Jan 24 2017

Written on His Soul

“Did you know that if I could see you through spirit eyes that I would see the words of your life written upon your flesh?”  She slowly ran her hand along his naked body with fingers weaving curiously through his wavy black chest hair. She loved feeling it slip through her fingers. It reminded her of the difference between them. The obvious masculine of him compared to the smooth skinned feminine of her. The movement of the soft brushing sensation of his man-fur as his body rubbed against hers in the heat of fucking or the lounging of a peaceful Sunday afternoon.

“Yes…” she continued as his smile encouraged her to tell him again how she saw him.

“I’d be able to see what words inflicted pain and whether the wounds had healed or were continually reopened by toxic relationships in your life.” Her fingers outlined the scar along his groin from a past operation.

“Or have those inflicted cuts into your soul healed like this scar has healed.” She reached down and ran her tongue along the inch and a half disfigured mark. “And can your soul feel as your flesh feels the warmth and wetness of my tongue?”

He moaned under her touch. “Yes, I feel you everywhere. On my flesh and in my soul.” His hands reached down and gathered her hair, moving it off her face so he could watch as her mouth moved across the flesh of his freshly shaved pubic bone and up along his hardening cock.

“And if I mark you with my words, will they be strong enough to conquer those who have held you in bondage? ”  She reached for the slim black pen next to her on the bed. “Will they cut spiritually deep enough and merge to always rise up when you encounter doubt and fear?”

The smell of the maker started to fill the room. He watched as she held the skin over his pubic bone tight and formed the first letter. He closed his eyes and imagined every evil saying spoken over his life vanquished with the inscribing of each word. He felt her energy moving through him toppling high towers and fortresses as she sat at the center of his core and proclaimed through her markings who he was.

She purposely moved over his body writing on the back of his hands the words HEALING and LOVE. Over his heart WHOLE. Over his lungs BREATH. Upon his forehead WISDOM and CLARITY. And on the tops of his feet CONFIDENCE and HUMILITY.

She stood and looked over her handiwork. Her heart spilling over with tremendous love for the man who had entrusted her with his. She took a picture of him with her phone, then crawled up on the bed and curled into his arms.

“Which marking did you feel the deepest in your soul?” she asked as she brought the picture up on her phone.

“The deepest mark felt was the first. Along my pubic bone. At the center of my core.”  He pulled her closer. “It was as if bricks and mortar where shattering with every letter you formed.”

“It’s because that first word is how I’ve always seen you from the beginning.” She turned the phone to him and zoomed in to see the words MY KING boldly marked across his flesh.

“Did you know that I can see you through my spirit eyes?” Her smile warm and soft …. her eyes piercing his heart.

He rolled on top of her and pinned her to the bed with his marked hands of HEALING and LOVE.

“I know you.” His words rushed into her. “I knew you before I met you.” His fingers traced around her eyes.

“Yes, you see me.” He continued. “Your sight brought me here.”


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