Mar 02 2014

To Torture a Man……

Give me a man whose eyes truly reveal the windows of his soul.  Eyes that betray and expose the need that lives deep in the woven fiber of his being. His beauty is in the offering of his desire to search out and learn every touch and stroke that arouses me. To become an expert on the landscape of my body; it’s needs, sensitive zones of pleasure and become drunk with it’s arousal.

In turn he becomes addicted to my touch, my smell, my kiss, my voice and the look in my eyes. As his body becomes an instrument I play for our joint pleasure, he becomes vulnerable and releases secrets long hidden from others. Words are whispered from his lips he never thought he’d hear himself say. Sometimes tears form and continue to fall from relieved eyes as he feels my caress and soothing voice encouraging him to go further in the revelation. He holds me tighter in his arms as he realizes the place of vulnerability I’ve led him to. I remind him he’s safe with me. His secrets are safe and that together we’ll explore every dark corner to find what can stay and what must go. And he knows beneath it all I’ll use his truth to heighten our journey.



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  1. Grumpyoldswitch

    As usual your passionate and romantic take on D/s plays all the right notes. It fits well with the tradition of courtly romance. Best of luck to you in finding a worthy knight in shining submission.

    1. vicvista

      As always I love your comments. I have a few that may work …. Time unfolds all truth. 🙂

  2. mikeklees38@outlook.com

    Oh, I want to become an expert on the landscape of your body. To spend a full afternoon leisurely exploring you with scented oils, naked skin, soft music, strawberries and cold Champagne.

    Fuck me. Take me to the dark corners. Make me yours.

    1. vicvista

      I journey that would please me my lovely, hungry man.

      ~ Vista

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