Jan 16 2017

Helpless, Bound & Subject: Available for purchase!

It’s here and ready to bring you pleasure and hours of arousal! And please leave a review. 😉


“…She pulls harder on the leash as the first orgasm hits. “Fuckkkk…” she softly growls. His intense attention continues motivated by his hunger to please, ravish and devour…She smiles and glances toward the flogger while pulling his face deeper into her…”

Helpless, Bound & Subject: Available for purchase! 

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Every man has secrets in his heart. Secrets maybe from when he was a child and longed to have the neighborhood girls tie him up after chasing him through the woods as prey. Or a smell that first awakened his sexual urges. Or images from stolen magazines a visiting uncle would leave tucked under his mattress in his room above the garage.

Come close and listen to what’s been whispered in my ear.

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Jan 15 2017

e[lust] edition #90 ~ Enjoy

Photo courtesy of Rebel’s Notes

Welcome to Elust 90

The only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month. Whether you’re looking for sex journalism, erotic writing, relationship advice or kinky discussions it’ll be here at Elust. Want to be included in Elust #91 Start with the rules, come back February 1st to submit something and subscribe to the RSS feed for updates!


~ This Month’s Top Three Posts ~

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~ Featured Post (Molly’s Picks) ~

Please You to Please Me

How to suck my cock – part 1 (attitude)


~Readers Choice from Sexbytes ~

Visions of Sugarplums

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All blogs that have a submission in this edition must re-post this digest from tip-to-toe on their blogs within 7 days. Re-posting the photo is optional and the use of the “read more…” tag is allowable after this point. Thank you, and enjoy!


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Thoughts & Advice on Kink & Fetish

Reader Q&A: Dominant women struggle, turn-ons
Chastity Questions
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Erotic Fiction

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Thoughts & Advice on Sex & Relationships

Anal Retentive Or Just OCD?

Sex News, Opinion, Interviews, Politics & Humor

BuzzFeed Femdom


Mistletoe: A Lusty Limerick


Elust 88

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Jan 13 2017

Cover of New Book!

So excited!

Finally decided on a cover for my new book! Should be on the market in the next few weeks.  I’ll let all of you know here how to get your hands on a copy!  😉


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Jan 11 2017

Shadows and Fire

A flame slowly burned inside her. It’s presence enough to remind her daily what patiently waited inside her; the longing for the flame of another.

For the protection of others she kept the flame low. But they could still sense it. Aware of it’s existence. Some even at times drawn to it’s warmth and for a moment finding solace for their weary soul. But when carelessly provoked a spark would escape, taking them by surprise and searing wounds across their heart.

Her intent was not to burn others. The fire only lashed out from frustration. A flame stirred with memories of a spark once before escaping in the direction of hope and being met again with only the shadow of a promise. The promise of a reunion of one who understands the fire burning beneath her tranquil heart. The promise of being reunited with a matching flame. The flame of another that burns bright. Being kept in check by a sensitive heart, waiting for the confirmation that one is out there. One who will not be destroyed by its intensity.

She knew there were past moments they had shared. Specific images did not exist but a sense gnawed at her soul of having left something precious behind and now her soul was quietly searching to find her lost treasure.

Every kiss, touch, spoken word and glance was measured against this intangible knowledge.

She sensed a forged out plan destined from ages past. A destiny agreed upon in another time and place.

They would come to earth to gather into their being the meaning of life, love, pain and suffering; humanity and then when the hour came, embark on a quiet quest to find their way back to who they have always been together.

Once joined the flames of their fire would expand, writing their life purpose upon the heart of the other and those within their reach. The world would be marked by their merging. Examples and guides to alternative patterns to love and life left in the wake of their union.

Until that hour their days are made up of shadows.

Shadows of the promise yet to come.


Enchanted Melody by Irina Karkabi

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Jan 07 2017

Awakening the Beauty of a King.

Fire….that’s what she saw as he approached her. Glints of flames in his eyes. And behind the fire … weariness from the search. There lived a strong bullish heart that beat within him that wouldn’t let him quit until he found the one who held the keys to his destiny.

She knew what lived within him… it lived within her too. She recognized the slightly hollow look from the many disappointments of the past. Kisses only skimming the surface. Touches causing sighs but never piercing through the flesh. Intimacy satisfying temporary needs yet leaving a hunger…always leaving a hunger for more. Knowing there was a look, a sound, a word, a kiss, a touch that would lead to the beauty of being Home.

His deep need touched her first. The raw power that inhabited his soul spoke to her of a familiar time they seemed to have once shared. A time and a sense she could see haunted him. A time of sharing and intimacy words couldn’t explain.

Her own heart reached for the inner knowing dwelling inside his own. The knowing that there was more to this life than what he could see with his probing physical eyes.

He selfishly grabbed at the sound of her words and breath feeling the rumble as they moved through his heated blood filled veins. The gentle strength of her substance disturbing the darkness. Shaking the chains of broken promises. Awakening the beauty of the beast that lied waiting to arise. Awakening the power and strength of the warrior king waiting to be called forth from his slumber.

She knew he was hers from the moment his perceptive words pierced her heart. She saw the young king waiting to be discovered.

Waiting to be confirmed.

Waiting to be trained, challenged and loved.

Waiting for her warmth.

Waiting for the summons of her….his warrior queen.


The Young King
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Jan 07 2017

Weekend Hunger: Rhythmatic Souls

Do you hear what I hear?
Move with me.
Feel with me.
Sense with me what beats within us both.
Dance with me.
Do you remember how we moved before?
Slip your hand into mine….Join me once again.
Move with me…



Weekend Hunger is about finding an image or two, along with a short writing ( 50+ words) that illustrates and describes your hunger. I’d love to hear what makes you hungry. Submit your own image/images or image/images from Tumblr (with credits) by Friday 5pm PST.  Show me what makes you hungry on a lazy weekend! (Click image for credits. )

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Jan 03 2017

Bring Me Your Enemies

He found her standing by the window looking out over his kingdom.

He felt her power emitting from her spirit to his as she turned towards him and watched her draw near in his hour of uncertainty.

“I will tell you this today my young King. Your enemies are not the physical ones that your ears hear and eyes see. Your enemies are the words you have allowed to be imprinted on your heart and soul. Words that have imprisoned your visions and who you are meant to be.”

She was now behind him and led him to the window. He felt the wetness of her breath against his ear as his eyes took in the vastness of his land.

“Bring me the voices that whisper in your mind … that cast doubt in your heart when the world is quiet around you.

Bring me the words that rise up to falsely accuse you of frailty when the manifestation of those words are before you in human form and challenge the truth in you that needs to emerge.

Bring me the fear that causes images to arise in your imagination to deliberately drive home the lie that haunts you … the lie that you’ll never be enough.

Bring me the lies that live only to fill you with tales that you’ll fail no matter how hard you try. Tales meant to block your destiny. Cruel tales to dash your dreams and your hope to thrive.

Bring me your enemies…

Lay them before me….

And walk away.

They will whither and die without you.

They are not you.”

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Dec 31 2016

2017…Follow the Music and Dance.

If we are awake… we will have that deep urge within to expand our level of being alive to the fullest degree; embracing the diversity of life that surrounds us. Entering the dawning of the realization that our tomorrows are always created by our present moments, actions and thoughts of today. That our tomorrows possibly take on the form of what we have cast ahead in our heart. That the only way to embrace our tomorrows and be at peace with them is to be fully present today in our words, thoughts and deeds.

If we took an audio recording of a 24 hour day in our life we would hear the pattern woven by our words, thoughts and deeds. The pattern that has made up our life history so far.

We would hear our words as we interacted with others.

We would hear our thoughts as we whispered out loud to ourselves thinking no one was listening and forgetting that our heart is always listening.

We would then see that where we are today is where we have designed ourselves to be.

Consciously or unconsciously. It was our choice all along.

2017…. Let your life be more than a journey.

Listen, follow the music and dance.


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