Nov 10 2016

UnRepentant Darkness

Unrepentant darkness. It radiated from him. Not only from the smoldering of his eyes but from his responsive pores that opened and released a scent that reached into her flesh and played with her own darkness. She recognized that scent from the first moment he approached her. It had touched her life briefly before, very briefly in others who soon bored her. A scent made up of a mysterious chemistry that blended richly with her own. A scent that was thick and could be felt in her pelvic region as they exchanged words of introduction. She didn’t remember what those words were…only the impression his left inside her.

He knew who she was… knew of her reputation for having an insatiable appetite for breaking darken/haunted men. He had always been the one to break another. He often wondered what it would be like to break under her care. Did he really want to find out or leave it as a fantasy that fueled his hand abusing his cock while he imagined her abusing his soul.

She took her time with him. Learning of him. Listening to him. Watching him. Until she was satisfied that she had met her match. She needed assurance that his words of need were truthful and sincere as she opened doors in his soul and took him where she needed to take them both. She needed him reconciled with his darkness, at peace and in that she’d be at peace with her own.

She needed certainty she and he would never regret opening the door to his abyss.

And so he gave himself over time to her. The brooding inside him aching to spill out before her.

Bound, hands and arms secured behind his back, he stood facing the wall. She had taken her time securing him as her scantily clad frame pressed against his bare skin. Her fingers traced every curve of his muscles along his stomach and back. Then he felt it…the cold stainless steel tip of the knife against his left shoulder blade.

She leaned her full body against him, her left hand pushing his head into the wall. Her palm covering his mouth.

“Shhhh…don’t move.”

His body stiffened as she trailed the tip of the blade along the curve of his back. His musky scent now seeping out of his pores in sweat. He flinched resulting in a nick as the blade was dragged up close to his neck. She stopped as blood came to the surface and traced her finger as it ran down his spine. A primitive growl rose up within him as she continued to press his face against the cold, hard wall. It’s heady sound electrified her senses. Her own arousal of juices dripped along her inner thighs.

The blood now pooled along the small of his arched back. She dipped her fingers in his blood and stepped back releasing him from her hold.

“Look at me.” He turned, his eyes darkened as he watched her slide her blood soaked fingers along her lips and lick.

“There it is.” She said referring to the fury in his eyes. “I see you. Let’s see what you’re all about.”

She held the knife along her collarbone and sliced the fabric of the thin dress that had covered her dropping it to the floor. Her eyes not leaving his she ran the blade along the inside of her thigh and up to her pubic bone.

He stared transfixed as blood started to surface from a nick along the crease of her left inner thigh. Her fingers stained with his blood ran along the trail of her own mixing hers with his. Her cunt now seeping with reckless need.

He struggled against the bindings of the secured rope. His face and body heated and flushed.

She laughed at his frustration.

“That’s it. Come out baby.”

He watched as a new nick produced another trail of blood along her upper thigh.

Her eyes narrowed and mouth became dry as she fell into his troubled soul.

Speaking to his unrepentant darkness she whispered, “Let’s play.”


Jochen Reber (Photographer) and Devil’s Outlaw (Model), Ropework by Reraizure

Reraizure is a Rigger who ties people up as an art form. His ropes hold the body, transform it, freeze a moment in time. Thanks to a fascinating array of excellent photographers in Germany, both hobbyists and professionals, he is happy to present his works through various lenses.

I have linked his FetLife profile, the link to this image and also to his web site. Please check him out and enjoy the beauty and darkness of his talent.

Reraizure is a friend I deeply admire and love. Thank you my dear friend for allowing me to use this image as inspiration for more of my deviant desires. xxoo

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    • Will on November 13, 2016 at 6:37 am
    • Reply

    Vista …

    This post just turned me into a nyctophiliac. I swear this is the sexiest post yet!

    I would love for you to explore my darkness … Open myself to you and let your darkness seep into me … Let us fall into a mutual abyss where we would not know our surroundings … Not letting us see things as they appear but more so how they really are … In their purest form … In that moment of absolute unrepentant darkness .. Our souls would burn the brightest … Surrendering what is in our hearts … Our very being … The knowledge of how deep and vast what we share with one another … To be lost in your darkest lust in the moonless midnight of your desires … It is almost too terrifying and beautiful to put into words …

    1. Ummmmmm… I do believe you put your thoughts into words perfectly. I think I’ll read them a few more times to let them seep into me deeper. Thank you Will. Your comments always touch a chord in me. 😉 xxoo

  1. This is so fucking erotic to me….clearly I might have to swap the genders but still…. lost for words to do it justice


    1. I love it when you love on my stuff!

      Yeah.. I got pretty worked up with this one and had to stop and take care of ‘business’ during editing! 😉

      ~ Vista

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