May 13 2016

The Imprisoned of HIM-HER-THEM


The gripping strong and gentle of his hand on her breast. The soft affectionate of his kiss at her ear. The quiet happy of her “Good morning” to him. Her snuggling back, spooning herself more into him. The soft of his kiss on her neck. The root and thick of his morning erection bumping against her butt cheeks. Cock and balls at her butt and pussy. His coming physically, slightly over her and his cock at her panties. The cock head past her panties and onto the wet of her slit. His cock sliding into her panties and over her pussy with need. A casual ‘not to be denied’ invading stretching of her panties. The bonered and erect of her man’s cock at her ‘wet inside’ throbbing puss.


Still in a half sleepy state, her mind partially in a dream, her body is rushed by the blessed wonder in waking and feeling his warmth. His leaning over onto her and his hand down there. Her feeling his hand down there. His hand and the head of his cock being positioned at her pussy hole. Her breathed out whispered sexy waking up, “Yes darling”, and the cock spearing slow into her. Her face going sexual, pouty with intense pleasure coming up inside. Him kissing on her shoulders and his cock going into her balls deep. The unquestioned owned of her pussy by him and her feeling his cock up into her core. The throbbing boner pole cock and her pussy juicing onto it. Her pussy needing more of it. Her needing more of it. The cock stretching of her perfect and the delicious easing back slightly, pushing in deeper and her breathing out wordless of it all.

The slight back and forth inside her and her knowing the meaning of it. The equalizing of them. Her place in his arms and his ‘about to fuck you’, his ‘about to hard fuck and ravish you’. The impassioned ‘soul mates’ fucking about to happen and her swallowing hard. Her sighing out, pressing her heated cunt back to the base of his cock. His arm around her. Protective, loving. The cock humping itself deeper and staying. Her kissing on his arm around her. Her licking hungry for his scent. The muscled train of his cock pulling back; ramming forward. The slow back and forth, picking up speed, going deeper in and further back. Her kissing harder and her whispered, “god-yes-baby-yes, fuck me”. Her shifting back even more, taking her man’s cock. Taking her man’s love.


Her facing away and her tongue tip touching on her lips. Her nipple going to ‘pinched on’, tugged and her melting inside. Her private, erotic thoughts and the rising ‘super nova’ horny inside. Feeling that same familiar cock from her dreams ramming now full throttle inside her. Her whole pelvic region opening up to him. Her muscles clamping around him, loving the feel of him loving her. Her mind still foggy and not wanting to awaken anymore but stay in this dream like state where it’s just him and her. No one else…nothing else.


The perfect of their union. The perfect of their knowing of each other. The perfect of their dance together. The perfect of their back and forth and the fluid of their times together where nothing is lost between them. Whether D/s or simply them. Nothing is ever lost. The foundation strengthen by their trust, openness, acceptance and want of each other. Their laughter and lightheartedness. Their intensity and his naughty, submissive, perverted way about him that lingers beneath all his alpha macho swagger.

Her: “Yes, fuck me”, as they both cum together. As she feels her orgasm grip and his warm seed fills her, pushing her forward into another wave. Another rush of chemicals releasing inside her. Endorphines filling them both. Leaving them in a heady sea.

His whispering, breathing out hoarse. The pleasured emptying of his balls. The close of her. Of them. His going to a high as he kisses on her face. As he glares intense into her eyes. His, “I don’t want to be anywhere but here with you. Ever.” ย And her nodding, kissing him back. Him sinking his cock into her, staying deep. Him melded to her by passion, by heart, by the connection that has always been bigger than them both.

The energy that holds them imprisoned inside.


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  1. Will

    Morning love making is such a beautiful thing. Waking up next to someone you love, the delicious scent and taste still present from the night before. The innate primal urge of morning wood along with being in the optimal position of tender comfort, spooning one another.

    God Vista you are incredible. I love the mental dance you write about. The constant teetering on edge. The loving physicality then turning carnal and greedy. Yes, making love does feel good but connecting with that special someone feels like necessity. Yes you want it but more so you need it to breathe, feel and know your alive!

    You are a lovely writer but more so a beautiful person. I love knowing their are people out there who appreciate the subtle soft nuances, as well as the strong, intense hedonistic lust of sex and D/s. The importance of the mental connection truly enhances the physicalness, the breaking of barriers, the thought of letting go and being connected in that moment with the person you cherish … In that moment of absolute need and ecstasy. The moment that you eluded to earlier confirms you are imprisoned to one another, where two can really be one.

    1. vicvista

      Dearest Will…..Thank you for your words and sentiment! I am greatly touched by all you wrote. It’s always so gratifying to know that a reader is touched by what I spend time pouring out here. Please continue to visit, read and comment. Your soul is always welcomed here. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      ~ Vista

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