Jan 18 2017


She never would have guessed that hearing him whimper would trigger her so deeply!  “Fuck!”, silently slipped through her lips as the ragged sound from his desperate need filled the air around them.

For the past hour he had been kneeling naked before her on the carpet edging the sensitive uncaged cock that had been locked up all day while she was at work. Throughout the day he had been instructed to send pics and videos of him edging and dripping. Each one sending her hand to her crotch cupping the aching cunt that was increasingly missing his touch.

He greeted her at the door upon her arrival from a long day of meetings, calls and clients. All the pent-up tension rolled away at the sight of his naked, caged, inclined body before her. She wanted to lift his bowed head and crush it into her cunt. Instead she extended her high heeled foot and bumped against his swollen stuffed erection. The moaning from his mouth gave way to whimpering as she swayed the caged cock back and forth.

Now as she lounged on the couch drinking a glass of her favorite red and checking emails on her laptop, he knelt naked and free before her, blindfolded and stroking a dripping cock that longed for release.

Blindfolded because the angst in his expressive eyes were enough to break her heart.

Blindfolded because the power of his whimpering escaping with each breath and moan flooded her cunt.

Blindfolded because she thrived on seeing him lost in a world of her making.

She long forgot about the emails and watched as tremors of mounting angst mixed with pleasure move through his body accentuating every muscle and curve. His breath momentarily stopping as he drew too close to ejaculation. Will power fighting with desire as his hand trembled above a hungry, beyond needy cock.

She ran the top of her bare foot along the under side of his cock and there it was. The whimper that seemed to rumble through his core.

As she toyed with him she wondered how long before that whimper would be in her ear as he entered her…..


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