Jan 07 2017

Awakening the Beauty of a King.

Fire….that’s what she saw as he approached her. Glints of flames in his eyes. And behind the fire … weariness from the search. There lived a strong bullish heart that beat within him that wouldn’t let him quit until he found the one who held the keys to his destiny.

She knew what lived within him… it lived within her too. She recognized the slightly hollow look from the many disappointments of the past. Kisses only skimming the surface. Touches causing sighs but never piercing through the flesh. Intimacy satisfying temporary needs yet leaving a hunger…always leaving a hunger for more. Knowing there was a look, a sound, a word, a kiss, a touch that would lead to the beauty of being Home.

His deep need touched her first. The raw power that inhabited his soul spoke to her of a familiar time they seemed to have once shared. A time and a sense she could see haunted him. A time of sharing and intimacy words couldn’t explain.

Her own heart reached for the inner knowing dwelling inside his own. The knowing that there was more to this life than what he could see with his probing physical eyes.

He selfishly grabbed at the sound of her words and breath feeling the rumble as they moved through his heated blood filled veins. The gentle strength of her substance disturbing the darkness. Shaking the chains of broken promises. Awakening the beauty of the beast that lied waiting to arise. Awakening the power and strength of the warrior king waiting to be called forth from his slumber.

She knew he was hers from the moment his perceptive words pierced her heart. She saw the young king waiting to be discovered.

Waiting to be confirmed.

Waiting to be trained, challenged and loved.

Waiting for her warmth.

Waiting for the summons of her….his warrior queen.


The Young King
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