Jan 28 2016

I still need and want the Power of your Masculinity!

I get asked often… What is it I want?

It’s complicated… yet simple to me. And I’ll not settle for less.

So imagine this:

We decide… yes we both want this. We have a meeting of our minds and hearts. An agreement between me and your sub self to take your strength.

An agreement laid between us where I have the unconditional freedom to break you. Not every time or any time in particular but when there is an opportunity, I might take it without warning.

An agreement to have you send pictures to me at work of you naked under an apron while you clean my house or make me dinner.

An agreement to leave you whipped raw in the garage… leaving you broken, weeping, naked and welted; your needs met along with mine. Because I understand on your own you can’t cry. To reduce you; strip you of your manhood at times because it needs to be done. To take you, fuck you, mark you and bind you because you’re mine. Will you be my Phoenix? Always rising purified, strengthen in the unity of our fire?

The purity between us in those moments. The strong male of you defying at times my dominance and me using everything in my power to bend your strong will.

The laughter, playfulness, openness, honesty and trust.

My kind and guileless way with you; my nurturing of you; and my sadistic side that lies just beneath my smiling eyes and heartfelt hugs; always ready.

The times you are my strong assertive male and loving companion. My lover, seducer and capable protector.

The calm strength of you that comes across with my friends. The warm, charming and good of you when in public. Your pride in being the best for me and me knowing it. The bond between us untouchable.

The high standards of lovemaking that you must always meet. The ‘always ready’ of your cock for my pleasure.

Above it all is my need and want of the Power of your Masculinity!

Without that living securely inside you…nothing can stand and survive.



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  1. William

    Dear Miss Vista,

    I love this post and your thoughts in general. As always, your words really strike a cord with me. It is amazing how you make my mind numb, mouth salivate, and cock hard all at the same time. Thank You!!!

    I know you hear it all the time but from the small glimpses of your selfies I have to tell you how strikingly gorgeous you are. Your pictures are high class and I love all the curves and contours of your body. You are the epitome of Devine Femininity but it is your mind that I find sexy. Your independence, your intelligence and most of all your thoughts is what truly makes you beautiful woman.

    As always thanks for letting us into your head. You are an incredible woman and have a great blog.

    With Love,


    1. vicvista

      I really appreciate your beautiful comment and words. I love hearing from my followers and you have brighten my day. Have a great weekend my friend!

      ~ Vista

  2. Grumpyoldswitch

    Great post.

    Great re-defining of ‘masculinity’ that harks back to courtly romance.

    1. vicvista

      How it is in my world. 😉

  3. H.H.

    Well said!

    1. vicvista

      Thank you. How I love when you stop by! xxoo

  4. MisterT

    Every time I read this my pulse quickens . You have such an amazing command of words. Sexy, Erotic yet from the heart. What a great combination. Oh to be so fortunate.

    Please continue to share


    1. vicvista

      Thank you dear friend. The writing will never stop. 😉

  5. Rye

    This is wonderful. Obviously not so much for the masculinity for me, but this is exactly what I love giving as a sub. What I want to be taken from me. What I want to give.

    Beautifully written.


    1. vicvista

      Wonderful. Thank you for stopping by and leaving your thoughts! 😉

      ~ Vista

  6. Edward

    Please explain how a “submissive man” can possess the power of masculinity? Submission and power are the direct opposites. To submit, one must give up power, deny its existence in oneself. This is not a temporary act, but one that is forever. The public self is a false self, a mask the submissive male wears in his society or culture. The masculine bravado displayed to others in the public is a charade . How can there ever be “power of masculinity” in the submissive male? Thank you for considering my question.

    1. vicvista

      It’s really very simple. And you said it yourself. One must give up power…meaning that one must have it existing within him in the first place. You can not surrender something that isn’t yours.

      I have known and know very powerful men of character, honor and masculinity that are great protectors in my life and in the lives of others. When those men find a woman they hold in high regard and are willing to lay down their own power in honor at her feet.. well it’s a beautiful thing! They are far from denying it exists within them. They are only yielding to another in honor.

      That takes confidence and character of strength. The only kind of submission I’ll accept.

      ~ Vista

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