Jan 11 2017

Shadows and Fire

A flame slowly burned inside her. It’s presence enough to remind her daily what patiently waited inside her; the longing for the flame of another.

For the protection of others she kept the flame low. But they could still sense it. Aware of it’s existence. Some even at times drawn to it’s warmth and for a moment finding solace for their weary soul. But when carelessly provoked a spark would escape, taking them by surprise and searing wounds across their heart.

Her intent was not to burn others. The fire only lashed out from frustration. A flame stirred with memories of a spark once before escaping in the direction of hope and being met again with only the shadow of a promise. The promise of a reunion of one who understands the fire burning beneath her tranquil heart. The promise of being reunited with a matching flame. The flame of another that burns bright. Being kept in check by a sensitive heart, waiting for the confirmation that one is out there. One who will not be destroyed by its intensity.

She knew there were past moments they had shared. Specific images did not exist but a sense gnawed at her soul of having left something precious behind and now her soul was quietly searching to find her lost treasure.

Every kiss, touch, spoken word and glance was measured against this intangible knowledge.

She sensed a forged out plan destined from ages past. A destiny agreed upon in another time and place.

They would come to earth to gather into their being the meaning of life, love, pain and suffering; humanity and then when the hour came, embark on a quiet quest to find their way back to who they have always been together.

Once joined the flames of their fire would expand, writing their life purpose upon the heart of the other and those within their reach. The world would be marked by their merging. Examples and guides to alternative patterns to love and life left in the wake of their union.

Until that hour their days are made up of shadows.

Shadows of the promise yet to come.


Enchanted Melody by Irina Karkabi

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