Oct 27 2016

Fear, Scents and Sounds

FUCK, I want you……. Were the words scrolling across her phone from his text.

That was hours ago and now he was here. Not in a position to Fuck but tightly bound in 6mm of golden CRX Jute twine. Harnessed to a structural beam in the attic. Arms secured above his head and his naked body elevated just enough that his bare toes lightly touched the wooden floor beneath him. She had debated whether to blindfold his lying eyes but decided against it. Wanting to see his reaction pour forth from them with each droplet of pain measured out.

He loved her implements of play. Her whip, cane and flogger. Loved the sensuous music she always had playing melodically in the background and how it made her move against him motivated by its rhythm. He had been thinking about it all week until he finally sent that text. The…FUCK, I want you… text.

But she wasn’t in that kind of mood. The kind that would play generously into his wants and desires. The kind that would also bring her joy as he would fall into his happy place.

Work had been rough for weeks and pressures were building in her shoulders and back. Not even a good ‘fuck’ would chase away the stress that had dug deep into her core. And then there were what he called ‘Little White Lies’ or harmless ‘Lies of Omission’ she had caught him in.

No…tonight there’d be no music to fill the air. And no implements of play except her own hungry hands.

She needed raw emotion. The smell of sweat, fear, natural fibers and the intimate punishment of her own hand against him. She wanted her own knuckles bleeding from the impact against his skin and the palm of her hand bruised from blows crashing against his face.

He hung there before her silent. Eyes searching hers for what was coming next. She had not spoken a word the whole time she tied and positioned him against the beam. The ropes were tight and his breathing a bit restrictive.

Her silence was more restrictive to his soul.

He remain quiet. Searching his thoughts for any transgressions he had recently made against her. He thought for a brief moment that maybe …just maybe he should question his safety. Then her hand was quickly upon his throat pressing him back against the beam with a thud.

“So you fucking want me do you?”

As he started to answer her other hand flashed swiftly against his left cheek crashing the side of his head against the beam once again. A deep gasp of breath fell from his mouth as his chest heaved in.

“No words from you tonight. All I want to hear from you is the sound of your breathing and fear.”

His cheek warmed from the sting of her slap and he could already smell the natural oil of her heated skin filling his nostrils.


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  1. Avery W

    “Work had been rough for weeks and pressures were building in her shoulders and back. Not even a good ‘fuck’ would chase away the stress that had dug deep into her core. ”

    It seems to me those kind of emotions should always be kept away from decisions on how we play.

    Just my two cents.


    1. vicvista

      Generally I would agree. But sometimes there is a partner in your life that thrives on such a scene. This would be a scene between two partners well acquainted with the other. 😉

      ~ Vista

  2. Will

    Avery, point taken and well said! There is a lot of nonsense on the internet regarding BDSM and D/s. I for one think this is one of the best sex positive blogs created by a wonderfully sincere and genuine woman. Just my two cents!

    That said and being serious … Knowing your partner and consent is essential or it’s just abuse. Abuse is something no one should stand for. I know Vista represents the positive side of D/s.

    D/s is actually a very beautiful and loving relationship between two people who care about one another! It can look intimidating by onlookers but the binding bonds tie both lovers equally and more intimately than you could ever imagine.

    D/s is about pushing boundaries … Letting go of life’s limitations and growing with someone you care about. It’s about being vulnerable with each other and becoming stronger together …

    Love the post and thought provoking comments!

    – Will

    1. vicvista

      You are a gem and love your mind and thoughts. 😉

  3. Miss Lala

    You are indeed a great writer who captures the essence of a D/s relationship!

    1. vicvista

      Thank you for your comment and time spent here on my blog. Always love hearing from those who follow along. Us writers always welcome praise! 😉

      ~ Vista

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