Dec 10 2016

Weekend Hunger: Solitude – A Needed Time of Being Alone

Solitude – A needed time of being alone.

To check-in with myself.

To listen to the sound of my own voice.

To spend unhurried time touching and reawakening my sensitivities that the cares of the world try to dull with their demands for attention.

To be mindful in keeping a clear distinction between my needs and the needs of those around me. Reviewing why and how they are being met.

To spend that extra five minutes in the shower letting the hot water cascade down my tired frame until it starts to run cold. Not giving a fuck that my water bill will be extra this month.

To turn all sounds off around me and listen to my breath move in and out of my body.

To remember who I am and not lose sight of the reason of the chosen journey that day by day is unfolding before me.

To feel the insurgence of energy start to flow into my scattered soul and put things in order again. Making even grey, cold winter days bloom with color.

Some weekends the hunger is to be alone.

To be still.

To listen.

~ Vista ~


Weekend Hunger is about finding an image or two, along with a short writing ( 50+ words) that illustrates and describes your hunger. I’d love to hear what makes you hungry. Submit your own image/images or image/images from Tumblr (with credits) by Friday 5pm PST.  Show me what makes you hungry on a lazy weekend! (Click image for credits. )

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Dec 07 2016

Keeping Loneliness at Bay

“Loneliness does not come from having no people around you, but from being unable to communicate the things that seem important to you.” ~ Carl Jung

The month of January for me is always welcomed with it’s hope and aspirations of what may be lying ahead as I move forward into a new year. December is melancholy and filled with reminders of those hopes and aspirations of what is still left to be manifested. The weeks tick away closing another year and I spend a great deal of energy building myself up again to embrace another season and year in my life.

2016 was actually a good year filled with new beginnings, financial accomplishments and the finishing of my first book to be published in January 2017. And yet as December rounded the corner I could feel the urge to pull the blankets over my head and sleep until January woke me with a breath of fresh air and promise.

I am not alone. I have family and friends around me. But my heart; my heart yearns for that intimate deep connection that has briefly touched my life from time to time. That bottomless well of agonizing raw passion that cuts through your bone and marrow feeding each other life. The exquisiteness of sensual pleasure that telegraphs to every nerve ending and fiber that you’re alive. The warm body lying next to you at 3 am with his hungry cock pressing against your ass reminding you the waiting was worth the gift.

To keep loneliness at bay I write. I write about what is important to me. I write about what feeds my heart, soul and reminds me of those moments in my life when primal passion flowed freely.

And I write for you…my reader.

Many of you are cut from the same cloth and find my words resonate in your soul.

I write to encourage you, support you, awaken you as I keep myself moving forward with great hope that what we yearn for is waiting just around the corner.

I write because words not only ‘woo’ women but ‘woo’ men. I know.

I write because maybe through my words you’ll find the vocabulary to communicate what is important to you.

And maybe those words will keep loneliness at bay in your life.

~ Vista

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Dec 04 2016

Weekend Hunger: You are Known

Yes, you’re beautiful to behold. Especially as I watch you sleep.

When you sleep your defenses are down and all uncertainties are laid to rest.

Many would be surprised at the insecurities that wrestle within you for attention. But I’ve witnessed the markings of them on your soul. I’ve seen them exhibited in the presence of others when ‘bravado’ is displayed as your feelings of unworthiness to contend battles internally.  A ‘bravado‘ that acts as a shield of protection that tells others your physical strength and beauty is enough to conquer. A barricade that holds back the face of fear that would expose the deviant thoughts only I know intimately. The authentic mysterious nature of those thoughts that flows through your veins and awakens you in the dark of night.

I smile and quietly weep because you have no idea how beautiful the rawness of your being delights me on its own.

As you rest peacefully I run my hands gently up along your neck and bending close to your ear whisper into your heart, “You are known and you are beautiful.”


Weekend Hunger is about finding an image or two, along with a short writing ( 50+ words) that illustrates and describes your hunger. I’d love to hear what makes you hungry. Submit your own image/images or image/images from Tumblr (with credits) by Friday 5pm PST.  Show me what makes you hungry on a lazy weekend! (Click image for credits. )

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Dec 02 2016

The Top 100 Sex Bloggers 2016 list.



The Top 100 Sex Bloggers 2016 list.

We made #14 on the list!  

Thank you Molly and all who nominated this blog! 

~ Vista




1. Domme Chronicles

I will be absolutely honest with you here when I reordered the list after scoring all the sites I was not in the least bit surprised to find Ferns at the top. She was No.10 on the list last year but in my opinion her rise to the number one spot is well deserved. She has been producing fantastic content for 8+ years and her writing continues to go from strength to strength. To be quite frank not many of us can say that. Even though her kink and mine are the direct opposite of one another her exceptional work always captures my attention and I think that is a huge testament to her writing which is frank, raw, gritty, intelligent and sexy as fuck. I hope you will all join me in congratulating her on the No.1 spot.

2. Dangerous Lilly

As I said last year Lilly is all the things you want in a sex toy reviewer; honest, smart, dedicated, and knowledgeable. Like Ferns she too has been blogging for 8+ years and the quality, quantity and variety of her content is exceptional. If you look back through her blog you will see that she has truly evolved over the years into the blogger she is now who has a genuine passion for what she does and I think that shines through in her work.

3. Rebel’s Notes

I have long been a fan of Rebel’s blog, after all we share a very similar relationship dynamic and so her writing often speaks directly to me but this year she seems to have really blossomed. Her blog is well designed, it looks fantastic and is easy to navigate and both the quantity and quality of her writing is excellent, perhaps even more so when you consider that English is not her first language.

4. Malin James

Malin is an extraordinary, talented writer in my opinion. Her fiction continues to be some of the best around, in fact I would go so far as to say that the erotic fiction on her blog is the best on this list. However she is not just a fiction writer, far from it in fact, her non fiction writing shows a highly self aware woman who is a deep and intelligent thinker.

5. The Drew Duality

Drew’s blog was a new but happy discovery for me on last years list and one I have continued to visit regularly since then. He has a really engaging writing style that draws you in. His kink is pretty much not my kink and yet his writing, a bit like Ferns makes that absolutely irrelevant to me as the reader. Yep, consider me hooked.

6. Not So Sex in the City

One of my favourite things about compiling this list is finding new blogs to read and when they are as good this one that discovery is even more delicious. I really like her blunt forthright style and the way she writes about things in such an open and honest manner. I have never met this person before but I already find myself rooting for her in her new(ish) relationship. That is the mark of a good blog in my opinion.

7. The Big Gay Review

Another happy discovery of mine from last years list that has continued to go from strength to strength this year. The design and functionality of his blog is absolutely excellent and I really do like the ‘at a glance summery’ in the form of the little dial that he uses on all his reviews. He is a skilled and thoughtful writer and his blog is always a pleasure to read.

8. Tabitha Rayne

Artist, Photography and author, Tabitha is one very talented lady and as such totally deserves this spot on the list. Her content whilst hugely varied is always of a high standard. She really is one kick arse writer when it comes to short flash fiction and her mixture of drawings and photography create a blog with a really strong visual aspect.

9. My Dissolute Life

Nlikes pens a blog that is raw, frank and apologetically himself. His writing comes from a place of honest self awareness and as a result at times can be a challenging read but in my opinion that is exactly what makes this blog such a great one. This is a sex blog with a capital S!

10. Temperature’s Rising

Mrs Fever’s blog is yet another one that I discovered from compiling last years list and damn can this woman write. Her blog is intelligent, sassy, sexy and passionate. She has a style and way with words that just draws you in and in my experience will turn you on even if her kink is not your kink. That is the mark of a great writer.

  • Follow her on Twitter: N/A
11 Hey Epiphora @epiphora
12 Innocent Loverboy @innocentlb
13 Girly Juice @girly_juice
14 Sexual Destinies @VictoriaVista1
15 Pandora Blake @pandorablake
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17 Modesty Ablaze @ablazingmodesty
18 Holden and Camille @holden_cammie
19 Love Hate Sex Cake @LoveHateSexCake
20 Penny for your Dirty Thoughts @pennysblog
21 The Other Livvy @theotherlivvy
22 Ann St Vincent @annstvincent
23 Speak With a Suggestive Tongue @Suggestive
24 Denying thumper @thumperMN
25 Teachers Have Sex @teachershavesex
26 Exposing 40 @exposing40
27 oh, that phi @OhThatPhi
28 Melina Greenport @melinagreenport
29 Steeled Snake @steeledsnake
30 Cara Sutra @thecarasutra
31 Ninja Sexology @ninjasexology
32 Goddess Erryn Embers @erryn_embers
33 Domina Jen @DominaJen
34 Miss Scarlet Writes @MissScarletUK
35 Understanding Flutterby @WissPeasel
36 Marvelous Darling @marvydarling
37 BD Swain @RedSwain
38 Happy Come Lucky @ht_honey
39 Chasing Me Chasing you @CollaredMom
40 Horny Geek Girl @hornygeekgirl
41 A Sexual Being @KaylaLords
42 Miss Pearl @OMissPearl
43 You Won’t Tame this Sassy Cat @sassycat38
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49 Exhibit A @EA_unadorned
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61 The ins and outs with Erika Lynae @erika_lynae
62 My Tickle Trunk @mytickletrunk
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66 Jerusalem Mortimer: Between the Lines @JaimeMortimer
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75 Cherrytart Blog @cherrytartblog
76 The Erotic Writer N/A
77 Blissfully Orgasmic @BlissfullyOrgas
78 Thoughts With a Dildo in Hand @thoughtswdildo
79 Sex and Psychology @JustinLehmiller
80 Sexologist Vixenne @DrVixenne
81 Joanne’s Sex Machine @joannesreviews
82 Mintie Price @MintiePrice
83 Frisky in the 916 @jackandjillcpl
84 Malflic @malflic
85 Cara Thereon @thereon_cara
86 Nicci Haydon @NicciHaydon
87 Lil Miss Shalla @spacecheetos
88 Princess Previews @PrincessPreview
89 Kore Desires @adrea_kore
90 Lana Fox @foxlana
91 Mischa Eliot @mischa_eliot
92 Fiesty Fox Films @taylorjmace
93 The Dot Spot @dorothyblack
94 Monkey in a Cage @LadyM_n_Monkey
95 Janine Ashbless N/A
96 Voluptasse Magazine @Voluptasse
97 Under Contract to My Wife N/A
98 Carnal Queen @thecarnalqueen
99 IckleBookie @ickle_bookie
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Nov 27 2016

Weekend Hunger: Mind Porn.

I’ve been busy these last 4 days finishing my book and getting it ready to be transferred to eBook formatting and all the good things that prepare a work to be launched.

HELPLESS, BOUND AND SUBJECT / Erotic tales inspired by deviant/naughty men 

Should be ready for the public by January 2017. I’m excited to see this baby grow and take bigger steps in her journey. Thank you to all my readers who have been supportive and naughty along the way. xxoo

On this busy weekend here is a good meal to give me strength…. A naked man and words!


Weekend Hunger is about finding an image or two, along with a short writing ( 50+ words) that illustrates and describes your hunger. I’d love to hear what makes you hungry. Submit your own image/images or image/images from Tumblr (with credits) by Friday 5pm PST.  Show me what makes you hungry on a lazy weekend! (Click image for credits. )

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Nov 26 2016

Toys or Men?

Recently I went to the local sex shop looking for a new toy. It had been a while since I had bought anything and was curious about what new wonder was on the shelves.

Rows and rows of magical instruments of pleasure awaited my arrival. Specially shaped dildos, vibrators of various sizes, pulses and speeds. Eggs, bullets, beautiful glass dildos that can be used cold or hot. This was in sharp contrast to the limited shelves that held toys especially for men.

It got me thinking… Should men be jealous or intimidated by the large selection for women? What kind of message is that sending to them? And are they even aware of such a message? Do they feel obsolete?

Men have choices of fake pussies, cock rings, butt plugs, prostate massagers etc….to help simulate and increase stamina.

Women have a larger variety of vibrators, dildos etc…to bring about mind & body shattering orgasms without a man in sight!

I love the heat and feel of the flesh and blood male against me…but ladies…confess…No one knows your body like you do!

That slicked up, warmed up dildo in your hand knows just what spots in your vagina to push against, press into, lightly tease and pound. That vibrator becomes one with your fingers as you dance across your clit and folds. Even if you’re remembering the wet, warm sensation of his lips and hopefully hard tongue.

Unless a man knows how to effectively use his mouth, tongue and inhabit his cock and I mean that man is one with that flesh weapon and has trained it to understand where the triggers lie in your vagina, he can’t compare to what you can do on your own.

I believe a mistake men make is that they think what worked on the previous vagina will work on the next.

Wrong. Just as no two cocks are alike, neither are those honey pots you are chasing.

There is a message that retailers are sending to the male species. Women are buying in volume toys to make up for men’s lack of intuition when it comes to the female body. Men you must ask yourselves why this is.

It’s not a lost cause and I believe it is getting better. There are men out there who exceed even the toys! But they are few. Surprisingly!

Men get in tune with your cocks and use them as an explorer instead of a hammer. (She’ll tell you when the sledge hammer will be appropriate.)

Watch us masturbate in front of you… close attention….watch, learn and repeat.

I’m basically talking out loud and wonder what everyone else has to say about this.

So…is the abundance of ever new products of toys for women an indicator of lack and frustration?

Just an observation. 😉

Think About It.


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Nov 24 2016

Thanksgiving Proclamation!

I believe putting out into the universe what you are asking to materialize in your life. So I’m putting out what I desire to show up under my tree this Christmas by proclaiming what I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving.
(Of course health, family is on this list. But yeah… these also! )
Come on universe!  Give it up!  😉

My Gawd.. Yes Please.!

tumblr_oh3q3aia5c1r2j936o1_500 tumblr_mgeornzfiw1ry4cblo1_500

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Nov 22 2016

It Seemed like He Belonged There

She let him into her core. It seemed like he belonged there.

It wasn’t a conscious decision. It was a natural unfolding of the secret rooms in her heart only she knew existed. Ones she had long forgotten. Rooms filled with precious treasures that she had tried to share before but were never understood. So she kept them under lock and key.  Forgotten… as if their voice never shared its sound.

Until he brushed against her life.

She heard the sound of his own buried treasures beneath the words he expressed. And like a key, the doors to her own rooms opened and welcomed him inside. He walked gently in not understanding no one had ever entered before.

She let him into her core. It seemed like he belonged there.

Inside those rooms of hers he unlocked his own and together they listened, created and understood that somehow they had walked together in another time, in another place. They shared a rhythm that flowed and easily wrapped around their hearts and loins.

Darken thoughts walked hand in hand in harmony and freedom. Trust wrapped every deviant desire and deed.

The markings of his words were upon every memory she held.

The searing of her mind burned his every thought.

She let him into her core. It seemed like he belonged there.




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