Mar 20 2017

Embedded Connections and Time Standing Still

The rope slides easily through my slender fingers as I move methodically around your bare frame…flesh brushing against flesh. My arousal builds with the slick feel of the strands of woven nylon already making its mark against your skin. You fold into me and I smell your surrender; the letting go of your thoughts, goals, and the future of what lies ahead. All that stands between us is the now, the present. Your heart beating and finding the rhythm of my own. Your body moving into mine. Our hearts rhythmically dancing in tandem.

My sweaty bare leg rubs against your muscled thigh and the dripping from my cunt leaves a trail against it’s strength. You moan as my wetness seeps into your soul.

My hand travels up the back of your neck and grabs a scruff of hair, pulls back, exposing the length of your throat. My mouth finds the salty taste along your taunt flesh and wet lips land upon your ear. My soft, warm breathing making your knees buckle.

Your sigh and deep moans wrap around me like a heated summer breeze possessing my heart. My hand finds the hardness of your seeping cock as another ‘aaahhhhh’ falls from your lips.

With each move and placement of the rope I purpose to imprint upon your flesh and embed into your heart the connection of our souls.

My own quickened soul full with the rapture of your heart beating along with mine.

How I wish time could stand still.

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Mar 15 2017

e[lust] edition #92 ~ Enjoy

Elust 92 Header
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Welcome to Elust 92

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~ This Month’s Top Three Posts ~

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~ Featured Post (Molly’s Picks) ~

“One Man Is Not Enough For You.”


~Readers Choice from Sexbytes ~

Safewords in Kink Life and in Kink Fiction

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Erotic Fiction

The Anatomy Lesson
Town whore

Erotic Non-Fiction

The good girl pledge
Good Boy
From Headache to Clit Ache
Daytime: A married Valentines fantasy
Unlocking the Man…with Pieces of Me.

Thoughts & Advice on Kink & Fetish

Three’s Company
I hate the “One Size Fits All” approach
Safewords in Kink Life and in Kink Fiction
How great would it be if…


Roadside Stand: A Lusty Limerick

Sex News, Opinion, Interviews, Politics & Humor

Dirty Money


Looking back at our Eroticon Weekend

Thoughts & Advice on Sex & Relationships

Waiting and waiting and waiting



Elust 88

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Mar 11 2017

Tattooing your Mind.

I desire to tattoo your mind.

To leave my mark on your soul, your fears, your heart and your pain.

I need to know if you’re authentic. Do you bleed the same fervent passion inside that you declare on the outside?

Please understand….I don’t need you because I’m lonely or need you to bring me comfort or security or to confirm my self worth. I have invested time into my heart and the ground I stand on is solid. Solid enough to hold me through any storm.

I’m emotionally, mentally wired for peaceful times of solitude. Would you understand my need to be quiet?  If even for days?

I search for a deeper level of love beyond the shallow, the drama and even the lust. I need you whole…complete in your own identity. At peace with the void that may still hunger for authentic connection. That hunger and angst reminding you that your heart is still able to feel, want and has not become jaded.

I ache for a relationship that is intense but healthy, devoted yet free, supportive but not smothering.

I need you intuitive, passionate, emphatic, sincere and fearless when it comes to living life.

I want to be seen, heard, understood, valued and loved for who I am as I will bring these same gifts to you.

I don’t want to hide, pretend, suppress or change who I am. I like who I am. I celebrate who I am.

I will not ‘put up’ with you but celebrate you and all that involves your very being.

I can not ‘fix’ you nor do I desire to try. But my presence and love will heal you. For life can be cruel and love is meant to cover pain and bring healing.

I want my soul to seep deeply into yours and  yours into mine.

I want the fire to burn hot enough to tattoo this love upon your mind.


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Mar 07 2017

When You become a Prize.

Wanting what you’ve been told you can’t have.

The word No.

Many find it hard to hear and accept ‘No’.

They may at first say, yes, I understand…this is for the best. The best for us both in the long run. Then days maybe weeks pass and all of that understanding becomes somehow muddy in their thinking and they are back, maybe not directly asking back into your life but walking around the subject looking for an open crack in your heart to step through. Eventually pleading for another chance. Forgetting all the conversations that lead up to the end of the relationship. The clean end. The carefully thought out end with as little casualties of the heart involved. That was your goal, your desire, your hope.

But they’re back. And this time it’s not about you but about them. Their perception of themselves. Their fears and insecurities. Their validation. It’s no longer about the ‘why it ended’ but that you ended it. And in that ending they lost their way because their identity was wrapped up in having you. Their idea of you. Their idea of you both as a couple. Their identity was in how others saw you together. And now they have become invisible in their own eyes.

Their life is falling apart because you are not in it. And that my friend is confirmation that you ‘walking away’ was the best thing for you.

Whether it’s the beginning of meeting or the ending.

When you realize it’s the prize of you they want and not really you (because if they knew you they would understand you and why the two lives don’t blend) then it’s easier to not be swayed by their need of you.

”To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson


~ Vista ~
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Mar 05 2017

Curves and Hair on Men ~ Want!

I happen to like curves on men. I love firm adorable butts that beg to be bitten. A small waist that flows up to strong wide shoulders. Thick thighs that tell me if he wants to pin me down on the bed with them… he can.

I want to hold on to the sturdy form of a man. Curves arising from the tone of his muscles. Not bulk but tone.

I’m not attracted to prepubescent boys. Many are. I’m not counted among them.

And hair. I do like hair on a man’s legs, arms, shoulders and chest trailing down to his pubic bone. Cock and balls shaved because little hairs getting caught in the back of the throat is a real mood killer! But yes hair. Not unruly and out of control but I want to feel his man fur against me. I want to be reminded that he’s different than me. That where I’m smooth, soft and feminine; he’s strong, hairy and masculine.

I need that contrast. He has something I want. His power. His strength. His masculinity.  That I’ll never have on my own. And I’m a greedy bitch when it comes to his manhood!

I want his substance mingle deeply with mine. I want it so deep that his scent starts to exude from my pores.

And I want him just as hungry for me and all that is wrapped in my curvy, wanton package.

Hair…Strong thighs…Curved back…Bite-able butt! ~ The Young King. 
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Mar 02 2017

Growing your own Cocks!

Ladies!  My Gawd!  Look!  You can grown your own!  


You’re welcome!  😉


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Feb 26 2017

Chances Are….She Didn’t Shave.

I thought it was just my way of thinking and putting up my own self induced borders…but my daughter the other day texted me saying she was going out with friends. She was all dolled up! Looked gorgeous! Hair and makeup perfection! Killer sexy dress. I told her, “You’ll have the men tripping over each other to get to you.”

Her reply, “I hope so…I’m a prize and only the best will do.”

Then she added, “But I didn’t shave anything, to make me play hard to get.”

I about fell over!  Why? Because I do the same fucking thing!

You see if I go out and I’m not really in a mind space to meet anyone but just have fun with friends…..or maybe getting over someone and my heart just can’t entertain the thought of anyone else touching me intimately… I’ll go out, all dolled up, sexy bra and panties underneath feeling fabulous…but won’t shave anything! (Legs, under arms, pussy). That way if after a few drinks and some hot hunks start paying attention to me and my body starts forgetting the deal we made before we left the house, my mind will yell loud and clear, “You didn’t shave!”.

Yeah… That stops everything from pressing any further. (Pressing… bodies against bodies. You know how that gets things going…)

It also empowers me to stay on point, enjoy my friends and not let my sometimes overactive sex drive rule the rest of the evening.

So men…..if you’re trying your best to move on a woman who seems genuinely interested in you but going back to her place is a flat No.

Chances are….She didn’t shave!!!!

Call her tomorrow…. 😉

***Exception to the rule: Unicorns! You never know when those beauties will show up!***
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Feb 23 2017

Unlocking the Man…with Pieces of Me.

My eyes… Some say they have the ability to pierce through to one’s heart. It’s an intensity I have felt through them since I was a child. My heart is filled with intensity. The pumping of my blood through my veins flows hot and methodically as if soldiers in my vessels bark out orders to take care of this house of flesh properly.

But my eyes….they rule this house of flesh. They turn away from cruelty, arrogance, ignorance and bigotry. They seek peace, beauty, acceptance, validation of the soul and the treasures in others.They also see…far. It’s a blessings and at times a struggle.

I see people locked up in their own emotional prisons made with the brick and mortar of words lathered with hate and fear. I see glorious hidden treasures filled with promise under lock and key covered by insecurities and actions played out in pain and sadness, authored by that very fear. Souls struggling to come into the authentic being they were meant to be…to bless, touch and amaze this earth with their magic.

I try to stay clear of the young ones. They can break your heart with their hunger and most can’t come close to paying the price of ripping out the lies that hold them bound.

Then the exception showed up ….his words spoke of one willing to pay.

“…The man messaging you now is a young man exploring his own masculinity. He is curious and wants to find out about his desires. He wants to learn to work with them and not be afraid. Not ashamed of what gives him his own sexual power. I am a man seeking connections, relationships and friendships ….. Those who want to use tools such as trust and vulnerability to dig down to the core of our desires. What makes us who we are at a primal level. I am learning to come into me and would love to have more friends to discuss and be inspired with….”

He had reached out to me months before with flattering words and I digitally patted his head as a ‘good puppy’ and sent him on his way.

This time I heard his sincerity. This time I engaged in conversation. This time I looked closer and saw a young king. A young, scruffy little lion cub marked and scared from the play yard of his childhood and yet still able to recognize a familiar sound that called out to him of greatness. A sound that lingered deep within him and spoke softly to him at night in his dreams. The same sounds he felt echoing in his soul as he read my erotic words.

Those words played into his young fantasies of a powerful woman and surrender. The fantasies that stripped from him any responsibility to come to terms with his own power that lived hidden inside him. The problem with fantasies is, if they are not a result of the truth that lies within you, when faced with one who lives in truth they crumble as light shines on their foundation.

His own words of “…tools such as trust and vulnerability to dig down to the core of our desires.” ripped open his terrified heart.

He was called on his bullshit as the lion who lived inside rose and he was faced with his true desires. To rule, to build, to create and to lead. He became not only vulnerable to me but to himself.

He wept in my arms as he felt the safety and familiar comfort of the old identity lose its hold. The cold breeze and uncertainty of the future swept into his heart knowing that he had to find this path on his own. That others would come as he was ready to receive them but the putting of one foot in front of the other and being open to those teachers and mentors along the way was his responsibility.

I watched him hit the wall. I watched as he debated whether to push forward or fall back into what was familiar. His walls cracked and he glimpsed his future.

One gift he gave me was the confirmation that I had chosen wisely and that indeed he was willing to pay any price for freedom.

Another gift (among the many) was on our last full day together.  I watched the steady unfolding of his genuine surrender to the application of my rope as he melted, body, soul and spirit under my touch. It was the culmination of hours spent owning the vulnerability and revealed truth of the previous days. The awakening to himself and the responsibility to keep growing in that revelation.

My flesh dissolved into his flesh as I wrapped and bound his new found power. Both our spirits soared as he abandoned himself to me without thought and we journeyed together where time no longer existed. It was heady. It was sensual. It was glorious.

Reluctantly I set him free. I can’t bring someone to that level of freedom without it costing me pieces of my own soul and heart. But life is about giving of ourselves. And there are pieces of him that will live inside of me.

As he journeys toward his destiny I continue along my own path. Much more secure and peaceful in trusting in what these eyes see.

And a promise to each other to never settle for less than what we both know can exist between two blended souls.

Live strong! Live well my young king!

The Young King


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