Jul 17 2016

New Feature! Weekend Hunger!

Replacing Saturday Eye Candy (after a 4 year run!) is now going to be in it’s place “Weekend Hunger!”

Weekend Hunger is about finding an image or two, along with a short writing ( 50+ words) that illustrates and describes your hunger. Submit your own image/images or image/images from Tumblr (with credits) by Friday 5pm PST.  Show me what makes you hungry on a lazy weekend!


The Best View

Sometimes the best view is watching you walk away.

Lazy weekends full of your touch, your taste and your smell.

Watching you walk away with towel in hand and my scent all over you.

Following not far behind to join you for more of our debauchery in the shower.

But far enough behind to enjoy the movements of your muscles rippling over that fine ass.


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