Aug 20 2016

Weekend Hunger!

Weekend Hunger is about finding an image or two, along with a short writing ( 50+ words) that illustrates and describes your hunger. Submit your own image/images or image/images from Tumblr (with credits) by Friday 5pm PST.  Show me what makes you hungry on a lazy weekend!


Move Me!

There are weeks that consume and encase me in the business of life and others.

The result leaving my senses numb and out of touch with the rhythm of my soul.

That dark nature that burns deep inside and is my reason for waking each morning.

The fire that warms my heart and loins.

The heat that continually reminds me of my humanity and base primal tendencies.

Watching you is the magic potion needed to move me.

So darling, get comfortable.

Spread yourself out before me.

Lean back, close your eyes and forget for a moment I’m here.

Allow your mind to wander over images and scenes that awaken the beast within you.

Your body becoming an erotic tapestry unfolding before me as your hands travel over the rising arousal evident with each deep breath.

You lost and faraway as your muscles contract and move to the images in your mind.

Your cock drenching with precum the cotton that has slipped down beneath your balls.

My hands find a breast and the warm moist hunger that has finally awakened between my legs.

Move me.


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Aug 17 2016

e[lust] edition #85 ~ Enjoy!

Elust 85 header
Photo courtesy of Cheeky Minx

Welcome to Elust 85

The only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month. Whether you’re looking for sex journalism, erotic writing, relationship advice or kinky discussions it’ll be here at Elust. Want to be included in Elust #86 Start with the rules, come back September 1st to submit something and subscribe to the RSS feed for updates!


~ This Month’s Top Three Posts ~

The Case of the Purloined Panties


~ Featured Post (Molly’s Picks) ~

The Inspection Zone
Date with prey


~Readers Choice from Sexbytes ~


*You really should consider adding your popular posts here too*
All blogs that have a submission in this edition must re-post this digest from tip-to-toe on their blogs within 7 days. Re-posting the photo is optional and the use of the “read more…” tag is allowable after this point. Thank you, and enjoy!


Erotic Fiction

After Dark
Night World Flash Fiction
Temper temper
How to Start Super Sex
Nobody Comes Looking For Me
it was time to play

Erotic Non-Fiction

Cunnilingus. The Most Special Intimate Kiss
Nastya is nasty
“Do you want to cum in my mouth?” A Memoir
Humiliation: Raylene’s caning 2

Thoughts & Advice on Sex & Relationships

Come as you are…
A Case for Good Men
Changing Labels
10 Commandments of Courteous Casual Sex
The Aftermath
I miss you

Thoughts & Advice on Kink & Fetish

Formative Kink: “Tanya, the Lotus Eater”
At his feet
Consent In Gorean Culture

Body Talk and Sexual Health



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Aug 13 2016

Weekend Hunger!

Weekend Hunger is about finding an image or two, along with a short writing ( 50+ words) that illustrates and describes your hunger. Submit your own image/images or image/images from Tumblr (with credits) by Friday 5pm PST.  Show me what makes you hungry on a lazy weekend!


Hot Sand , Warm Breezes and You by My Side. 

A weekend where time stands still and only moves to the rhythm of our desires.

A weekend where the air surrounding us is filled with melodious music and the sounds of our pleasure.

A weekend where exploration of the mind, body and soul is embarked through tender and hungry touch.

A weekend where spoken and whispered words weave together the blanket of our lives.

A weekend where eyes see beyond the physical and into the deeps pools of our hearts.

A weekend blessed because you’re by my side.


tumblr_nu5116cwst1qat5pio1_500 tumblr_oav999omXb1sj4cvbo1_500

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Aug 12 2016

Anal Sex for Beginners

For those of you longing and curious about venturing into anal sex I have a beginners treat for you. Below is an introduction from Carvaka Adult Toys out of the UK (plus video) that will help point you in the right direction.  ~ Vista


Making the decision to move to trying out anal is of course something that you will need to discuss with your partner. Communication is everything in a relationship and this is never more the case with venturing into anal territory. Anal sex is immensely pleasurable due to the existence of many nerve endings around the anal area in both sexes so it’s definitely something that will win you reaps of enjoyment when done right.

Both parties need to be 100% comfortable for anal sex to be a success. Of course lube needs to enter the equation also and the anal area doesn’t self lubricate like the vagina does. A good quality, thick lube is perfect and will help move things along.

Having a varied sex life is an amazing part of a relationship but of course it can be amazing as part of a casual encounter also. The main thing to remember with casual anal play is the necessity to use a condom as STDs can be easily transferred without a condom and if it’s casual it’s unlikely you fully know your partner’s sexual history.

This video from Carvaka Adult Toys is very useful if you’re thinking of trying out anal and want to understand how to get prepped. There are a few areas of anal play which are great fun which can end up leading to full penetrative anal sex. Check out the video below and their website, Carvaka Adult Toys for more information.



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Aug 10 2016


He tries to move towards her momentarily forgetting that he is bound. Confusion crosses his face until he sees her two servants approaching and stand at her side. He realizes the command was for them.

Agony builds inside him as he watches them slowly and carefully remove her dress. He moans as one reaches along her hips and lowers her drenched panties. Helpless and bound he watches them apply the oil.

He can tell by the way they touch her they’ve learned their craft and her body well. The servants are tall. May be 6’4” he guesses. Specimens of physical perfection. Heads and bodies shaved, muscled, oiled and cocks erect. Each one wearing an identical leather harness around their cock. A tight chain runs from it’s base up through the cleft of their muscled cheeks and hooks to a buckled waist strap. He watches as their hands glide over her smooth skin. Arms, neck, down to each breasts. Large strong hands massaging and fondling each one. Fingers slightly tugging on the nipples until they stand alert, throbbing, sending electrical shock waves to her clit. He can see the desire building in her eyes.

“Do you want to touch me?” She asks him. “Do you enjoy watching them touch me as you wish you could? ” She taunts him.

“Yes and no Miss.” 

Her hands touch the cheek of the servant to her left. “There’s a level of submission I require before you’ll know that pleasure. A surrender where you give yourself completely to me. ”

She reaches out and strokes the cocks of her servants. They stop touching her and clasp their hands behind their backs. Her hands slip with oil easily over their trained cocks. She leans into both servants and rests her bare thighs against their extended members. 

She tilts her head slightly back and both servants lean over her and start to kiss along the sides of her neck. Their hands move from behind them forward using one to steady her back and the other finding a breast to massage. Without a word as if accustom to working in unison, one servant stays attending her breasts as the other’s hand slips down and slides in between her thighs resting against her trimmed mound.

Squire watches as the servant’s fingers brush against her slit and move down, two disappearing inside her as she arches into his touch. Her eyes are open and fixed on Squire watching her. Fixed on studying his breath and any sounds that escape his lips.

Her hands continue to stroke against both cocks. Her servants have been trained well. They know every erogenous zone of her body. Squire watches and commits to memory every one of them.

The room seems hush except for the melodious music and her breathing. When he thinks she’s about to come, she stops.

Still holding the swollen cocks in her hands, she slowly slips up over their reddened heads as both servants shudder and drop to their knees.

Flushed with desire she touches both of their heads with care. “You may go but before you take your leave release him from the chains. And hand me more oil.”

Squire’s eyes widen hearing her command. “But you Squire….no movement. Stay in place where you are.”

She walks toward him and watches as his arms are released. He moves each one, working out the kinks and allowing the blood to flow unrestricted. She reaches for his right arm as she’s handed the bottle of oil. She sees the other servant kneel to unlocked the cock harness from the lower chain and stops him.

“I’ve changed my mind. I’ll tend to that one. Leave us.”

She watches them walk silently away. A rush of warmth flashes over her when she hears the door open and close behind them. She looks back at Squire and finds him staring at her. He starts to move toward her.

“Squire…I said stay in place.” She waits to see if he’ll follow her direction.

“Feel me….don’t touch…only feel me against you.” She whispers and presses her body against his arm as it hangs between them.

‘Fuccccck’…….is the thought running through Squire’s mind as his fingers graze against her mound. ‘Don’t touch…only feel her’  he reminds himself.

He feels her press her body against his arm and slide along his forearm and palm of his hand. His fingers involuntarily move slightly toward her pussy. He struggles to keep them still.

“Miss…..” He groans, “Please…..”

Her right hand reaches under his ball sack and gathers his tender bits in the palm of her hand. His cock twitches and drips against her arm. “Gawd Miss… please….” He groans again.

She moves and center herself directly in front of him. He feels the tips of her nipples brushing against his chest. His cock caught in between their bodies; his precum sliding deliciously along her skin. She places her hands on his shoulders and runs them slowly down his arms, her fingers slipping until they are entwined in his. Her face only inches away she moves toward his right cheek and whispers, “Do you want me Squire?”

He leans his cheek against her mouth to feel her breath. “Please Miss…yes.”

“But I want your soul even more than I want your body.” She nuzzles her mouth against the crook of his neck. “Will you allow me to strip you bare? Allow me to peel back the armor and expose every dark vulnerability within you?”

She feels him relaxing into her. His body surrendering before the answer even forms in his mouth. He’s wanted this. Someone to trust. Someone to open, share and surrender his deepest fears and fantasies. To be known, owned, understood and accepted. Somehow he knows there would be a freedom in that…being transparent.


Hearing her say his name breaks his lost thoughts. He feels her right hand release his left and instinctively wrap around his warm cock. He starts to move his arms around her and pauses for direction.

“Yes”, is her answer to his movement and his arms swiftly engulf her. His mouth grazes along her neck and up to her right ear. The warmth of his breath sending electric spikes down her spine.

“Do you trust me Squire?”

He pushes his hips into hers and feels the pulling of the chain tightening the harness around his sack. He pushes again. The desire to bury himself inside her….to be home in her warmth…is stronger than the resistance.

Will he allow her to strip him bare? Her question repeating itself in his head.

With his left hand pressing against her buttocks and his right hand gathering up her hair, he gently pulls her head back to see her face. In her eyes he sees truth, sincerity, warmth and a peaceful place to lie. His body and soul melt naturally into hers.

“Do I trust you?” He whispers. 

She hears him sigh.

“Completely.” He answers. 

“Very well.” She smiles.

Her body fills with searing delight of what is ahead. All that she has laid awake at night planning for this moment, now ready to unfold before her.

She tugs gently on his collar and glances along the wall full of implements behind him. The intense heat building between them.

She runs a hand along his ball sack and cups his treasures in her palm. She closes her eyes for a brief moment and lets her plans take form.

Her eyes slowly open to see his eyes intently staring, waiting, wondering.

With a tug on his collar she whispers in his ear, “Then let’s begin.”


Detroit Douglas

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Aug 06 2016

Weekend Hunger!

Weekend Hunger is about finding an image or two, along with a short writing ( 50+ words) that illustrates and describes your hunger. Submit your own image/images or image/images from Tumblr (with credits) by Friday 5pm PST.  Show me what makes you hungry on a lazy weekend!

Breaking away for a moment from the 50+ words….

My weekend hunger fantasy would be working along side photographer Michael Stokes.

Michael is funding two large-scale, coffee table, art books. One features wounded US veterans and the other explores male figure studies. –

If you’ve never seen his work, you must check it out. This man has elevated the wonder of the male form and his photos of wounded warriors are fantastic. Please support his work.

tumblr_ob9iezzqE51qidqojo1_500 tumblr_obghyi8prP1qidqojo1_500 tumblr_obentt1gKk1qidqojo1_500

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Aug 02 2016


He wonders about the men that stand in service at each side of her. Who are they? Where did they come from? Are they really in service to her? And what about this room she has him in?

Soft harmonic Gregorian chants fill the air. The room is essentially bare. Dark grey walls and dark brown wool drapes hang in each corner. The lighting is low. Beneath him is a red wool blanket and across the room along the wall a long black leather cushioned bench. What he doesn’t see is the St Andrews Cross behind him and the chain attached to the harness around his cock and balls that is secured on a stud in the baseboard next to the cross. Above it hangs a rack sporting different implements of play. Floggers, whips, paddles, canes and rope. To the right of the rack a small wooden table with different sizes of glass bottles.

Her next command breaks his train of thought. “Oil him”.

Both servants walk over to the small table and open two bottles of lavender almond massage oil. She walks closer to him and stops just a few inches away. The servants stand behind him and start pouring oil into their hands. They apply it first to his shoulders, then move along the sculpted form of his back. Their expert hands massage his flesh and bring relief to muscles and deep tissues. She watches his expression as his body responds and the scent fills the room.

His eyes are wide with questions. He feels the men’s hands slide across his firm ass, careful not to dislodge the plug. Their fingers slip to his inner thighs and brush against his taunt ball sack.

His thighs immediately tighten and his mouth opens to speak. She puts her hand gently against his lips.

“They know what is mine. And mine alone to touch.” Her words soothe his fear of violation.

He relaxes and gives himself to their knowledgeable working of his muscles and flesh. As their hands move down his legs her hand moves from his lips across his jawline and down his neck. Tracing lightly every crease, line and crevice. Slowly with the tips of her fingers she travels down his chest, abdomen and rests just above his groin. His cock now hard and straining for her touch.

She steps back and notices he’s dripping precum from his slit. With the same finger she swipes it across his cock head and brings her finger to her mouth. Her lips open and she slips the tasty digit across her lips and licks.

He groans.

Her hunger for him spikes at his sound.

She claps her hands together and opens them palms up before him. “Oil.” She commands. 

An opened bottle of oil is placed in her hand. She pours the warm liquid into her left palm and hands the bottle back to one of her servants. She loves the smell of the mixture of oils and relishes in it’s aroma as she moves closer to him. The servant follows her as the other continues to rub down Squire’s outstretched arms. She reaches up and runs her hands up the back of his neck, around his ears and under his chin until her hands are cupping his face. His eyes are intently looking into hers. Her four inch heels bring her closer to his 6 ft frame.

“I need you to focus Squire. Focus on the movements of my hands and the sensation of my touch.”

His voice is soft, barely audible as the words cross his lips. “Yes Miss.” His words are few but sincere.

She fights the urge to release him from his chains and ravish him right then. Seeing him strung up, legs spread, cock and balls harnessed and all at her mercy floods her body with hunger. She etches the memory of him helpless before her deep in the recesses of her mind. She slows her breath down and takes her time traveling over every sculptured muscle and bulging vein. She traces the roundness of his pectorals and brushes her fingers over his now hardening nipples.

The smell of lavender swirls around them both. She finds herself lightly moaning and her body pressing in against his. Her arms go around him and her hands move down along his slim back resting above his molded ass cheeks. She takes a deep breath and feels him leaning into her. Not now. Not yet. She thinks to herself.

She steps back and motions for more oil.

Immediately the servants pours more into her hands. She rubs the oil between her palms and walks back to touch along his waist. Her fingers trace along the tattoo that journeys down to his groin. It’s a decorative ornament surrounding an appetizing meal. Her hands hover above the head of his upright cock. He instinctively moves his hips to try and reach her hands. The chain attached to the harness pulls him back. His face makes a slight wince at the restriction.

Her oiled left hand wraps around his shaft and her right reaches in between his legs, fingers running along the length of his flesh until they rest on the edge of the plug.

“Mmmmmmmm…..”  She pushes in on the plug and thinks about the fullness that is invading him. Her palm presses against his perineum and her left hand grips his shaft tighter. Time is suspended as she feels the heat from him generating against her. She listens for his breathing and the low sounds escaping from his mouth. She wiggles the plug and imagines its tip pressing and teasing his nerve endings inside.

She slowly slides her hand back while moving her left hand up his shaft. His cock oozes precum over its head. Mixing the oil and his precum together she swirls the mixture along its edges.

She savors every delicious moment of feeling him hardening and struggling not to cum. She continues to listen to his moans and breathing as she brings him to the brink and edges him over and over again.

Suddenly she steps back. “My turn.”

A smile broadens across her face. She brings the palms of her hands to her nose and breathes in his scent.

Looking at him standing and struggling before her she runs her hands down her neck and to the outline of her breasts. She can almost hear the throbbing between her legs and knows she’s soaked her panties through.

With such hunger she stands tall and stretches out her arms.



Detroit Douglas


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Jul 30 2016

Weekend Hunger!

Weekend Hunger is about finding an image or two, along with a short writing ( 50+ words) that illustrates and describes your hunger. Submit your own image/images or image/images from Tumblr (with credits) by Friday 5pm PST.  Show me what makes you hungry on a lazy weekend!


When I’m Gone.

Do you stir in the night as dreams of me fill your head?

Can you still hear my voice floating musically in your ear as I’d whisper to you my need?

Does your hand without thought find it’s way to your shaft and you realize you’re stroking in rhythm to my words?

Words that were our ritual to lull you back to sleep when you’d awake and need to bury yourself inside me.

But now I’m gone.

Now the ‘We’ the ‘Us’ is no longer and all you’re left with are memories.

With eyes still closed you pretend your hand is mine. Your dripping precum, my spit upon your cock.

In the still of night when all is silent around you and your thoughts are of what we were…

….does your final release still leave you hungry?


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