Mar 30 2016

Don’t Just Fuck Her!

Pushed down on the couch his kisses on her neck. The wolfish painful breathing out intense of them and her accepting them; feeding on them. His kisses on her neck and his hands moving down to his jeans, fumbling, getting them down. The hard bone of a pulsing impassioned cock fed into her hands and his hands back to her head.

Her hands sliding down, gripping and sliding up. The erected and large of his cock so much more tonight and her core melting. Her mind and heart going ‘Mine’ and his, “Ohhhhfuck”, at her ear. The full breathed despaired guy ‘falling hard for her‘ and her kissing on his shoulder.

Her t-shirt hiked up and his face down at her breasts. The ravenous all over kissing and her nipples sucked in, bitten. Her pussy throbbing, soaking her panties. The rhythm of his mouth from one nipple and then the other. The sucked on, suckled on, tugged on breastfeeding of his mouth on her nipples.

Her pinned down into the couch. Her breast gripped hard in his hand; kissing on it, sliding her nipple around on his lips and her mouth open. Her hands on the hard male animal cock and her mewling whispers into his ear.

Her pushing him to frantic. His standing up to one knee on the couch and leaning himself over her. His cock and balls at her face. On her face. The muscled beast of him over her and the intense of his eyes. The sparkling intense and cruel of his eyes in that moment. The blatant of his balls and the untouched natural perfect of her lips.

Her glancing up at him unwilling, teasing. The groan from his gut and coming back down to pinning her. His hands down and finding her pants. Clawing at her pants. Her pants opened rough and tugged down. His rushed breath growl and the physical of him over her. His turning her roughly onto her stomach and pulling her ass up.

The frustrated throaty groan behind her and the rough of a cock head at her pussy. His hands barely to her shoulders, gripping hard. The single thrusting lunge of his cock deep into her and her head lifting. The concentrated of her eyes closed. The bliss of his meaty cock and her pussy owned, wanting. His hands cupped on her shoulder blades and the cock ‘thrust fucking’ her pussy. The thick of the cock existing to fuck her.

The ‘make out’ on the couch now gone to a balls deep reaming fuck and her pussy coming alive. Her pussy on ‘full give back’. Her hips lifting to meet each slamming thrust and her rising orgasm flooding her senses. His cock changing angle and thrusting deeper. Her breath caught and groaning out. Her hands blind slamming on the cushions. The orgasm inside her being fucked to the surface and her moaning out, “Fuck yes.”

The blunt of a thumb ‘pony stroking’ on her asshole and pressing in rude and entitled.

The couch fuck of this and her groaning, whispers, sighs and her very close to cumming.



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  1. Michael Robert

    I have never read something so gripping of my inner animal. I’ve only recently in my life been introduced to my own bull inside. The joy of this and seasoning it with all the romance and sensuality I have always brought to my lovers. I have sought out writings like this. Thank you so much for what you do.

    I found you while browsing Our Time. Not sure what I was looking for there but saw this site tagged on your pic and …. well. Thank you for what you do.

    xoxo xxx


    1. vicvista

      Ummmmmm… Blushing. I forgot the url to my blog was on that picture! Oh well. I think you are the only one who has noticed that. Very observant of you!

      I’m happy that my writing resonates with you! Always something I love to hear.

      ~ Vista

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