had already captured his thoughts, soul and heart.

Maybe he was already ruined.?

What he knew for certain…he was addicted.


Weekend Hunger is about finding an image or two, along with a short writing ( 50+ words) that illustrates and describes your hunger. I’d love to hear what makes you hungry. Submit your own image/images or image/images from Tumblr (with credits) by Friday 5pm PST.  Show me what makes you hungry on a lazy weekend! (Click image for credits. )

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    • Will on January 29, 2017 at 7:04 am
    • Reply

    As a man I know from a young age we are taught to keep our emotions in check. To be vulnerable is regarded as weakness. To be a man you must be strong, impenetrable, denying things that actually define you. To keep things buried deep, never to see the light of day. You teach yourself it is wrong and perverse to feel this way. You tell yourself no would ever understand your true contradictory self. You go through life checking off the list of what is conceived as perfection. You can be successful in many facets but deep down you know there is one thing you do not have. The only thing you want and would give up your glory and accolades for. It’s HER, not just anyone but that one special person who understands you and completes you. The one who wakes you up at night while you lay there naked, sweaty and erect … Your mouth open screaming your name with hands and arms wide open reaching for you. The one who knows your every breath, every heart beat, and every once of precum belong to her.

    You speak of being ruined but I disagree. It is actually an epiphany. To realize that there is someone out there that understands and knows you better than yourself. Someone, that is worthy to give all the years of denial too. There is a special individual out there for each of us. When your paths cross, you know. It is undeniable, it hits you like a freight train. Years of saying no come to a halt. You realize it’s time for a resounding YES. To lay yourself completely at your feet. To say I am yours, always have been, always will be …

    You wrote Addiction, maybe but I believe it’s when you realize there is home in your arms … and as you call, I run … and as I fatigue I crawl until I make it to your doorstep, beaten and battered … Only you, that special person who you love with no bounds … The only one who can heal and sustain me. I know you will open my eyes to the life I always wanted … To the life I was meant to have … Addicted and ruined … No way, it’s taking solace your journey is over and you found the love of your life. To finally be free … To be vulnerable and accept your truest role … Accepting who you really are … And giving in to one you love.

    Enjoy your Young King … I send you much love my Dearest Vista … You know who I am.

    1. My dearest Will, Your comment has left me momentarily speechless. After reading I sat in awww at your words as they rested in my soul and brought images of you to my mind. I knew after I posted this that it would resonate with you…but what you have shared here is beyond priceless.

      Yes… I know well who you are…stay with me.


      ~ Vista

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