Aug 24 2015

His Slave Heart.



She enters the hallway of their home, kicks her shoes off and lays her purse and keys on the entrance table.  She can smell the freshness of recently mopped floors and the sunshine he allowed to flow through the house throughout the day as he worked down the list she had left him that morning. Peace fills the air infused with his labor of love. She walks toward the master bedroom and bath with phone in hand flipping through the gallery until she finds the pictures he had sent her to brighten an otherwise boring and long day at work. He working throughout the day, naked and bent over doing various chores. Cock caged and his taunt perfect ass filled with the sapphire blue jeweled butt plug they had picked up at the festish festival two weekends before.

Clothes cast aside she slides into the awaiting warm sea salt bath and feels her muscles loosen and the stress of the day falling away. On cue music starts to fill their home with the folk melodies of Enya and her ‘Paint The Sky With Stars’ collection. Her eyes close and a smile fills her heart as she pictures him waiting…..

He, kneeling in the living-room next to her chair. Showered and muscled body oiled as instructed. Cage removed and replaced with a black leather harness secured around his cock and balls. Thick black leather collar around his neck, soothing his soul with the confirmation of her ownership. Chain leash clipped to it’s D ring. Sapphire blue jeweled butt plug strangely becoming a familiar part of him.

He waits in position. Kneeling with his back straight, head up and facing her chair. Hands flat on his thighs. His back to the hallway only able to rely on his sense of her presence as she finally approaches him when ready. His mind wanders over what may unfold for the evening. Will she only want to relax and talk tonight? A calm evening of him sitting at her feet as she sips the chilled white wine waiting for her on the serving tray? Or is it her whipping boy that she hungers for tonight. That thought sends heat to an already erect cock.

He closes his eyes and remembers the party last weekend. The formal dinner they were hosting for his partners. The busy preparations before the party and the shared shower that left no time for making love. Her whispered, “After the party.”, and His reluctant agreement. Their house packed with guests and her looking stunning from the beginning. His glancing over to her as she talked among his associates. That electric gaze of hers as she felt his lust and glanced back. Then that primal look he saw in her eyes as she walked toward him on her way to another cluster of guests. “The garage.” She whispered in his ear as she passed.

His face draining of color as he sits the serving tray down on a near by table. His heart pounding in his chest and his hope that no one notices the rising of his cock beneath his black dress slacks as he quietly makes his way to the garage. He lost track of time as he waited, face turned toward the wall. His slacks down by his ankles, his masculine demeanor reduce to an embarrassed little school boy. His cock rock hard and seeping precum. His hands stroking as he hears the door to the garage open and prays it’s only her. The sound of her heels against the cement floor as she approaches and stands to his right. His seeing the cane in her right hand and the loud sound of the party on the other side of the wall. Her, “Look at me Davod.” The softness in his eyes mixed with the defiant alpha male wanting to fuck her right there. “Position yourself.”, she instructs as she steps back, runs her left hand over his muscled ass and prepares for her first strike. His bending over and grabbing his ankles. How she looks in her elegant evening gown and the swish of the cane as it lands it’s first stripe. Her sweeping arm and aim always true as she thought about the state of the snack tray he left behind. The instant dark red line of the welt across his buttocks. The three more strokes until his cock exploded untouched and he dropped to one knee, apologizing quietly but profusely.

He’s startled from his thoughts as he feels her hand upon his shoulder. Surprised that her fresh and perfumed scent had not alerted him to her presence. He sees her favorite flogger dangling from her right hand and watches as she carefully spreads it across the arm of the couch. He can see her energy has come back from the soothing bath and she needs to feel his vulnerability tonight. Needs to touch him with her renewed strength and streak of sadism that rises occasionally when in the mood. She sits easily back into her chair, coral colored silk robe loosely draped around her naked body. She reaches for the white wine on the tray, saying nothing. She studies  her property; positioned, alert and attentive. Her right foot teasing his bobbing heated cock.

She reaches her left hand out and he knowingly hands her the leash. Still without speaking, keeping the room calm and filled with melodic music from Enya, she pulls him closer while spreading her legs. Another sip of her chilled wine and she settles back into the chair. She relaxes into the feel of his arms going roughly around and gripping her legs. The warmth and wetness of his lips touch the crease of her inner thighs sending a rush of sensations throughout her body. Her fingers weave through his thick black hair as she feels the point of his tongue enter. Her pleasure rises and so does the desire for his cock that knows exactly how to fill her to breathless orgasms. The cock that knows exactly how hard or soft she needs to be fucked. The cock that makes love to her, yearns and lives for her touch.

She pulls harder on the leash as the first orgasm hits. “Fuckkkk…” she softly growls. His intense attention continues motivated by his hunger to please, ravish and devour. Through her foggy thoughts she decides as good as his cock would feel, tonight she needs more. Tonight she needs to connect and see again his surrender flood through his body. She smiles and glances toward the flogger while pulling his face deeper into her.

He…biting nips, tongue tip into her clit hood, ravishing with wordless finesse of a man, a slave who knows her, cares and adores her. Tears being held back of emotions for her; her care for him; her knowing and accepting of him. The games and times of talking and the connection no words could ever touch. He gets his fill from her.

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  1. subhubphx

    My God that was wonderful!

    1. vicvista

      I am so happy you enjoyed it! And thank you for fixing my link on your page! xxoo ~ Vista

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