Dec 06 2015

Primal Hunger. Owning It!

There’s been a deep hunger inside me all my life. Raw and primal. Questioning convention. Seeing through hypocrisy. Loathing complacency.

I tried to be what society called a ‘good girl’. I ended up losing myself in the process. Finally after a half century of trying to be what other’s told me was appropriate, I stood tall, looked around, made needed changes and took back my life. No one can live my life but Me!

I grabbed my hot little primal ass and re-introduced me to Me!  It’s been a glorious journey of owning myself again. Many lessons learned and to be learned on how to walk in the fullness of my nature.

I’m a sensuous dominant woman. I’m not harsh, brash or loud. I’m gentle, kind and believe in the power of seduction rather than the power of force. In public, at first glance, my appearance may have a sweet innocent look. But look deeper. There’s a fire smoldering, just waiting for the glimpse of your own hunger to stir my flame.

I’m a primal predator. I can patiently wait for that first sign of recognition that you are being watched and sized up. My own senses become heighten when I feel the energy of your pulse picking up beat even from across the room. I can feel the heat rising in your chest and see it flushing across your cheeks.

When we meet. There may be some polite conversation. But know the whole time we talk I’m watching your facial movements. I’m watching to see if your comfortable looking into my eyes. Can you sense as my hand brushes across the top of yours that I’m seeing what your response is to my touch? Can you tell that I’m already wondering how your cock will respond to that same touch? How your balls will feel in the palm of my hands and the heat of your flesh under my rope or lash?

I’m not afraid to stop you in mid sentence as you answer any questions and fill me in on your life. Yes, I’m interested but the questions were to hear you talk and find how you relate to me. In your words and response I’m hearing, “Will he trust me? Is he open? Will he allow me to eventually break him and discover the man inside. The one maybe he barely knows? “

I will stop your polite flow of words to cut to the reason we are meeting.

My drive and hunger is to recognize the nervousness in your soul, yet feel the yielding of your spirit. The ‘You’  that is presented to the majority of the world will not hold my attention. I need to smell the weariness of battle on your flesh. I need to see the gnawing need of your soul to be discovered and unearthed.

Or maybe it’s the head to head dance of another predator who needs to sharpen their sword against mine. Or my own need to feed off their strength as we tear lustfully into each other.

Your role is unimportant to me. Be you dom, sub, switch whatever describes you; it’s who you are and how you unfold before me that matters.

My strength comes from the confidence of knowing who I am, not in a label or role.

My nature is primal. I quietly hunt those who draw my attention. Whether prey or another predator.

And if you happen to get first bite….Know it was only to get closer for me to take my own.

Connection, chemistry; all range of emotions delved into; blood, sweat and tears along with laughter and sweetness.

I own who I am.

If our paths cross and your scent intrigues me, there may be some dark rooms we’ll explore together.

And then maybe you’ll own you.




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  1. H.H.

    Primal pic!

    1. vicvista

      Mmmmm So glad you like it. xxoo

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